The Concept Of Mobile Advertising

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The Concept Of Mobile Advertising
The Concept Of Mobile Advertising

The Concept Of Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is a modern marketing operative marketing tool. This is based on the use of mobile communication technology and mobile devices to deliver advertising messages. This is not limited to individual actions or services, but includes the whole concept of campaign-oriented communication, from advertising messages to customer dialogue directly on mobile devices.

Types of Mobile Advertising

  • Banner campaign: Banners linked to advertiser sites appear on the website that is being viewed. By clicking on the banner, the user will go directly to the appropriate online offer.
  • Interstitial: These are advertisements along the page that appear before the desired webpage. After a certain amount of time, or by clicking on the link, the user will be directed to the desired page.
  • SMS Ads: SMS ads can only be used with permission. Advertisers send relevant targeted advertisements via SMS, such as advertisements for mobile radio subscriptions.
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Advertisers have several communication channels available to establish contact with customers when designing mobile advertising campaigns. This includes mobile Internet, mobile applications, mobile messaging, and mobile video or TV. Moreover, multimedia content or applications can be sent to prospective customers via traditional SMS / MMS advertisements. A large number of mobile ad formats are now available due to advances in mobile device technology. Mobile Internet also increases the use of mobile banner ads.

Pros and Cons

If used correctly, mobile advertising can be a solid marketing tool. If not, it can cause damage to the image of the advertising company or is a bad investment. To use this media successfully requires technological knowledge as well as high sensitivity in dealing with customers.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising

At present, a smartphone or tablet is a personal item that is constantly carried around. Therefore, advertisers expect high accessibility from almost anywhere at any time. Due to personalization, waste in mobile advertising is relatively small, because each prospective customer sends advertisements that fit their customer profile. Wastage occurs when an individual is hit with advertising campaigns that are not part of the target group.

Another advantage is the possibility of interaction without media breaks. This means that interested end users can get more information about the advertised product or request to participate in a contest or survey, without having to put down the device. Furthermore, mobile advertising is a cost-effective direct marketing method. Its success is evidenced by the relatively high response rate of 10 to 20 percent. In contrast advertising media such as letters, e-mails or print advertisements are much lower.

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Important Factors of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is currently in a complex development stage, which is influenced by various processes. Current mobile technology, market trends and consumer behavior must be considered when applying the concept of mobile advertising. The five most important factors that advertisers must keep in mind are:

  • Someone must be able to offer added value to their customers. This means that the product or service must give customers additional benefits.
  • Companies must develop basic standards and concepts in mobile advertising to be successful.
  • Mobile marketing or advertising must be adapted to the existing and integrated marketing mix.
  • To keep waste low and market products or services successfully, consumer trust must be established.
  • Lack of measurability of advertising effectiveness is still a problem. For this reason, it is important to build the trust of companies who want to advertise by offering case studies.