The difference in Unicorn, Decacorn, and Hectocorn

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The difference in Unicorn Decacorn and Hectocorn

The difference in Unicorn, Decacorn, and Hectocorn

The difference in Unicorn Decacorn and Hectocorn

A startup is a company that has just been pioneered and is in the development phase, usually still a lot of corn, and has been digitally based. Along with the appearance of startups in the country, maybe you often hear the term Unicorn Decacorn and Hectocorn.

Actually, what is the difference between unicorn, decacorn, and hectocorn? Let’s look at the explanation!

The difference in Unicorn, Decacorn, and Hectocorn

When a startup company starts to gain various achievements and valuation values ​​increases, there will be some “levels achieved, namely:


The term unicorn comes from the species of mythology white horses with one horn on the forehead. The company held Unicorn is a business whose valuation value has reached $1 million.

Unicorn animals are used in the context of a startup company because it is the same as Unicorn, the presence of a startup company that can achieve a valuation value of US $ 1 billion is quite rare and sounds somewhat impossible.

This nickname was introduced by Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures investment company in his article titled “Welcome to the Union Club: Learning from Billion-Dollar Startups.”

In Indonesia, it is impossible that the Unicorn company slowly began to disappear, considering that some well-known companies have reached this ranking, such as Tokopedia, Traveloka, Bukalapak, and Ovo. After reaching the Unicorn level, these companies will step into the next level, Decacorn.


Decacorn is a combination of the word “Deka” (Greek) which means the number 10 plus the suffix of “Unicorn.” As the name implies, the DECACORN level company is a company that has a 10-fold valuation value of Unicorn, which is equal to the US $ 10 billion.

Some Asian companies that have reached this level are touting (Bytedance), Dji Innovations, Grab, and seven other companies.

Do not want to lose, Indonesia also has a DeCacorn degree company. Based on data from Cbinsight Real-Time Unicorn Tracker in 2019, Gourjek became the first company in Indonesia that managed to reach this level. The marketplace company, Tokopedia, is expected to be able to follow the success of gourmet reaching a decacorn degree in 2020.


Hectocorn occupies two higher levels of Unicorn, which means this title is pinned to companies whose valuation values ​​have reached the US $ 100 billion.

Although there are so many companies whose valuation values ​​have far exceeded the US $ 100 billion, the Hectocorn degree cannot be pinned for them. Because, Hectocorn can only be obtained if the company is still a pilot, aka a Startup that is still in the development stage.

At present, Indonesia does not have a Hectocorn level. From all over the world, the Hectocorn title is only owned by one company, namely Ant Financial which was once known as Alipay, a Financial Technology Company (Fintech) affiliated with Alibaba Group.

Seeing the difficulty of the company to reach Hectocorn’s degree, the Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate, intends to motivate startup businesses to immediately reach Unicorn level to Hectocorn to accelerate the increase in digital economic strata in Indonesia.

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