The development of the optimal promotion plan with this 7 steps

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The development of the optimal promotion plan with this 7 steps

The development of the optimal promotion plan with this 7 steps

Development of promotional plans is needed in business. This happens if you have been promoted but always not optimal, to get optimal sales results, the promotion must be planned optimally.

Promotion planning is the process of optimizing the use of marketing tools, strategies, resources to promote products and services with the intention to produce requests and meet the objectives set. The optimal promotion plan has a few steps. Promotions planning steps in order to produce profits from maximum sales we will present in this article.

Optimal promotional planning steps

1. Identification of needs

First of all, marketing management must identify the need for promotion and must consider the following:

  • What products / services will be promoted?
  • Who is the target promotional audience?
  • What is the budget allocated for promotional activities?
  • What message do you want to deliver to prospective buyers?
  • What marketing strategies should be adopted?
  • What analytical tools will be used?

Identification of this need is very important because you will promote products and services in prospective customers right. When you have got the right customer, your product promotion will be optimal, both terms, time and energy.

2. Determine detailed promotional goals

More detailed promotional goals will be easy to do. The ultimate goal of this promotion plan is the destination of all the promotional efforts that are carried out and determine the success or or not your promotional process. After the target audience is identified, marketing management must set promotional goals.

The aim can encourage non-users to use products, increase existing customer use, or enter the new market segment with modified product lines. Furthermore, it can increase sales in massively or reduce the effects of competing promotion schemes.

3. Design for various promotions

After the target of prospective customers is set. Furthermore, the prospective customer you can determine or choose the appropriate promotional tool (advertising, personal sales, sales promotion, etc.). Marketing management must be careful in analyzing all the related costs and effects of each marketing element before making a final choice.

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The aim and target market must be remembered when designing various promotions. For example, promotional tools for buyers who have a high level of education, are in urban areas and offices will be different compared to audiences in rural areas with household consumers.

4. Create a sales promotion program

This is the most important step of promotion planning that requires management to decide on the duration of promotional time, which is for how long the promotional tool will be used. While deciding on sales promotion plans, make the overall marketing budget along with the rules of feasibility and the size of incentives must be considered.

5. Pre-testing (pre-testing)

After the sales promotion plan is prepared. The next step of the promotion trial in several selected market segments to identify potential or serious problems before being fully launched. Here marketing management examines the cost effectiveness of promotional plans, problems that occur during trials, customer response rates, etc.

6. Implementation

After the promotion plan was tested in several selected areas. Promotion is ready to be launched in the actual market. Here marketing management must take care of two important time factors, namely lead time and sell-in time.


The wait time (lead time) is the necessary time between when ordering raw materials and the arrival of raw material itself, this waiting time can be constant and can also be probabilistic. While the selling time (sell-in time) is the time starting from the release date to 90-95% of incentives received by potential customers.

7. Monitoring and Evaluation

After implementation, promotional plan performance is checked on the standards and objectives set and in accordance with corrective actions taken. Use a quantitative method so that the measurement results become actual.

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During the evaluation, marketing management must maintain all factors that are out of control such as economic recession, seasonal demand, natural disasters, and others that might influence customer decisions to make purchases.


Thus, promotion planning is an integral part of marketing where management decides a complete promotional plan that includes all marketing strategies to be adopted during the product sales cycle. You can try the promotional plans so that your sales become optimal. Then the costs used for less promotion.

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