The importance of the logo in the process of successful business branding

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The importance of the logo in the process of successful business branding

The importance of the logo in the process of successful business branding

When you consider all factors that play a role in building a business, making logos for branding purposes may not look like a top priority in a business

Even though in reality, businesses try hard to convince consumers to try their products and services and to continue buying the offer in the future.

Branding is a general marketing practice used by businesses to maintain customers. This involves the creation of different companies or themes that form relationships between companies and products and quality services in the minds of consumers.

While the logo is a type of general tool that the company used in the branding process. Consider how logos and branding can help market your small business by reading this article:

Why is the logo important in the branding process?

For McDonald’s, their logo is Golden Arches. For Nike, it’s a sign of a giant Swoosh. For Starbucks, it is a two-tailed mermaid.

They are different brands, but all have an iconic logo that can directly be recognized by most people. Given the brand only with one image is proof of the value of having a well-designed logo that will have a good impact on business.

But snapped has a logo to be very important? Here are the reasons:

1. To draw attention

The span of attention is difficult to obtain lately – especially from consumers. At present, the company only has about 2 seconds to convince potential customers that their products deserve to be considered.

And that’s the importance of entering the logo in your business branding campaign

The logo can quickly attract consumer attention and communicate the core value of the company in an interesting way. Thus consumers can assess your business from their appearance, and this can benefit you if you have a solid logo to represent your company.

2. To make a strong first impression

You have one chance to do it right.

The logo is the introduction of the company’s first to consumers. If well designed, this can attract public interest and invite them to learn more about the company; If not, you just alienated a potential customer base and basically harm your business.

This first impression is your way to immediately communicate ownership of the product you sell or the niche you are dominated.

Do you offer basketball with a better clutch? Does your consultant business really help Solopreneur? Your logo introduces your company as an authority in your professional space from the start.

3. This is the basis of your brand’s identity

Successful brand imaging is about telling a story that will affect clear and simple customer emotions.

And, although it is true that the logo design is only part of the company brand branding, it serves as a basis for all narratives that become the basis of the brand being built.

Color, style, font – all of this is determined by the story you want to tell, and your logo determines the stage for this story.

These elements will be translated from your logo to all of your branding material – letterhead, business card, landing page, anything – creates a concrete and market identity can be marketed.

4. The logo makes your business memorable

The logo is an identification point; They are symbols that customers use to recognize your brand. Ideally, you want people directly connect the appearance of your logo with memories of what your company does – and, more importantly, how they feel.

Because a good logo is a fun visual element aesthetically, it triggers positive memories of your brand that might not be done by your company name.

And, if we are all honest, some of your audiences might forget your business name because it’s human nature, but they will immediately associate your logo with their memories of your brand.

5. The logo separates you from competition

Dare to be different from your logo, because your company logo tells consumers why your business is unique.

Sure, there may be 50 other coffee shops in your city, but your coffee shop is the only one who is committed to sustainability, and the logo you make pushes the message coming.

Good designed company logo can communicate everything starting from the company’s background (professional, relaxed, fun) to their mission (entertainment, efficiency, and innovation) through the right icons or fonts that are appropriate.

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In other words, your logo is a forum to convey your values ​​and show consumers why you are not like competitors – you are better.

6. Grow brand loyalty

Consumers want consistency.

When your brand is growing, your logo will be better known by various kinds of consumers, and this familiarity creates perception that you can be trusted and accessible.

Think about this: when you’re shopping for sports equipment and suddenly finding sports pants with the Swoosh Nike logo, you are immediately ready to buy. Why? Because with Nike Apparel, you know that you are in the right hand; Nike is a brand that you trust. Trust is built on a well-designed logo, and brand loyalty quickly followed.

After they like you, your customers will look for you again and again – and your logo is the first thing they are looking for.

7. Your audience expects it

Your logo is the first thing your audience will look after when they see any communication from your brand. It must be the front and middle of all your marketing material such as business cards, leaflets, advertisements, etc.

If you don’t have a prominent logo, you lose the opportunity to make your business attached to your mind mind.


Good logo characteristics

The logo is a central part of any business branding, because it is usually the first contact point for most prospective consumers. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that when you make a logo, the logo really represents your brand and can connect with consumers.

There are several aspects that enter the logo design, and they can change depending on your needs and the industry where you operate. Even so, the best logo all have five main characteristics, no matter the difference that makes it unique.

1. Simple

Many of the most influential and successful logos in history turned out to be very simple. From a single Swoosh Nike to Apple’s eponim design, a simple logo is easily recognized and remembered.

Simplicity is the main material logo because most consumers only focus on the logo for a short time. Simple design can express your brand personality in a summary and effective.

A simple logo focuses on highlighting the most important parts of the brand personality with a limited medium. This includes more focus on aspects such as colors and fonts and filter ideas into the simplest form.

For example, symbols are a powerful way to create simplicity, because it can instill mental associations with a set of values ​​or certain ideas.

Other great designs for simple logos include letters and words, which remove images and focus on communicating brand personalities directly with fonts and colors. Overall, the most important aspect is to focus on as little use as possible elements to communicate your brand’s identity.

2. Relevant

The first quality owned by a great logo is that the logo is relevant to the market targeted by their company. More importantly, they communicate clearly the personality and brand identity.

The main component is the use of colors in your logo, which can trigger different emotions and show your brand’s personality to consumers. Companies that sell toys for children can choose bright colors that communicate energy, pleasure, and excitement.

The second important component is the font used in the logo or word sign. Fonts help communicate your brand tone and value, which ultimately helps define your personality better.

The more norned font is ideal for highlighting companies working in the field of technology, while a softer curve is very suitable for companies engaged in jewelry or women’s products.

Finally, choosing the right symbol is the key aspect in building a visual anchor for your logo. The symbol is an important aspect of a logo because it can be used itself as a simpler version of your logo. Symbols are also important when building relationships between your brand and ideas and values ​​behind it.

3. Easy to remember

Another key aspect of a good logo is easy to remember, even since the first time you see it. The purpose of the logo is to create relationships with consumers and arouse interest in your brand.

When consumers can easily remember your logo and brand, they will tend to connect it to your company. Logo that is easy to remember and produce strong influence is very valuable because it helps your brand attached to the minds of consumers.

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The logo that is easy to remember combines many elements discussed above, but they find the right balance between visual and textual aspects. More importantly, they communicate clearly and cohesive your brand’s personality and tone.

Finally, the logo that is easy to remember must always try to be unique. Even in industries that have general standards and norms for design, your logo must always stand out from the packaging as much as possible.

4. Eternal

The best logo stands out from its packaging because it remains relevant and effective for years. You are always tempted when designing a logo that combines the latest trends and design modes, but it is not always the best decision.

These logos might look good now, but may need to be redesigned later to keep it up-to-date.

Instead, the timeless logo is the logo that will remain relevant and connected to the user whenever it is used. For example, McDonald’s gold curves remained unchanged for decades, as well as the iconic word coca-cola.

The eternal logo focuses on quality than quantity, eliminates many unnecessary elements and crazy ideas and focuses on what works. This means focusing exclusively on your brand’s core ideas and values ​​to uncover the most effective way to spread it without unnecessary chaos.

Another important aspect of the eternal logo is that they keep the colors still simple and basic, ignore the gradient and large palette for more selective and unique colors.

Finally, the logo that is easy to remember must always try to be unique. Even in industries that have general standards and norms for design, your logo must always stand out from the packaging as much as possible.

5. Versatile

Finally, but no less important, good logos can be used in various ways, shapes, and situations. For example, the logo that you can only use in one size online is not too good, because it limits the way you expose your brand to the world.

On the other hand, choose a logo that can be resized, printed, or placed on different media making your brand more significantly visible.

Even the best display logo is not necessarily good if it becomes unread or cannot be recognized when you shrink it to be packaged or distorted when you put it on the billboards.

One of the easiest ways to make your logo more flexible is to think about what format you make and save it. Traditional photo images may turn into pixels when you change the size, but the vector file is created to change its size.

At the design level, minimize chaos and choose a simple design will make your logo more flexible. Having too many lines, decoration, elements, or colors can make a complicated design that will be poorly scaled. Instead, remember that you have limited real estate, and focus on saying more with fewer.


So, that’s how it is! As you can see, you need a logo; It is an important part of building business branding and successful brands.

A good logo is easily designed if you focus on the quality that makes it effective. By working to produce eternal but versatile designs, you can build a strong foundation to build your brand.

Making it simple will also help him more memorable for the audience, so as to ensure that your design is more relevant. With a good logo in hand, you can start making a brand of impact that will attract the attention of consumers while still thinking about you for a long time.

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