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Product Name: The Conversion Pros
My Overall Ranking: 98 – 100%
Price: 14 Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Needed
Then $50 per month
Owner: David Dubbs
Who It’s For: Newbie To Expert
This Page was updated June 2018

First things first, I am just going to come right out and say it! The Conversion Pros has the best business marketing tools that I have ever come across. They make it so easy to create beautiful capture or landing pages to attract leads for your business. If you struggle to recruit people into your business (and most people do), then you simply must read on.

no friends leftHave you ever been part of the ‘No Friends Left Club’? You know, when your friends see you coming and run for cover, scared you are going to try and sell them something? I know I have and was just about ready to give up on network marketing, then I came upon The Conversion Pros and everything changed for me.

The first mistake most marketers make is promoting the company sales page and sending people to their company’s replicated website. WRONG! This has been proven time and time again, not to work. You need to set yourself apart from other marketers and the Conversion Pros will help you do just that.

Who Is The Conversion Pros For?

The Conversion Pros is for anyone with anything to sell. You can literally create a sales funnel for anything, from coffee to cars, in fact, you will find approximately one hundred done for you pages in the back office, all with share codes that you can share with your team.  All of these pages can be easily adapted to whatever it is you are promoting.

There are also video template pages, some with one video spot, some with two or some with three. These pages are great for displaying company webinars, compensation plans and testimonials or anything else you would like to showcase.

Stunning Lead Capture Pages

how to create landing pageThere are done for you pages, like the one on the left or you can create your own pages in minutes as I did with the one on the right.

Let’s Talk About Tools

  • Capture Page Creator
    Easy to create, fully customizable Capture Pages that can be adapted for any offer.
  • Unlimited Email Auto-Responder
    Easy to use, unlimited campaigns, unlimited opt-ins with some generic campaigns that are done for you. The Auto-Responder is worth the cost of this program alone.
  • tell every on about the conversion prosEmail Broadcaster
    Blast out email updates to your lists
  • Blog Creator
    Create your own WordPress Blog to help you promote your offers.
  • Mobile Website Creator
    Easily create a mobile website which can be used as a virtual business card that you can send to people when they ask for your contact details.
  • Invoice Creator
    Create Custom Invoices To Send to Customers.
  • Tiny URL Creator
    Mask Affiliate Links Using Our Short URL Creator. Also allows you to track your optins to see which pages are performing the best.
  • URL Link Rotator
    Use for split testing or to create a Co-Op for your team.
  • QR Code Creator
    Find out where your traffic is coming from by tracking your URL’s or use on your advertising materials.
  • Marketing Videos
    Done for you generic marketing videos that will set your landing pages apart.
  • Free Weekly Webinars David Dubbs is always doing webinars to keep us motivated. I have learned so much from David.SMS Text BroadcasterThe prices for Text Messages are as follows:-
    the conversion pros sms texting
  • Guaranteed Lead Packages
    These leads are hot but you do have to pay for them. There is a cost of $44 for 50 leads and David always over delivers. That is just 88c per lead.
    Not just clicks, actual leads opted in to your Business Opportunity Pages.
    red hot leads
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Live Interviewed Leads
These leads have been pre qualified and are people who have opted in to find out more about home business opportunities. They have already been contacted and are waiting for your call. These leads are fresh and you get them as they come in. They are a little more expensive than the Guaranteed Lead Packages, obviously because they are waiting to hear from you.
You get 25 for $85, which works out at $3.40 per lead. I challenge anyone to find quality leads cheaper than that.

Training and Support

David Dubbs, the creator of this amazing program does all of the training videos himself and there are loads of them. At every step there is a video to guide you. These videos are short and to the point and David suggests that you pause the video and do the steps along the way.

David also conducts weekly training webinars on all sorts of topics such as:- Facebook training, YouTube training, Craigslist domination, Twitter domination, just to name a few. There is even training on how to make extra cash for Christmas using The Conversion Pros. And you don’t need to worry if you miss a webinar, they are all in the back office for you to watch at your leisure.

David is also very active within the Facebook group. He will often opt-in to people’s landing pages, just to make sure everything is working properly. I know this to be true as he opted into one of mine and sent me a message saying that it was all working fine and how much he liked my page. I was totally blown away by this but I have come to realize that our success is very important to David.

What Is The Best Thing About The Conversion Pros?

There are so many great things about The Conversion Pros, it is hard to know where to start. There are all the amazing tools, with more being added on a regular basis. There is the fact that The Conversion Pros have never put the price up in the 4 years I have been affiliated with them. I love that David Dubbs never tries to up-sell you but is always adding more value to this great program.

thumbs up to the conversion prosThen there are the leads. The Conversion Pros does not make any money on these leads, they pass them on to us at wholesale. I have used both lead packages and can testify they are both super responsive. I love the pre qualified leads best, as someone from The Conversion Pros has already rang them, so following up with them is easy.

My number #1 best thing about The Conversion Pros is David Dubbs himself. He gives so much of himself to his members and I love his no nonsense approach to training, plus the fact that he doesn’t sugar coat things, but tells it how it is.  He has no time for tire kickers and does not accept excuses. I find his approach very motivational.

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Learn How To Write KILLER Ad Copy That Converts

Are you failing with your advertising campaigns? If so, It could be due to poor Ad Copy. David Dubbs is a Master of Ad Copy and in the video below he will show you how to get his training video on writing killer ad copy so you can be a master too.

CLICK HERE To Join The Conversion Pros for your FREE Trial, then click on TCP Webinars at the top of the page. Scroll till you see ‘WRITING AD COPY’, click on that and watch the ‘How To Write Strong Ad Copy That Converts’ Webinar. ENJOY!

I have watched this Webinar (along with many other TCP Webinars), and I am happy to report it is well worth your time to join for free, if only to watch this training. The Conversion Pros just keeps getting better and better, there are new tools added every week, plus all of the great training.

No Up-Sells Ever!

I know I talked about up-sells earlier,  but I hate up-sells! You join what you think is a great program only to find that you need to buy this or that to make it better. I have come across programs that have up to 6 up-sells.

This will never happen with The Conversion Pros! David could easily charge hundreds of dollars for his training alone but instead he keeps adding more and more tools and training. He is constantly adding value to this program for his members, while not putting the price up, or expecting people to pay extra.

TCP Affiliate Program

There is a great Affiliate Program at The Conversion Pros and they pay out Thousands of Dollars every Friday to their affiliates. You need to find just two people who would benefit from these amazing tools, and yours is free.

How easy is it to offer something for Free? Especially when there is no Credit Card needed for the free trial. Once people are inside this program, they can see the enormous value in it and will upgrade to full membership. You get $25 for each person you introduce, The Conversion Pros pays 50% back to their subscribers.

Would I Recommend The Conversion Pros To You?

of courseYes, of course I would! Every business needs great tools and The Conversion Pros offer the best tools to grow your business. This is one of the best and most useful programs I have ever come across. The tools are very easy to use and the training and support are amazing. This program comes with my highest recommendation.

I would love you to come and join me at The Conversion Pros and would be happy to help guide you through setting up your first Lead Capture Page and answering any questions you might have.

I can also show you how to get your first two members, so yours is free.  You just need to reach out to me.

To get your 7 day FREE trial CLICK HERE.

You can contact me here through this website or find me on Facebook.

I hope you are having a great day.

kerry bramham

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