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3 There is a chasm between the adoption of blogs at large companies versus anything else of the world. The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts showed in a study that just 22% of the Fortune 500’s blog compared to 45% of the Inc 500’s and about 80% of non revenue. And even if some businesses claimed to have a blog, I couldn’t find it. Corporate blogging continues to be a wide open area for marketing channel advancement since there are such a lot of proven advantages of blogging!And many of these blogs are U. S.

based as the adoption of company running a blog is even lower in anything of the world. Bill Marriott is among the most renowned corporate bloggers in the world. Yes, the company chairman truly does his own posts, dictating them on a weekly basis. This private involvement has won the location loyal fans since they know they have become the word from a real government — an impressive point of differentiation. The agency has said producing thousands and thousands in direct sales from this blog and has extensively utilized this as a platform to set the record straight in the event of a bombing or hostage situation involving one of their homes. Another “private magazine” blog I’ll submit as a runner up during this category is Randy’s Journal from Boeing.

In a hotly aggressive, low margin business, this local grocery chain is trying to stand out with a fun, easy to navigate site. The blog design adjustments every few weeks to replicate colourful seasonal themes. The agency has managed to attract a devoted and engaged audience through posts from president Danny Wegman and other store personnel on ideas for enjoyable at home, recipes and nutrition. I saw one post where the deli chef was responding to questions by telling clients which aisle find ingredients for some tasty cakes.

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