The impact of poor leadership in an organization Lead on Purpose

The next thing which is on occasion asked but no where near enough is: isn’t it the very nature of that rigid vertical hierarchy that creates lots of the issues?The isolation and vanity of the top level leaders is encouraged by it. The feeling of powerlessness and shortage of a ‘stake hold’ in the agency felt by those of the lower level staff is created by it. Problems akin to ‘motivating your team’ often originate in the very organisational nature of the enterprise and of the essential capitalist character of the system it perform within. The loss of motivation comes from feeling like just a robot in the system, not valued as a human, not being asked on your view about how X system could be done or why we are making Y dead product in the 1st place, etc.

The article here mentions a report noting ’67% of employees in the state adventure low morale as a result of their supervisor’ – after which go onto point out individual points. Is it not just as more likely to be systemic features that cause the challenge?They are burned out as the exploitative system they’re in burns them out!Has as its basic aim to get probably the most workout of them for the least pay. They are demeaned not only by the manager but by the fundamental system they are during which robs them of the means to handle their own work and get hold of the total benefit in their efforts. Thats are system also demeans the manager too – just with less ferocity than it demeans the most staff. So, in fact, the problem is not with leaders and managers, its with the system both normal staff and managerial staff perform within. If our real aim is the happiness and effectivity of workers then we want to change the entire system.

The article even hints at the genuine answer, almost be twist of fate. It says: ‘collaborate together with your team to be capable of quickly formulate one of the best solutions. ’ Yes, the collaboration of EQUALS is the way to arise with good solutions. That is, a work system by which each staff member is not an worker being exploited and powerless, but someone with equal power, equal say and who gets an equal benefit from the work done.

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