The Gimmick Is One Marketing Strategy that entices the Customers

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The Gimmick Is One Marketing Strategy that entices the Customers

The Gimmick Is One Marketing Strategy that entices the Customers

The Gimmick Is One Marketing Strategy that entices the Customers

Basically, the gimmick is one of the marketing tricks that are created to draw attention and increase the interest of the audience so interested in a product or service.

Simply put, a gimmick to be one of the strategies of lies that has been engineered in such a way that can achieve the goals expected by the business or marketing team. This marketing strategy in the beginning is used in order to achieve a target sales of products or services.

But at this moment, strategy gimmick has been widely used by the amazing unexpected rap, artist and even political figures to reach the goal.

Understanding The Gimmick Is

Gimik or gimmick is one of the marketing strategies that deliberately in order to attract the attention of the audience. In it, the gimmick will focus on accentuating the creativity in the make advertising messages more easily delivered on the audience and increase interest in purchasing them.

Why many companies or individuals who use a gimmick? The reason, of course because of the gimmick does not require high costs such as advertising on electronic media or print media. Only with a low cost, then the marketer or the marketer can attract the attention of many potential customers.

In addition, the marketing gimmick is also capable of leaving a stronger impression and positive in the minds of the audience related to the products or services advertised. The impression that will always stick in the brain and is embedded in a period of time tend to be long.

So the point is, a marketing gimmick able to create consumer interest in the product with a capital cost that is minimal in its manufacture.

Tricks How To Make A Marketing Gimmick

1. Give the Name of the Product or Service which is Very Interesting

Try to give it a name that is unique, different, easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and continuously embedded in the brain of the audience.

Tips like this are actually not limited to strategy a marketing gimmick, but this way is also one of the marketing strategies that should be implemented in general so the mention of the name of the product can bring the consumer directed on the product or service.

Some of the product name or brand are pretty catchy this is UpNormal, the Promise of the Soul, GoJek, etc.

2. Take advantage of Advances in Technology and Social Media

In this age, the use of social media to be able to apply marketing strategy is a liability. When You want to publish a product, You can do endorsement on the amazing unexpected rap or artist. You can also use the promotion with the program giveaway during the product launching.

With the program giveaway on social media, it will invite many people to leave a comment, and of those comments will be a form of promotion for Your brand. However, the prize give away his this don’t also as a gimmick.

3. Advertise with High Creativity

There is no limit in the creativity. Several artists and also amazing unexpected rap often even make a gimmick that could still exist on the stage. One example of a gimmick that is very successful is to install the billboards on the street that he was a college graduate, broke up with his girlfriend, sell to strong sell the house and also their contents, etc.

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By providing advertising is quite phenomenal, then it will be a subject of conversation on social media and became viral. If it is viral, then it will generally be invited in a variety of television media and make the culprit became famous.

4. Dare To Be Different

When You are create a menu in the business of food stalls, then try to dare to experiment in creating new menu. While this is already a lot of ice cream outlets that dare to sell various kinds and also flavors of ice cream that is much in demand by consumers.

For example, just like the ice clod milo a few years ago had viral. In fact, it only shaved ice is compacted and then sprinkled with milo, condensed and given additional toppings.

Ice cream that is different is in fact managed to invite curiosity and interest prospective buyers. Therefore, this product is becoming very viral.

5. Give A Time Limit

Use them a special time in giving discount. Certain times You can use are the national holidays, religious holidays, payday, etc.

6. KIS aka Keep It Simple

Sometimes, the gimmick is by not doing the gimmick at all. The products with the good quality and the price is reasonable and affordable in fact able to effectively invite the confidence of the audience and bring a source of profit.

Mas beginning in establishing brand awareness is indeed to be the heavy and also difficult. However, recommendations from satisfied customers on a product it is advertising the most successful and powerful.

The Gimmick will indeed increase buying interest prospective customers. But, the good quality of a product, affordable prices, as well as recommendations from those that are already satisfied in using the product or service will make their back and use Your product again.

7. Notes

Seek to continue to record strategy marketing gimmick that You already do. Mark where the course successfully and are able to give you a good advantage and the trust of many audience, as well as anywhere that did not succeed.

A variety of Things that Need to be Considered in Applying the Strategy Gimmick

Here are some of the things that must be considered by a team of marketers or business if you want to do promotion strategy marketing gimmick.

1. Effective distribution

Generally, this strategy has a certain period of time. On the other hand, marketers must be able to perform the distribution of this gimmick on the entire store target at the right time.

To be able to accomplish this, then there are two things that must be ensured. First, the distribution from the central to the area where You have to do coordination and strict monitoring on the expedition. Second, the distribution on the store that you want to go. For that, the salesman need to make sure to bring this gimmick to the store you want to go and also according to the schedule that has been agreed.

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2. Attention To the Desire of Consumers In the Market You Serve

In order to achieve success, then You should be able to hear customers better. Seek to obtain feedback periodically that the good of consumers or salesman related consumer preferences over a gimmick, because the gimmick that is interesting to the consumer will increase sales automatically.

3. Avoid Focus On The Price

Each promotion has the majority of its own, for it is the little costs that are incurred or the smaller the cost ratio, the better for Your profit.

However, also keep in mind that this gimmick to be a representative of Your product on the consumer, so that the quality of the gimmick will also be directly related to Your product.

For example if You sell a product at a high price and give you extra gimmick in the form of a pen, but a pen it could not be used again within two days, then the impression and perception of the consumers on Your product will be negative.

4. In Accordance With The Target Market

Indeed out there a lot of gimmick that interesting, but remember to always search for or create a gimmick that is in accordance with the target market. So, the effect will be felt to the maximum. An example is milk products for children, then there is a good gimmick that was applied was appropriate, such as where the child drink or lunch boxes.

5. There Is Information On The Products Sold

When the fourth of the above points You already look good, then the last thing that You should pay attention is to include Your brand. Generally, in Indonesia often include the logo on the products. It is very telling, because the gimmick that will actually be used in everyday life and the consumer will always remember Your brand.


Thus the explanation from us about the gimmick. So, we can conclude that the gimmick is one strategy lies that have been engineered in such a way that can achieve the goals expected by the business or marketing team.

The purpose of the gimmick is to be able to increase the brand awareness of the audience, so that it could increase sales and increase the profit of the company.

This strategy is often used because it does not require cost or budget marketing is expensive. In it only required the high level of creativity in order to attract the audience.

Although the budget of marketing that it takes not much, but the budget of this marketing should be can You manage it correctly and appropriately. So, the rest You can allocate to other fees required by the company.

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