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In app advertisements has proven to be one of the vital high performance UA suggestions, because of the benefit and speed at which it can be carried out, as well as it’s commonly high conversion rate. However, these selling points include a bit issue – for an ad to convert, it needs to be focused right: else you may end up losing advertisements budget. Today’s market is saturated with Ad Networks and media buyers promising you relevant site visitors at a low price, so it can be a key challenge to make a decision the proper mediator among you and your audience that might be continually expanding high pleasant traffic volume. Another large network on the market, founded in 2012. Applovin is a mobile advertising and marketing company that features Monetization and adds developers with brand safety answers.

They also own a well known games publishing studio “Lion Studios. ” Applovin is a better option for gaming purposes: in 2019, games made 80. 5% of commercial consumers. Despite a smaller inventory share, Applovin is not far behind AdMob in terms of ad volume. In App Store, Applovin even outpaced AdMob in ad distribution. Applovin elements a huge number of interactive ads, unlike many of the networks.

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