The Golden Rules of Writing Product Descriptions

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Product descriptions are often overlooked. Yet, they are one of the most important parts of an eCommerce product page. They help convince customers to buy a product, and they can also help increase conversion rates for online stores. A product description should be interesting, engaging, effective-and follow these golden rules!

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Be concise

Being simple and concise when writing product descriptions is the main rule when doing this. When you are trying to attract more customers, your product description should be clear and concise so potential buyers can easily understand what the product does in a couple of sentences or less. 

Using big words that most people may not know isn’t going to help anyone either, since they will just leave the product description. Not only will they not buy it, but your product may get bad reviews if you include too much information in one product description since customers won’t want to read something that is over three sentences long. 

With this simple rule when writing product descriptions, people are more likely to spend their money on products and businesses can sell them properly without any complications or problems along the way. Many companies have turned to use a product descriptions generator because it does just this. Giving the software good instructions will save you a lot of time while it writes descriptions that are within all the rules of good marketing. 

Include a call to action

Call to action is a marketing strategy that encourages your product to be purchased. It is important for product descriptions because it makes it more appealing and convinces them to buy by telling them what they need or can do with the product. You want people who see your product description to click on the link and purchase your item immediately without hesitation, so you need a strong call-to-action within those few lines of text! 

Here is a list of call to action phrases you should use:

  • “Click here to purchase!”
  • “Don’t hesitate! Buy now, while supplies last.” 
  • “Only two left in stock!”
  • “Buy one for yourself and another as a gift”

By adding call-to-action phrases into product descriptions, it will make it more appealing and people will feel like they need it right away. This is how you sell items online: by convincing them that the product they see on their screen is exactly what they need or want immediately. So always include some sort of call to action phrase within those lines of text, so your customers know what steps to take next. 

Use keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product

When marketing something on the Internet, it is essential to use keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product. If you fail to do this, not only will it be more difficult for people searching on Google or other search engines to find you, but it could also cost you money as advertisers may pay a premium if they think their ad is displayed alongside content with high relevance.

If the product description does not contain keywords and key phrases related to the product itself, then those who would most likely want or need such products won’t know of its existence. Write out all the features of your product in different ways so that someone looking at multiple websites can see ads for your product above other similar items online even though they aren’t using exactly the same terms each time (e.g., “CPU,” “processor” and “central processing unit”).

This is beneficial for you because product descriptions with keywords in them will also be more likely to rank higher on Google’s search engine. 

Highlight the benefits of your products, not just the features

Giving a simple description is not enough to sell a product. You should also highlight the product’s benefits. Customers want to know what they will gain from using your product and how it can benefit their lives in a positive way. This is where you should place most of your focus when writing product descriptions.

Once they see what something is useful for and how it represents an upgrade, they will surely want to know more. If you are able to convince them of the product’s benefits through your product description, they will most likely click on your link and purchase it.

When people see the benefits of something, it’s more likely they will buy it. 

Add descriptive adjectives and adverbs for more depth in the description 

Describing products with adjectives and adverbs can help give the product more depth. The product description should be able to paint a picture in the buyer’s mind of what they are purchasing. Adjectives allow for keywords to fit naturally into product descriptions while adding personality at the same time, which helps differentiate your product from others.

Adjectives are very important when writing product descriptions because it gives you an opportunity to highlight key features about your products so that customers feel confident buying them without even touching or seeing them beforehand. Including adjectives is also useful, as it allows for consumers who do not speak English as their first language to understand exactly what qualities make up the product being sold by using descriptive words. Also, including strong adjectives will help improve search rankings, as product descriptions are the items that show up in Google’s search engine when searching for product details.

Consider using social proof such as customer reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers

When people read experiences from satisfied customers, they are more likely to believe that a product is worth buying. If you have a product that has been reviewed by other customers, then include them in the product description. If you only have a few reviews, then link to your product page and include the reviews there.

For physical products, consider using photos of actual customers holding up their product with a review on the back. This will make potential buyers feel like they are part of an exclusive club or community that has these awesome benefits.

Include product reviews next to specific product features. If your product has a “unique design” as one of its benefits, include an image of a product with that design and include the review as part of your product description.

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The product description is what will sell the things you are advertising. That is why you need to be careful when doing this by being concise and add a call to action phrases. You have to highlight the benefits and give adverbs and adjectives in the mix along with keywords and phrases. Illustrate the product better with satisfied customer reviews, and try to use a generator to speed up the process. Good luck selling everything from your store!