The Best SEMrush Alternatives In 2021

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Looking for a SEMrush alternative such as Ahrefs or SimilarWeb?

Both platforms are designed to help you get more visibility in Google, but are they the best alternatives?

I wont be including every SEMrush alternatives, just a few popular tools that your competitors are most likely using.

In other words, you need to be using one of these if you really want to get ahead.

Free SEMrush Alternatives

free is always better than paid, especially if you are on a tight budget or just starting out in IM. These platforms will let you perform limited keyword research and even perform a basic competitor analysis.

1. Google Search Console

Every website owner should have Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) enabled with full access to their site.

The data is invaluable as it shows you what Google sees when it crawls your website.

Its not really an alternative as you can only see the data for websites you have access to.

GSC has been updated a lot over the last 12 months with lots of useful features and tools to help you better understand the data.

You can view total clicks, impressions, CTR and average position from different countries, devices and pages.

It will also give you notifications on page errors such as 404s, mobility issues and schema mistakes.

Check out the official guide for beginners if you are unsure of how to use their platform.

2. Google Keyword Finder

free alternative


Googles Ads keyword tool is where a lot of platforms such as rank trackers get their data from.

Their platform lets you find keywords to help you plan AD campaigns on their network but you can also use it for keyword research for your own websites.

Simply enter a keyword and get a nice list of similar keywords with search volume. This can help you plan content and work on your on-page seo.

Its a free tool so well worth a look at.

  • Discover new keywords – You can use exact or phrase searches to build a list of new keywords.
  • Research keywords – Drill down to view how popular a keyword is. View search volume and popularity throughout the year.
  • Bid estimates – You can get a estimated CPC for keywords, good data for those planning on running adsense on their website.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest keyword search

Neils free keyword tool Ubersuggest lets you get keyword data for you guessed it, free.

Its a new tool and pretty impressive in terms of functionality and data.

It has a sleek UI that’s very easy to use with no sign up required.

Ubersuggest lets you

  • Keyword overview – get search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficultly and CPC data.
  • Keyword ideas – generates keywords based on your original search with trend data, difficulties and cpc information.
  • Content ideas – finds content thats popular on social media based on your keyword search.

The data is more than enough to create a new piece of content or optimize an old post. Neil has several other tools available such as the traffic analyzer and the seo analyzer.

These SEO tools and platforms can give you all the data needed to run a successful SEO campaign. Excellent keyword research, a wide variety of search engine data and the ability to perform competitor analysis.

Ahrefs vs SEMrush

There are a few options when it comes to paid alternatives.

1. Ahrefs

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Search Volume

Lets breakdown Ahrefs vs SEMrush starting with the data.

The foundation of a good SEO or PPC campaign relies on good, accurate and up-to-date keyword research.

Ahrefs has data from 10 different search engines (Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Daum, Naver and Seznam) with 10.2 billion keywords currently being tracked.

SEMrush has 20 billion keywords from Google alone, with plans to expand into various search platforms owned by Amazon, Microsoft, and Baidu.

This huge database for Google searches means more accurate data overall and superior keyword research

Both platforms track click data using different methods.

Click data is tracked on SEMrush using their “Click Potential metric” which takes into consideration SERP features.

While Ahrefs show the estimated monthly clicks from their clickstream data.

Rank Tracking

Ahrefs and SEMrush both support rank tracking of keywords for campaigns with a few differences.

Ahrefs rank tracker updates the desktop SERPS every 7 days with a limit of 500 keywords.

For an additional 50$ per month you can have 500 extra keywords, daily updates and mobile SERPS data. If you are signed up to their Advanced plan (399$) then this will be included.

For SEMrush users this is available to ALL by default. Daily updates for your desktop and mobile rankings and you can buy more keywords if needed.

Being able to see both mobile and desktop positions by default makes their position tracking tool the most accurate on the market.


semrush alterantives - backlink checker

One of the most important factors in SEO is acquiring new, relevant backlinks, its a full time job and with the help of Ahrefs and SEMrush its made a lot easier.

Both platforms allow you to track new and lost backlinks easily and allow you to see your competitors backlinks for any missing links that may help you.

A great feature available only with SEMrush is the ability to monitor your website for any “toxic” backlinks. Using their toxic backlink tool you can easily create a disavow file which can then be uploaded to your Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools).

This is a great way to keep on top of any potential problems your site might get into with “spammy” links which Google hate.

Ahrefs have a bigger and more impressive backlink database which makes finding new backlink opportunities easy, they also track internal and outgoing links.

In my experience Ahrefs tend to pick up new and lost links quicker making it a must have tool for link builders.

If you are new to Ahrefs then I would highly recommend watching the videos on their YouTube channel as they have some of the best guides on link building.

There is no built in link building tool in Ahrefs so all out reach will have to be exported using excel and sent to a third party tool.

SEMrush have their own outreach tool built-in, making the whole process of finding back links and doing active outreach easier.

Technical SEO

Both platforms have their own automated website health audits.

These audits will scan your website in full and report back any problems that may affect your websites health such as

  • missing H1, H2 tags & descriptions
  • pages set to noindex
  • pages with a low word count
  • pages with no internal links (orphaned)
  • site speed issues

These checks are crucial for any website with more than a few pages.

SEMrush in my opinion have a more detailed and easier to follow site audit tool however they do not support JavaScript rendering.

Content Creation

SEMrush alterantives - content creation

Ahrefs have a content explorer tool that will let you search for any word or phrase and get relevant pages with useful SEO and social metrics.

This is a great tool for finding popular topics and authors for outreach.

SEMrush have a whole bunch of tools designed to help you create content your readers (and google) will love.

  • SEO Writing Assistant – real-time checks for any SEO errors and originality.
  • On Page SEO Checker – recommendations based on your competitors.
  • Content Audit – audit any websites content.
  • Post Tracking – track how well your post is performing.
  • Brand Monitoring – react fast to brand mentions.

SEO Reporting

Understanding how you or your clients website is performing every month is crucial.

Ahrefs currently has no easy way of creating reports to show clients the progress their websites have made.

With SEMrush you can create visually appealing, custom reports with your own logo.

Connect Google Analytics, Google Search Console & My Business data all into one easy to read report which can be sent out to your clients automatically every month.

I use both platforms for my own sites, I love all the tools SEMrush have to offer and I love Ahrefs for its ability to find new backlink opportunities.

Choosing an alternative will ultimately come down to your requirement for a great platform for backlinks or a great platform for every aspect of marketing.

However, If I was to choose only one platform then it would have to be SEMrush.

With SEMrush you are getting access to a whole selection of tools for the same price as Ahrefs

  • more accurate search data
  • bigger keyword database
  • better rank tracking
  • easy SEO reporting
  • toxic backlink
  • content marketing tools

Final Thoughts on Ahrefs

Each platform provides valuable data that all marketers and website owners need.

If you could combine SEMrush content tools and search database with Ahrefs ability to find backlinks then you would have the ultimate marketing tool.

It comes down to what you need help with more, content & research (semrush) or backlinks (ahrefs).

SimilarWeb Vs SEMrush

2. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb and SEMRush are both popular tools for digital marketing analytics.

Which is the more comprehensive and useful digital marketing intelligence tool?

Let’s start by introducing similarweb and then do a deep-dive into how each one works and what they offer.

SimilarWeb is a popular web measurement and competitive intelligence tool.

Its analytic resources allow you to monitor developing opportunities and business health. It can also help content marketers improve their decision-making processes.

SimilarWeb allows you to spy on the competition. It lets you assess similar sites, gathering critical intelligence to benchmark your site’s performance.

It allows you to learn about proven business techniques and new growth opportunities.

Our first alternative claims to have the worlds largest panel with hundreds of millions of users.

They provide web analytics services for businesses such as

  • Marketing – Generate ideas based on your competitors, uncover great new content strategies with SEO in mind.
  • Research – Compare your website with your competitors. Understand your customers better and check your competitors traffic sources.
  • Sales – Improve your sales funnel, find new leads to increase sales opportunities. Monitor your website traffic statistics to increase visitor retention.
  • Investors – Find new investment opportunities, spot trends and emerging players early.


SEMrush vs Similarweb

SEMrush represents a more holistic option when it comes to managing digital marketing.

It monitors traffic analysis along several marketing channels. Its data lets digital marketers make smarter decisions.

The service also boasts an auditing tool that allows you to identify possible SEO weaknesses.

When you address these issues, expect to see improvements in your rankings.

SEMrush provides critical insight into rival websites. It lets you assess competitor digital marketing campaigns.

It also keeps you in the loop when it comes to the topics that your target customers search.

Now that we’ve got basic introductions out of the way, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty about features associated with each platform.

At the top of our list is data collection. After all, the accuracy of each tool depends on how and what data gets collected.

Similarweb review

SimilarWeb Data Collection

For comprehensive data collection and web information gathering, you need a decent web crawler.

SimilarWeb has one. It scans websites and search engine results pages (SERPs) thoroughly.

SimilarWeb complements its web crawler by generating additional critical data and traffic details. How does this work? Through its user panel.

When you download SimilarWeb’s add-ons, apps, and plugins, you opt in to participate in the user panel.

For example, their Chrome extension lets you track basic website metrics as you search the web.

SimilarWeb Addon

It also collects your browsing data. This information helps reinforce the service’s database.

For this reason, SimilarWeb has access to some of the most extensive panels on the planet for web measurement.

It is well-represented in North America, South America, and Europe.

SEMrush Data Collection

How Accurate is SEMrush

As for SEMrush? It relies on its keyword database and clickstream data.

The service’s keyword database is a powerful suite for SEO specialists and content marketers.

Clickstream data allows SEMrush Traffic Analytics to be possible.

SEMrush VS Similarweb

SEMrush takes a holistic approach when it comes to analyzing the World Wide Web.

You see, multiple localized networks combine to create the World Wide Web. These networks vary in size, overall user preference, and search patterns.

As a result, Google has numerous localized versions. The ranking of each version gets dictated by localized SEO. This process has a direct impact on website traffic.

To tackle all of these local versions, SEMrush uses several crawling systems.

These different systems crawl through all the search engine local versions, establishing corresponding data sets.

At this point, the service has collected 500TB of raw clickstream data from 200M panelists.

Traffic Analytics SEMrush

It boasts access to 16.4 billion keywords globally. These represent the most searched keywords around the world. SEMrush updates them with the freshest terms regularly.

Data Collection Conclusion – SimilarWeb vs SEMrush

Both services provide access to a plethora of internet data. However, neither product can provide full access to all of the internet.

Nonetheless, you’ll enjoy a relevant cross-section of data based on traffic patterns and trending keywords.

SEMrush offers information from 190 countries with the ability to filter by location.

All regions are available in one subscription. With a subscription, you also gain access to the company’s advertising campaigns, content across media, and keyword strategy.

semrush similarweb compared

As for SimilarWeb, it provides a more detailed analysis of the traffic sources at a basic level. The tool also offers data for two additional channels: emails and display ads.

SimilarWeb Analytics

Here’s a critical differentiator, however. SEMrush Traffic Analytics provides fully available mobile traffic data.

As for SimilarWeb? You must purchase this data separately.

Since the marketing spend on mobile traffic share will skyrocket by approximately 70 percent in the next five years, SEMrush Traffic Analytics remains the better and more helpful product. Find out more about the importance of mobile traffic in 2020.

Demographics and Audience Analysis – SimilarWeb vs SEMrush

SimilarWeb provides analyses of audience demographics, geography, and interests.

You’ll find traffic sources audience overlap between websites, though. Unfortunately, SimilarWeb does nothing to address this pervasive issue. It can have a significant impact on data.

As for SEMrush Traffic Analytics? The tool checks audience overlap, removing related inaccuracies from the game.

Learn more about their audience overlap report tool.

SEMrush Audience Report

With a subscription, you’ll also gain access to the new Marketer tool. This tool lets you discover demographics (e.g., gender and age) and interests of the in-market audience.

The features also allow you to explore similar websites, a critical component of upping your company’s digital marketing game.

Industry Analysis – SimilarWeb vs SEMrush

SimilarWeb provides specific industry analysis of critical criteria.

For example, you can check performance by category, traffic, share, and readers of the industry.

You can also benchmark your company against these metrics.

SimilarWeb Traffic Share

SimilarWeb doesn’t analyze single players’ pace of growth, however, which proves a major shortcoming.

As for SEMrush, industry analysis comes in the form of its Market Explorer tool.

This tool lets you see a list of relevant competitor websites. Relying on SEMrush’s algorithms, the domains you’ll see belong to key players in the same market and industry.

Market Explorer also boasts a new tool that assesses the growth rate of market players, along with their current audience size.

This tool is visually comprehensible. It proves insightful for competitive benchmarking and new market research, too.

SEMrush Market View

To sum it up, SEMrush comes with greater capacity. Their extra feature is also included in the price of Traffic Analytics.

As a result, SEMrush remains a higher-performing tool for industry analysis.

Accuracy – SimilarWeb vs SEMrush

Of course, what’s the point of collecting traffic share data if it isn’t accurate?

How do SimilarWeb and SEMrush compare in this area? Both analytics tools rely on similar clickstream data collection and algorithms to project and estimate.

As a result, discrepancies prove inevitable. Now, keep in mind that both services function best for competitive analysis.

As a result, they always tell the most about comparative data.

To get the most accurate data, use the investigated data for benchmarking, comparing rivals with each other, and identifying trends.

SimiliarWeb excels at high-level market estimates. As a result, you should also expect a wide margin of error.

When it’s all said and done, SimilarWeb relies on user panels and web crawlers as data sources to understand critical marketing insights.

As for SEMrush? The tool draws from databases which hold more than 18.8 billion keywords from different parts of the planet.

While SimilarWeb may present fairly accurate data related to overall size, SEMrush does MUCH better when it comes to keyword research.

What to Know About Accuracy

SEMrush is, for all intents and purposes, a search marketing software at its core, and this represents a critical differentiator between the two resources.

What’s more, when it comes to predicting traffic to smaller domains, SEMrush also outshines SimilarWeb.

Although the tools are almost neck-and-neck for analyzing highly popular sites, SEMrush performs more accurately for smaller sites.

Nonetheless, the bigger the audience of a website, the higher the accuracy.


Last but not least, we must talk pricing. This discussion proves difficult, however, because SimilarWeb’s pricing model is convoluted.

For starters, you must purchase every country’s database separately.

What’s more, many features (from mobile data to top pages) also represent individual buys.

In conclusion, even the most basic package has no fixed price. One thing’s for sure, though, it’s going to cost you.

As for the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool, you gain access to all regional databases and historical info for just $200 per month.

When you add a SEMrush subscription for $299.95 per month, you also gain access to their unbeatable keyword database.

The great thing is that SEMrush provides 7-day FREE access to the PRO+Competitive Intelligence Add-on subscription for you to test the toolkit with the opportunity to cancel the subscription at any time.

SEMrush Pricing

Best of all, the price remains the same, no matter your market. When it comes to pricing transparency and overall cost, SEMrush represents the better option.

Final Thoughts

While SimilarWeb comes with useful features, you’ll pay more for a product that doesn’t always deliver.

From database access to accuracy and transparent pricing, SEMrush outperforms SimilarWeb.

Best of all, SEMrush offers a free seven-day trial to explore their product.

Moz vs SEMrush

3. MOZ

Moz is a really well known platform, founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004 it has its own way of scoring websites using Domain Authority

Moz Pro has a great toolset that will help you in every aspect of digital marketing.

  • Keyword Explorer – Find new content ideas based on competitors, view keyword difficulties and plan your content creation.
  • Rank Tracking – Track both your competitors and your own mobile and desktop search term rankings to make sure you stay on top.
  • Site Crawl – Technical SEO has never been so important in 2020, monitor your websites health to ensure your sites ability to receive high traffic from Google.
  • On-Page Optimization – Get suggestions and recommendations to ensure every page on your website has a perfect on-page score.
  • Link Research – Get a detailed link analysis of your site and the competition. Find new link building opportunities and track your link building efforts.
  • Custom Reports – Easy to use, premade templates with the ability to add your own logo. Perfect for keeping track of how your site has been performing.


Moz Pro starts at $99 per month or $79.99 if paid yearly, the lowest plan is aimed at those new to SEO or just looking for basic data and tools.

Their most popular plan will give you access to all tools and starts at $149 a month and is the one I would recommend you try.

Moz offer fist time customers a 30 day trial of their pro plan which is enough time to have a deep dive into your website and competitors.

4. SpyFu

spyfu alternative

Spyfu is a aimed at professionals and those who run paid advertising campaigns.

Their platform as you may have guessed lets you spy on competitors.

Using their tools you can search any competitors website and find out

  • Keywords they have bided on
  • Search engine positions
  • Ad variations

What else can you do with Spyfu?

  • PPC competitor research – Easily view every keyword your competitors are bidding on and every ad they have tested on adwords
  • SEO competitor research – Find keywords, check backlinks, track any changes in their rank.
  • Keyword research – A nice alternative to googles keywords, sort, track, filter and find new keywords that can help you web increase traffic.

Their data goes back 14 years which is more than enough to build up a profile on your competitors site.


Spyfu have three plans, each plan comes with unlimited search results, data exports and domain overviews.

  • Basic – $33/month
  • Professional – $58/month
  • Team – $199/month

5. SEO Powersuite

semrush alternative - seo powersuite

A complete software package for all SEO needs, SEO Powersuite is developed by link assistant.

Their software lets you track rankings, get back link data, audit websites and perform effective link outreach.

Unlike most SAAS which are cloud based, Powersuite is a desktop application available on Windows, Apple and Linux.

SEO Powersuite comes with 4 main tools

  • Rank tracker – track keywords in over 300 different search engines
  • SEO Spyglass – compare your website to competitors and find missing backlinks and perform anti-penalty link audits.
  • Website Auditor – Technical SEO functions such as finding broken links, dead pages, XML errors and more.
  • Link Assistant – Find new back link opportunities and email them for outreach, you can also track each mails progress to make link building easier.


Powersuite has three options, Free (volume limits), Professional and Enterprise

  • Free – $0 (Cannot save projects, limited volume)
  • Professional – $299/year (Cannot export data or create reports)
  • Enterprise – $699/year Full suite of features

SEMrush Alternative FAQ

What’s the best alternative to SEMrush?

Our recommend alternatives are

  • Google Search Console – The free platform provided by Google with will give you all your backlink and search data.
  • Google Keyword Finder – Perfect for keyword and PPC research.
  • Ubersuggest – Get help with traffic analysis using this free seo tool.
  • Ahrefs – Great for finding competitor backlinks, rank tracking, ppc and keyword research
  • SimilarWeb – Free basic keyword research and SEO data
  • MOZ – Trusted backlink data on you and your competitors.
  • SpyFu – Used to build PPC campaigns and research competitors
  • SEO Powersuite – Software used to track keyword ranks , backlinks and perform seo audits.

Is SEMrush good for keyword research?

SEMrush has the biggest keyword database outside of Google making it one of the most accurate tools available. This includes both organic traffic and PPC data.

Which is better Ahrefs Vs SEMrush?

As covered above we would recommend ahrefs for backlink data and SEMrush for everything else.

SEMrush vs MOZ

Moz has a great backlink database and I really love their trust flow algorithm but its lacking as a full alternative to SEMrush.

Final Thoughts

I think if you are looking for a true alternative to SEMrush then a combination of Ahrefs and Ubersuggest could be a really great choice.

You would have access to Ahrefs fantastic backlink data which will allow you to find new link opportunities to increase your websites authority. Ubersuggest can let you edit or create new content that will out rank your competitors.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you.


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