The future of marketing according to youth: what s want from brands Media and Tech Network The Guardian

This is not to brush aside social media advertising; as a channel for site visitors to our own online page and for increasing brand concentration, the likes of Facebook and Twitter are very essential. It’s more about remembering context. At Youth Marketing Strategy, scholar general travel publisher Lonely Planet defined an epiphany moment that they had when, months after sharing content material and encouraging discussion, a Facebook user piped up and asked why they didn’t announce they had a new book for sale. TBG Digital’s Jeremy Waite summarised Red Bull’s a success social strategy as: “50% of folk go browsing to waste time. So let’s give them some really cool shit to do after they get there.

“The youth in our research like brands that make life easier for them, not folks that want a talk. Convenience is highly valued and is what the majority like most about buying online. While a being concerned 52% admit they’re going to buy things whether they are able to afford to or not, price remains the top precedence when determining. Young people want things that work with the generation they own. Most now have smartphones 74% and rising immediately, watch TV on their laptops 75% and lots of might be using Kindles and pills for their studies this year around half will own one of either in 2012/13.

These are the insights sellers should look to when planning for success.

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