The Convergence of Convergence: Examples of Digital, Media, Video, Technology and Industry Converging in the st Century ATandT SHAPE Blog

Money: Even actual cash has been affected, as “alternative” currencies like Bitcoin gain recognition. Warfare: Artificial intelligence and digital truth, in addition to the Internet of Things IoT, are being more and more used in modern warfare to hit targets more precisely, and to avoid wasting more lives on the battlefield. Libraries: Libraries and research institutes will likely always be applicable, but with the increase of Google, Wikipedia, and Koios, more talents is at the fingertips of more college students and others than ever. Healthcare and Insurance: Many healthcare providers, like Providence and Kaiser, also are coverage providers now, consolidating what were once very separate industries.

The New York Times’ online page has deployed creative ways of telling stories and interesting readers, and its subscription rates are up more than 23 % in 2017 over the previous year. Entertainment Weekly and People, two of Time Warner’s most successful print magazines, have had big successes online The Entertainment Weekly Must List iPad app, one of the crucial first of its kind, in 2011 and on tv. Jess Cagle, who oversees both brands, has been a number one force in adapting the media to attach with the consumers who want it. He says the thought is to have interaction, collaborate and share information with readers/buyers in as many ways as feasible, and remodeling it from a passive audience to an engaged and active one. It’s inconceivable to talk about digital convergence with out speaking about Amazon.

In its early years, Amazon was focused on overtaking sales at the net versions of Borders and Barnes and Noble. The truth is, Borders ended up failing, and Barnes and Noble has closed many stores nationwide. Now people should purchase nearly anything else and feature it added–which was Jeff Bezos’ stated goal in the late 1990s. Interestingly, Amazon is now actually starting brick and mortar book stores, stocked with titles informed by its online algorithms. Amazon has opened seven stores, with more coming, adding one in mid town Manhattan.

Many of the old examples of convergence discussed have turn up on account of era convergence. Many of the enjoyment examples, for instance, ought to do with video, digital truth and the Internet connecting and offering an altogether new experience. In other cases, era convergence is getting used in real world problem fixing environments. The U. S.

army medics use Microsoft HoloLens AI/holograms on the battlefield to reveal real world health crises — say, a heart issue on the battlefield, but the medic is not a heart specialist. Technology now exists where a cardiologist can view a hologram of the injured soldier and guide the medic through treating him in real time. Microsoft is also using HoloLens in a diverse variety of fields, from environmental clean up to developing group among senior citizens.