The importance of the vision of the organization’s mission in a business

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The importance of the vision of the organization’s mission in a business

The importance of the vision of the organizations mission in a business

Strategic planning is a key function of organizational management that helps set priority, allocate resources, and ensure that everyone works to achieve common goals and goals. However, so that strategic planning is effective, there are two important tools needed – organizational vision and mission statements.

It serves as a guide to making goals and goals in the organization, so that it provides a road map to be followed by everyone.

Unfortunately, regardless of the importance of vision and mission statements, many organizations do not have it. In other cases, the two statements are combined into one or used alternately even though there are striking differences. This creates confusion in organizations that make it more difficult to achieve the set goals and objectives.

In this article, we will see these two statements, the difference between each, and the important role they play in an organization.

Understand the organizational mission statement

The organization’s mission statement describes the company’s business, the target, and its strategy to achieve this goal. It focuses more on the current company position and tactical steps that want to be used to achieve their goals. The mission statement of a company can be used to form organizational culture.

When making a mission statement for your company, describe what you will and must do, who you serve and how you serve them.

Those are the three most important elements of the business mission statement. For example, the Amazon mission statement is, “We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available choices, and maximum comfort”.

If a small business sells home made baby clothes for example, the statement of its mission is probably, “we offer beautiful clothes for babies to new parents made by hand with love.”

This includes what business does, who is their audience and how they serve them. This gives a clear employee employee.

Understand the organization’s vision statement

While the mission statement focuses on the more tactical business aspects, a vision statement on the business organization looks into the company’s future. The vision statement gives directions where the company wants to go. Together with the mission statement, this helps create organizational strategies for business.

When compiling a vision statement for your business, answer questions about what your hopes and dreams. What kind of future you want to see, and how does the company play a role in realizing it?

Do you aspire to make a kind of change, and how will you make it? The Amazon vision statement is “becoming the most focused company of customers on earth, where customers can find and find anything they might want to buy online.”

This provides clear direction for employees.

For small businesses that make home made baby clothes, vision statements may “be the first choice for new parents who want to dress their babies with artificial handmade clothing designed and made with great care of details”.

This shows precisely your company’s purpose in the future and how companies intend to achieve that status and purpose. It also contains the main selling value at the business core.

The importance of vision and mission statements in a business organization

  • Both vision and mission statements play an important role in the organization. Below is a display of these roles:
  • Vision and mission statements explain the objectives of the organization and instill the sense of ownership and identity to employees. This motivates them to work harder to achieve success.
  • The mission statement plays a role as “North Star Metric”, which provides direction that must be followed by the organization while the vision statement provides the objectives (or purpose) to be achieved by following the direction.
  • Vision and mission statements help harmonize organizational resources appropriately to achieve a successful future.
  • The mission statement gives a clear and effective guidance organization to make decisions, while the vision statement ensures that all decisions are made in harmony with what the organization wants to achieve.
  • Vision and mission statements provide a focal point that helps harmonize everyone with the organization, so as to ensure that everyone works for one purpose. This helps improve efficiency and productivity in the organization.
  • Vision and mission statements are important tools of strategic planning, and thus help shape a strategy that will be used by the organization to achieve the desired future.
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The main benefits of a good vision statement and organization’s mission

As we have explained earlier, the vision statement describes the future conditions to be achieved by the organization. Vision is a long-term goal of an organization.

What is the long-term meaning depends on the context. For a distinctive organization, the vision might see the next ten years, but for large companies, or companies that pursue more ambitious goals, their vision may be twenty, thirty years or more in the future.

The mission statement explains the objectives of the organization or high-level business strategy. Mission statements must answer the following questions clearly with laser focus:

  • What does the organization do?
  • For whom the organization does it?
  • How does the organization do what it does?

Vision and mission statements do not have strength unless shared. If the vision statement and mission only resonate with individuals and not in the business as a whole, the statement will not be effective in guiding and moving the organization.

Making vision statements and mission is done from the bottom up or from top to bottom or both. Once created, vision and mission must be communicated, integrated, and adopted by all parts of the organization.

Vision statement and successful mission if anyone in the organization can remember it on request and do so with pride. Then the vision and mission can produce benefits such as:

1. Guiding employee thoughts and actions

When people will invest a lot of time and energy for a business, they want to know that they do “the right thing”. They want to know their actions will not cause criticism and hopefully get praise.

If there is a statement of vision and a clear mission, all organizations have adopted it, and employees have interpreted it correctly, then an employee can ask, “Is this action in line with our mission? Will this action bring us to our vision? “

Having a reliable way for someone in an organization to validate their thoughts and actions internally means they can focus more on their time to advance the organization than worry about justifying the actions they do.

2. help determine and inform performance standards

Like the guidance of the thought and actions of employees, a strong vision and mission statement will facilitate the manufacture of standards and transparent and consistent performance measurements.

Someone can ask “What behavior do we want to encourage / avoid that will bring us in harmony with our mission and closer to our vision?”

Performance tools can not only be harmonized with vision and mission, but performance tools can be used to help align the organization.

3. Helps pull the appropriate talent

Vision statements and missions are clear and easy to understand to help recruit in several ways. Make a vision and mission not only for the public and external employees but also communicate it to the cultural candidates they will apply to the work environment.

Because performance standards are in line with the vision and mission, we know what behavior, characteristics and skills are needed to help realize the mission and achieve the vision. When conducting interviews, interviewers can use information to guide candidate questions and assessments.

4. Provide context and reduce friction during organizational restructuring

Organizational restructuring and major reallocation of resources can be very stressful. But if the restructuring is in line with the vision and mission, it can help provide a context in the restructuring.

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When people understand why changes must occur, and they can see how the change will increase the organization, they will receive even if it might cause personal loss.

5. Providing a stable framework that can last longer than internal changes

Creating a sharp and inspiring mission and vision and then weaving it into the organizational structure is difficult. But when the vision and mission are an integral part of the organization, they provide strength and direction to the company after those who help create it away.

A charismatic leader or founder can go, or level C management may change, but the company continues from power to strength.

Vision and mission provide almost spiritual leadership that can help ensure the actual leader takes over to follow in the footsteps of those who come before them.

6. Inspire people to focus and be productive

Vision and mission must inspire. They need to resonate with everyone in the organization. They need to help provide meaning and purpose.

Therefore the vision and mission cannot just increase income because it doesn’t motivate someone to do the shift at Customer Service.

Once the vision and mission have triggered inspiration with individuals, teams and organizations, they will operate in a state of focus.

Being focused on allowing individuals and organizations to channel their energy and creativity to one concentrated direction, vision and mission. This is the difference between trying to push the blunt pencil versus a sharp pencil through a piece of paper.

7. Facilitate collaboration with teams, customers, suppliers and partners

When the team in the organization has the same vision and mission, they can see beyond internal politics and KPI and can collaborate.

Helps you might harm me, but it brings us closer to our vision and mission.

When the vision and mission is clear and inspiring, more than just an organization, then customers, suppliers and partners can feel part of something special too.

Customers know why they use your service. Partners know why they collaborate with you than competitors and suppliers feel proud that their products or services can help you achieve your business organization’s vision and mission.

8. Helping Public Relations

Because the vision and mission help define organizational identity, it makes sense if the vision and mission are an important part of the company’s public relations strategy.

Who are we, what we do, and why we do it, immortalized in the vision and mission, and that also wants you to communicate to the outside world.

Because the company regulates itself around the vision and mission, aligning the brand and communication of the company with a vision and mission means that there will be consistency between what happens inside and what is communicated outside. Keeping the company and its public image in harmony will provide greater public attention.


Mission statements and visions are very important and can be explained well as compasses and objectives of their respective organizations. Therefore, every organization must develop a clear vision and mission statement, because it does not do it just like traveling without knowing the direction you have to follow or goals.

In addition, other important things in business are managing finances well and correctly. Without good cash flow, it is almost certain that your business will experience financial “blindness” so that it affects the operational of your business.

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