The Future of Digital Advertising: Key Trends for

Not only the manner ads are served is changing, but in addition their content material and format. New interactive ad codecs are on the rise. In 2019, shoppable posts entered the advertising world which permits clients to shop without delay from the social media platforms. Other interactive formats come with quizzes, surveys, aspects of AR and VR, 360 levels videos, in addition to embedded calculators for alternative services.

All those formats offer immersive and long-established stories and, hence, give better results. This sort of involvement makes clients feel more connected to brands. No wonder that 91% of users prefer more interactive content material over traditional advertising formats. One of the key changes in programmatic advertisements is fueled by SPO supply path optimization. SPO is an set of rules that analyzes different characteristics of SSPs, equivalent to win styles, traffic, associate publishers. It is then used to filter out SSPs which use “competitive” bidding strategies.

These algorithms are usually connected to DSPs as a way to help them find the shortest route to the main applicable stock which saves lots of time and cash. This mechanism also helps devoted publishers because it helps to dispose of unfair players on the market and give incidence to accredited and good quality ones.

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