The Difference Between Buzzers and Influencers You Need to Know

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The Difference Between Buzzers and Influencers You Need to Know

The Difference Between Buzzers and Influencers You Need to Know 1

In the world of digital marketing, the existence of buzzers and influencers is needed by a brand. Buzzers and influencers emerge from a marketing technique called buzz marketing and influencer marketing. Both have almost the same function at a glance, which is why many people are still having trouble distinguishing between buzzers and influencers. Then, what is the difference between buzzer and influencer? The following is the explanation.

Origin of Terms

Buzzer comes from the word buzz which means buzzing, buzzing, rumors, or rumors. Following this definition, a buzzer is indeed tasked to convey a series or part of information repeatedly to reach a wider audience.

While influencers come from the word influence, which means to influence. Thus, influencers mean people who can exert influence, in particular, can herd audience opinion. Unlike the buzzer, an influencer needs to gain trust and have special skills to be able to convince followers.

Number of Followers

Judging from the number of followers, a buzzer doesn’t have to have many followers. In other words, a buzzer is not someone famous or a public figure. Buzzers are often not alone in carrying out their duties, they work in a team that usually consists of up to a dozen people.

While influencers usually have quite a large number of followers, ranging from thousands to millions. So it is not surprising that an influencer is also usually a public figure. Unlike buzzers, influencers work alone through their social media accounts.


Buzzer works by providing information or promoting something many times to become viral or trending, so that it is widely discussed by many people. Buzzer also often manages more than one social media account to achieve that goal. This is why buzzers are more suitable for increasing brand awareness.

While influencers prioritize the figure of someone who has a character according to brand needs and can give effect to the target consumer, so influencers are more suitable for use if a brand wants to increase conversions. Unlike buzzers, influencers do not do promotions many times, but only once or twice. However, the content produced is usually more detailed, for example explaining the advantages of a product, product usage tutorials, or reasons why followers must buy the product.

Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is usually lower than influencers. With a pattern of repeated information dissemination, the audience tends to avoid these buzzers. However, that does not mean the audience is losing their interest in something that is promoted. The audience might do some research to find out what the buzzer is talking about.

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While the level of involvement in influencers is usually much higher because of more personal communication patterns. This ability is usually required by a brand to produce higher conversions.

Indicator of Success

Buzzer is considered successful if it can make a certain topic or product become trending or viral, so that it attracts attention and is discussed by many people. While influencers are considered successful if the product being promoted produces high conversions.

Viewed from the indicators of success, both have significant differences. The main focus of the buzzer is to reach more people, while the focus of the influencer is to get followers to do something (usually a product purchase or subscription).

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