The hashtag is: understanding, benefit and strategy right in using it

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The hashtag is: understanding, benefit and strategy right in using it

The hashtag is understanding benefit and strategy right in using it

Basically, the hashtag is a symbol of Tagar # that was first used by Chris Messina, a web marketing specialist Twitter. The use of this hashtag first appeared in the summer in 2007. At that time, Messina suggested the use of hashtag as a form of markers for tweets that were interconnected on a topic.

Well, since then, the use of the hashtag began to expand. At present, the hashtag is not even used on Twitter’s social media, some of the other social media platforms also use the hashtag.

What is the hashtag?

Reporting from the Hubspot page, the hashtag is a keyword phrase that is spelled without using spaces, with the signs of tags on the front, for example like #accurate, #BisnisjadiMudah and #ukmnaik class.

This hashtag will later tie public conversations from all different users into a stream. You can find it by searching for keywords or choosing a hashtag, or by using a particular tool.

In order for posts wrapped in this hashtag can appear in everyone’s search, then the post using this hashtag must be more public.

How Hashtag Works

1. How hashtag working on Twitter

On Twitter, the hashtag works by connecting conversations of various users into certain collections. If there are other Twitter users who are not connected to each other on the same hashtag, the Twet they will appear in the same hashtag collection.

Later, popular hashtags will appear inside the Twitter trending topic page. You can also search for more specific hashtags in the search column.

2. How hashtag works on Instagram

As on Twitter, Hashtag Instagram is also the thing that connects various user conversations into one group.

If Instagram users use the same hashtag, their shipment will appear in the hashtag group.

Benefits of Hashtag

At present, the use of hashtag has a key role in social media marketing. Reporting from the Hootsuite page, some of the benefits of the hashtag are as follows.

1. Improve engagement with followers

By listing the hashtag in the post, it means you have participated in the conversation that occurs in the social media platform. This will make your post more visible.

This will later lead to greater involvement, including improving your corporate social media or brand, such as increasing LIKE, share, new followers, and comments.

2. Opportunity to build a brand

Make a hashtag specifically for brands is a very effective way to promote business and encourage conversations in each audience.

3. How to show support for social problems

Using a hashtag related to the problem outside the brand is the best way to get involved in social problems which at that time was becoming your followers conversation.

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4. Add context in post social media

On social media Twitter, you text to write is not much. You can only write around 290 characters in each post. On Instagram, longer text is not always effective. As with Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media, sometimes fewer text is better.

By using the hashtag, then you can completely contextualize what you are talking about without having to spend more characters.

In addition, you can also group more posts on the same context with just a hashtag.

5. Help the target audience find brand

Dissocial Media Instagram and LinkedIn, users can follow a hashtag that has been created by other users. Using some popular hashtags can be another way in helping new users to find your brand.

For example, if you use the #bisnis hashtag in your Instagram post, someone who is following the hashtag can just see your latest post on their homepage. So your chances of getting new followers can increase.

Tips for using the right hashtag

1. Monitor your influencer and competitors on social media

Start by carrying out competitive analysis on social media. Collect all information about competitors and also relevant influencers with your market share.

2. Find the relevant hashtag with the brand

If you already have a good understanding of which hashtag which is more effective, then consider using a more relevant hashtag. This might be a little more specific, but later it will make it easier for you to connect with a more targeted audience.

3. Which hashtag analysis was successful in the previous post

The next thing you also need to do is monitor the hashtag which you have used in the previous shipment. Try to analyze more profound Post what is more popular, then pay attention to whether there is a hashtag trend you are using.

When you see some of the most popular posts and always contain some of the same tags, make sure to be able to enter it on your next shipment.

4. Hashtag relevant Instagram

To be able to make a more effective hashtag, then you should be able to ensure that the hashtag you use according to the photo or video you uploaded.

The relevant hashtag will allow other users on Instagram to find the content they want. That is, you can target your post to be easier to find by the target audience that you have specified.

5. Adjust the number of hashtags

Instagram allows each user to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in each post. But, using 30 full hashtags in an Instagram caption is not a wise choice.

Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in each post.

Based on the official website of Smart Insight, the number of hashtags used in a post can be adjusted to the number of followers of the Instagram account.

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6. Use branded hashtag

Based on the Social Insider page, there are several types of hashtags that can be used in Instagram, namely General Hashtag, Branded Hashtag, Niche Hashtag, Community-Related Hashtag, and Location Hashtag.

To make a hashtag more effective for marketing activities, you can use Branded hashtag. Branded hashtag is a hastag that is made directly to describe your business or effort.

7. Place the Instagram hashtag on the profile

Today, Instagram has allowed every user to be able to put the hashtag on their account profile. By using the hashtag on the profile, other users can click the hashtag, which will then be brought to the written hashtag page.

You can put the hashtag according to the name of the brand, content, or ad campaign that you are running, so that the use of bio on Instagram will provide great benefits for your brand. So, the percentage of your brand awareness will increase.

8. Adjust to Trending Topic

One of the main keys in the use of good social media is to follow the trend. You can apply this concept in terms of use of the hashtag on Instagram.

When you use the included hashtag in trending topics, your content will also be easier to find by other users.

9. Post at the right time

The use of the hashtag on Instagram can be seen based on the top category and also recent. Reporting from the Later page, there are two things that make a hashtag can occupy the top category, namely how high the Engagement rate is a post and also how fast the post can get a high engagement rate.

10. Evaluation

Do the evaluation in using the hashtag on Instagram. In one period of time it is likely that you will find the best hashtag to be used in your posts. But over time, you must always repair and monitor effective hashtag every time.


Using the hashtag is indeed a marketing strategy that requires a special trick. Some of the examples above should you note again in producing effective hashtags for your marketing needs.

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