The Evolution of Traditional Marketing Strategies Towards Modern Methods

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The Evolution of Traditional Marketing Strategies Towards Modern Methods

Marketing strategies continue to evolve from traditional marketing methods to modern methods. Traditional marketing is a conventional form of marketing that was used before the rampant internet era. This is the type of marketing strategy most widely recognized by the public because most of the population around the world have used and enjoyed this method.

Both traditional and modern marketing have their advantages and disadvantages. However, a business may benefit from integrating the two methods to find the optimal point in marketing its products. If summarized, most of the traditional marketing strategies use these four media in general, namely print media (Print), broadcast (broadcasting), postal mail (Direct-Mail), and telephone. Following is the evolution of marketing strategies from traditional methods to modern methods in terms of four elements of traditional marketing methods:

From Postal (Direct-Mail) To Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

Postal or Direct-Mail Marketing is a marketing business using the media in the form of postcards, brochures, letters, and leaflets sent by post or courier. However, direct-Mail marketing seems expensive because businesses incur design and printing costs as well as shipping costs.

Today, many businesses or companies are already using e-mail or e-mail to communicate with fellow businesses and with customers. This method seems simpler and faster. Businesses don’t need paper anymore (paperless) because messages are sent over the internet.

From Print to Blog or Website

Print or print marketing is a type of marketing that uses newspapers or magazines to promote products. Print marketing strategy is divided into two, namely mass marketing and marketing based on customer characteristics. As a mass marketing strategy, print advertising reaches a broader and randomly different class of customers. In magazines, print marketing reaches specific categorized customer segments. Like women, fathers, teenagers, car lovers, and others.

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However, along with the development of information technology, print media has been increasingly abandoned by the public. Even some print-based media companies have switched to blogs or the web. If there are still companies that still fully use traditional methods, the company’s life will not last long. This can be seen from the effect of changing consumer habits in accessing information. In this era, consumers prefer to access and read information (both news and advertisements) online through their gadgets.

From Broadcasting to Online Video Advertising

Television and radio are the media used in traditional marketing strategies and are still widely used today. Broadcast marketing reaches a large number of subscribers in a limited time. Broadcast media convey marketing messages through oral and visual communication. However, these messages have a shorter validity time compared to print media. This is due to the contractual agreement regarding the broadcast time from the broadcaster. Besides, the costs of marketing through television and radio are considerably more expensive than other forms of traditional marketing.

In the visual-based marketing effort, nowadays businesses or companies have switched to the Online Video Advertising feature. This feature enables businesses to launch marketing videos on various online video channels. Types of Online Video Advertising also vary, such as Interactive Video Ads, Webpage Video Ads, and Social Media Video Ads. The cost to display Online Video Advertising also seems cheaper and the process is faster than having to rent space on television or radio media.

From Phone To Gadget or Smartphone

Before the Mobile and Smartphone era, the use of the telephone as a long-distance communication tool was still loved by the public. Contacting relatives, restaurant reservations, and of course launching marketing activities can be done using telephone media. This technique is still used by some businesses and companies today to contact their customers.

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Compared to now, the public is very dependent on gadgets or smartphones due to the flexibility and convenience offered. The three features described earlier will feel closer and easily accessible by using a smartphone anytime anywhere.

The four media represent a shift in marketing methods and strategies from traditional to modern. However, some companies and businesses today still use traditional methods or combine the two methods in their marketing strategies.

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