The Future of Omni channel Marketing: Key Tips and Takeaways Blue Fountain Media

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“The Future of Omni channel Marketing” Joe DiNardo, Director of Paid and Social Media Marketing at Blue Fountain Media 1. 2016 is the year of VALUE. As retailers we always want to have this year be “the year of something” that we are going to offer to consumers. 2014 was the year of content.

2015 was the year of context. We want 2016 to be the year of offering value. This is set taking a multi channel mind-set to consistent messaging so that the user is getting more from you, than what you’re asking from them. You have to be providing an viewers with anything beneficial whenever you interact with them. 2.

People like to “find out” things. As users proceed to make their networks smaller, they are expecting satisfactory content that meets their interests to come to them, instead of them definitely pursuing it. You need to make your audience feel that they are obviously interacting with interesting content material, not that they’re blatantly being focused by a brand. 3. Go all in. Don’t fear failure.

Value always wins. Take the time to refine, target, and optimize your ads and your content material to determine what works for you and your viewers. Don’t just quit on something after a week of trying it out. Plan out content material it is catered particularly for each channel rather than simply promoting an analogous content across all structures. If you are going to invest the time into doing it, do it right. “Beyond Search: Reaching Your Audience at Every Moment with YouTube and Display” Noah Plaue, Agency Partner at Google 1.

Media intake has modified. When your clients are going to consume media, and where they are going to be when they do, is no longer as predictable as it once was. It has become a lot more fragmented as people tune in additional than ever before. People check their phones on a median of 150 times a day, and every of those moments is another chance to interact along with your customer. 2.

Take advantage of “micro moments. ” Every time we pick up our phones, there are moments after we are considering what we will do next. Each of those are “micro moments,” and hence the moments through which we can be motivated. We decide what action we’ll take, and that procedure of consideration can be taken potential of when seeking to target patrons. 3. Influence the buyer consideration.

Before the buyer knows that they even want to buy a product, you like them to be encouraged by your brand so that yours is the very first thing that they call to mind when they move on to acquire. If there’s a video on YouTube that discusses your industry or a made of yours, target you video ads to play before them. The viewer will see your brand before they even see the video. “Responsive Website vs. Native App: The Mobile Investment Smack Down” Jacquelyn Wossilius, Director at Bowlmor AMF 1.

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Omni channel blurs the contrast among channels. Omni channel advertising opens the door so that you can offer an interconnectedness among touch points to your audience as they engage together with your brand. You can monitor one mind and one voice at every point in which you are communicating with your consumer. Having a mobile app or a responsive web page helps to maximize this ability. 2. Choose the proper mobile experience on your brand and your clients.

There are loads of things that wish to be taken into account when making plans a higher step to your company and the way you will definitely integrate mobile into your marketing. Not only do you have to decide your budget in terms of cost and timeline, you furthermore may wish to figure out which mobile experience will best benefit the user experience of your customer. You don’t are looking to disrupt their mobile experience. Instead, you want the buyer adventure to be a smooth and fluid transition that turns into a herbal addition to the rest in their time on a mobile device. 3. Consider the actual utility.

Is there anything that your mobile app will provide that a mobile website would not be in a position to?Is it well worth the investment and the maintenance to design, expand, and implement a mobile app if a responsive website could be just as functional and a good idea?These are crucial things to trust when settling on the correct path in your brand’s mobile adventure. “The Importance of Technology For Digital Marketing Success” Jose Martinez, Global Head, Digital Services at Pactera Technologies 1. Technology can be your worst enemy, or your ally. With the evolution of buying and selling and selling, has come the evolution of marketing. Technology is continually presenting demanding situations, in addition to merits, to the selling world.

Rather than letting generation stay away from your company from maturing, you want to leverage it. Use it to realize your customer styles that you can pinpoint opportunities to better access them. 2. Context is key, but content material remains to be king. Just as we said we wanted this to be the year of offering value, you do not are looking to lose the significance of context and content material in doing so.

Delivering first-class content material in the correct context creates a price on your business. Through this they are able to see what facilities you may give to them. 3. Data are usually not be an afterthought. Data help you to realize your buyer inside and out, online and offline.

You can realize them on a personal, social, emotional, physical, and geographical level in keeping with accrued suggestions and analytics. This data must be carried out into your advertising and marketing thoughts from the very starting, and generation must be leveraged as a tool to build relationships with one customer at a time. “Campaign based Marketing Strategies for 2016” Yoni Ben Yehuda, Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Fountain Media 1. Have a deep understanding of what the task is. What issue does this advertising and marketing campaign want to solve?What are some generic issues that the industry your client operates in face?Figure out what the exact client needs with regards to their industry, and make that your project.

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Its never just a advertising and marketing crusade, it needs to accomplish much more than that. 2. Put an emphasis on the creative. This is the automobile that fuels the journey of the crusade. No industry or client should undervalue the importance of a good inventive strategy.

The right team with the right idea can make a business stand out among competitors in the eyes of patrons. 3. Omni channel execution. Making the most of your campaign by using omni channel techniques permits you to take your inventive ideas and carry them to an audience. Through analysis and information analytics you’ll target the proper people in preference to all of the people. Because at the end of the day, that especially focused group is the only you really want to influence.

“The Evolution of SEO: Where is Your Audience Now?” John Marcinuk, Director of Integrated Digital Marketing and PR at Blue Fountain Media 1. SEO grew up. What was once solely focused on keyword targeting and constructing links, has developed into a procedure of constructing brand equity. Optimizing for search now calls for a deeper understanding of audience behavior, and growing content for the needs of patrons in its place of just robots. This allows you to offer individuals with a more memorable digital event by promoting pleasant content through PR tasks, supplemented by a sturdy social media presence.

All of these wish to work cohesively a good way to successfully build a brand. 2. Each initiative needs to be focused on the basic theme of your brand in preference to a particular key phrase you are looking to rank for. The high-quality of a link is now more crucial than the amount, and creating a brand presence across all channels both on and offline is an a must have step in long run fulfillment. 3. Be all over the place!Social audiences trust the comments and evaluations in their peers.

This means you want to satisfy the customer needs by being anywhere they’re. Take care of your brand, employees, and clients, and nurture the recognition you like in your business. Sometimes the best advertising efforts, happen organically and may do the main in aiding your brand grow.