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Now getting back to advertising and audience making plans. Unfortunately main advertising and marketing systems like Google Display Network doesn’t reach those customers using feature phones. When in 2009 Google bought Admob we were cheering that at the moment feature phones will get more spends and their media turns into more beneficial. Unfortunately Google did not sustain the product and finally migrated Admob to be an in app network. Inmobi then took over and had many years of nice stock growth in rising markets, but in 2012 Inmobi closed their African operations and in addition concentrated their efforts in the more mature markets in Europe and US.

For instance in Nigeria even supposing your phone shows that you’ve 3G, in the main you cannot even open a more superior website with more media content. You cannot stream a video with out seeing “buffering” for half of the time. In these cases a lot of phone users would decide to use a proxy browser, like UC browser, probably the most Chinese built in browsers in keeping with MTK OS, like MAUI browser or Opera mini. The main advantage of these browsers is they download the content in a high speed vicinity e. g.

in Europe, compress the page after which serve the page which is compressed up to 8 10 times on your phone. The user enjoys faster loading speed and smaller data costs.

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