The Best Podcast Advertising Networks We Edit Podcasts

While being a little more exclusive, Authentic represents only high fine, ordinary podcasts. Their list of podcasts is shorter but contains some very widespread shows like Serial, This American Life, TWiT, Death Sex + Money, and Motley Fool, amongst others. All podcasts represented were hand specific for their Authentic voices, memories and content and hyper engaged audiences – to be paired perfectly with some in their partnered advertisers equivalent to abc, Ford, Dell, eHarmony, NETFLIX, and Visa. Authentic won’t be for every person, but will make for magnificent representation for if you fit the standards. Megaphone is a provider by Panoply Media, the podcast community, that now allows agents to buy targeted ads on podcasts using Nielsen’s data control platform and audience segmentation.

The team behind Megaphone has been recording and dispensing podcasts for more than a decade. They used that experience to construct a set of tools to satisfy the purposes of veteran manufacturers and blue chip advertisers. The brands advertising on shows produced or allotted by Panoply gain access to Nielsen’s data control platform and Panoply’s Megaphone targeted marketplace. Since they are currently in restricted unencumber, Megaphone is accessible only to networks and podcasts with common downloads of 20,000 or more per episode.

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