The Best Google Adsense Alternative 2020

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The Best Google Adsense Alternative 2020

The Best Google Adsense Alternative 2020

The Best Google Adsense Alternative 2020

The development of the business world has developed in line with the advancement of technology. Where money can be easily obtained through posting on the internet for example through media blogs and the web. The income is mostly obtained through advertising, but now it is increasingly difficult to register adsense, then this is a list of the best alternative google adsense sites as a solution to these problems.

Alternative Adsense Background

Most new bloggers must assume that money can only be obtained through Adsense alone. This is indeed not wrong because it is already commonly practiced. However, the use of the service currently causes problems from the time of verification until registration is denied.

This causes many new bloggers to become lazy. Then stop their activities because it is difficult to make money from there. But actually there is a solution to overcome this, namely using other avenues or alternative Adsense.

The use of several alternative Google Adsense provides more benefits to new bloggers who need to develop. One of them in terms of income is still relatively high. Then this solution should be applied if a problem is encountered.

There are many ad networks besides Adsense, in fact there are dozens. Each has advantages and different ways of working. Then you should choose to match the content or related site criteria.

Reasons for Alternative Adsense

As we all know that Adsense is a good first choice. But there are some shortcomings, first sometimes found incompatibility with the content or content of the blog. Both accounts can also be suspended at any time, and this happens by the system.

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Both of these shortcomings are experienced by several bloggers. Especially the suspended account problem that often has reasons for violating the rules of the Adsesnse. Even though most of them have been in business for a long time, their experience is guaranteed.

However, the parties from Adsense still suspend with notification for violating the terms and conditions. It turns out that the cause is the emergence of new rules and change quickly. Of course this is detrimental to bloggers, especially those with big site names.

The various problems above should provide a view that Google services are not user friendly. Even as time goes by it can get tighter, of course no one wants to experience it. So using the alternative Adsense is the right solution.

List of the Best Google Adsense Alternative Recommendations

At this point, we will discuss further about the recommendation list of the best Adsense alternatives. That is because they indeed provide convenience in the form of high pay. Then later it can bring benefits to site owners, here are some of them.

Propeller Ads

In the first list is occupied by Propeller Ads. They are considered as one of the best Adsense alternatives to be used on the web, site, or blog. They took the concept of an ad network based on CPM or Cost Per Mile.

For those who are not familiar with CPM, the explanation is an assessment and calculation technique on ad serving. The goal is to accumulate each ad posting seen every thousand times. Of course this is effectively done to monetize a site.

Propeller Ads has a large number of ad serving. the reason is because they bought all of the GEO where the charge was up to 100%. Then this service also offers a referral link from a registered publisher of around 5%.


Next is PayClick, a digital advertising company that was founded in 2010. They use a native Advertising platform and are trusted by approximately 120,000 advertisers. Its distribution has reached about 107 countries in the world.

One of the advantages of PayClick is in the features on their Native Ads platform. Where it has relevant properties so it can adjust to the contents of a website or blog. This certainly makes it difficult for visitors to distinguish between ads and content.

Their ads are also responsive so they are comfortable to look at and compatible with a variety of devices. Registering at Payclick is easy and the process is fast. For income issues, every week the site owner will receive a minimum of around $ 20.


The third recommendation is an alternative Adsesnse named BuySellAds. Where is an advertising network platform that carries out the process of buying and selling ad space. They take ads from sites or websites owned by their own members.

In the process there are several agreements where the site must meet the BuySellAds criteria. Among the conditions is having a high number of visitor traffic. If that cannot be fulfilled, then you should choose to use other alternatives.

The workings of BuySellAds are fairly simple, bringing the advertiser and publisher together to reach an agreement. They pay a fairly high fee of around 75%. This can be done via Paypall, with a vulnerable period of 2 weeks.


The next recommendation is Media.Net, they are predicted to be a rival to Google Adsense. In fact, many publishers say that the quality is almost equivalent. This makes it one of the best alternatives for a site in the world of digital advertising.

Media, Net itself is a technology company engaged in advertising and was founded in 2012. They are part of a contextual advertising network originating from Bing and Yahoo !. There are several advantages, also services to be provided to web or blog owners.

Media.Net provides advertising services that can adjust to site content. The quality of ad impressions in one tag can be optimized automatically. They will also offer easier access to connect directly to the main target buyers on the web.


MGID is one of the oldest advertising networks and is known almost all over the world. They use the popular Native Ads platform for their best service for site owners. This makes it the best alternative solution until now.

MGID is the creator of one of the first modern advertising technologies available and was established in 2008. They have been named the most innovative advertising platform. Even won the 2016 Native Advertising Award.

The way MGID works is based on PPC or Pay Per Click. This means that payment comes from every click on the ad installed. However, before the advertising campaign starts it is required to top up to a minimum account of $ 100.


The next recommendation is RevenueHits, which contains ad networks to help maximize publisher earnings. That is because they use modern technology. The number of network publishing services from this company are many and varied.

RevenueHits is an ad network of the Start-up company MyAdWise Ltd and originates from Israel. They stood up and launched in 2008 with an impression of 2 billion more every day. Where the use of different methods with Google Adsense is PPC.

While RevenueHits uses ad-network performance where the calculation is based on 3 things. Among them are Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Mile (CPM), and Cost Per Action (CPA). They pay via Paypall, Wire, and per day can get a minimum of $ 15.


The next alternative AdSense recommendation has the name Clicksor. They offer the opportunity to earn income online easily. The advantage obtained is that the site owner can have their own target ad types.

In the use of advertising services from Clicksor must be eligible. The first has a minimum page views of about 50,000 times a month. If calculated then every day there are at least 1600 visits to the site.

Next is the content on the site does not contain adult categories. Before having advertising services from Clicksor, payment must be made via Paypal for a minimum of $ 50. But the income earned can reach $ 1,000 in a month.


The next recommendation is very suitable to be chosen as an alternative. Especially if a site owner does have a suspended Adsense account. Then Taboola can be the first choice with a variety of services and advantages.

One disadvantage of Adsense is not found in Taboola because the verification process is very fast and easy. After this phase is completed, their party will immediately review and then be approved. This is as a thank you to new users.

The rules in Taboola are also not too strict so that it can still be accepted by many people. They have sponsored advertisements to display on content. Many well-known companies around the world use it, such as Forbes, BBC, NYC, and others.


The next alternative AdSense recommendation is called Infolinks. Where they will bring up ads that can be adjusted to the content on the site. How it works is to convert keywords into a link ad and get paid for each click.

This makes it one of the best quality AdSense alternatives. The payment system from Infolinks can be done via Paypal, Transfer, and Check. However, not all Bank transactions are supported, so it is better to ask the related parties first.

Infolinks is one of the best Adsense alternatives because it pays quite a lot of money. They have text-based advertisements and don’t require much space on the site. Types of ads that are usually displayed in the form of pop ups.


The next recommendation is AdNow, they are managed by the Digital Big data marketing team, RTB, and Media Buying. The quality is certainly good because the maker has more than 10 years experience in the field. This program has been launched since 2014 and is known all over the world.

AdNow itself has an original advertising network or Native media Ads based website. The popularity is because they provide CPM and PPC types. The appearance can be seen in the form of widgets which are part of related content, Hybrid Ads, and banners.

The three types of content are somewhat unique because it is a combination of a different ad. This has a function to increase the participation of users. Another advantage possessed by AdNow is that it can be integrated with other services such as Infolinks.


The next best recommended AdSense alternative is Bidvertiser. Which carries the PPC or Pay Per Click category for each ad that is clicked. But in addition to the income obtained with this method the site owner also gets additional from every ad conversion linked.

In Bidvertiser there are also several types of formats used. Among them is the size of the ad image. Starting from the horizontal banner, skyscraper, half-page shape, Rectangle, and rectangle and other models such as Adsense.

Bidvertiser has the advantage of being in favor of the site owner. In this case, it is ensured that the ads served have the highest value. While payments to publishers can be through Check and Paypal, and will immediately receive payment after $ 10.

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The next recommendation for the Adsense alternative is PopCash. Where understanding is a program for bloggers in making money online. In this case what is meant is engaged in advertising to be displayed on a site.

Popcash adapts the concept of CPM or Cost Per Million. Where they are the one that offers the most income compared to other programs. site owners will get paid every 1000 times the ad is displayed.

Another advantage possessed by Popcash is the type of ad serving. This is because it does not interfere with visitors to the site. The amount of payment depends on the total page views of an ad on a website or blog.


As explained in the list above, other roads need to be owned and taken by bloggers. That is because the usual way to get some problems. In addition, the continuity of the site to be cashed cannot be guaranteed.

Then this alternative is needed where using an advertising network as well as offering high income online. The terms and rules in it are also not too strict. This certainly makes them the right solution for the problem of using Google Adsense.

As already explained that over time, over time the rules on Google Adsense are getting tougher. Even some of the terms and conditions are not acceptable to many people. Then the last way to make money through the site is an alternative program.

That was a complete explanation of the understanding and listing of the best Google Adsense alternative sites that can be obtained by everyone. Some of them have their own advantages and can be juxtaposed with an ad monetization service from Google.