The Best Cashback Websites That Won’t Waste Your Time

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Cashback websites have come a long ways lately. From handy cellphone apps, to browser extensions that alert you in the event you’re about to pay an excessive amount of, you’d be crazy to not regularly use one and get money back on things you’ll be purchasing in any case. Heck, although it’s only a pair % back, it’s completely free money. So I figured it was time to do the research and find the good cashback websites accessible right now.

I dug deep into each site, asked a ton of questions, and found the pros and cons of each or even found some hacks to maximise your mark downs. How does SwagBucks work: You can earn Swag Bucks SB by shopping at your favorite online store, using their search engine, looking backed videos, doing surveys, or even by gambling online games like Deal or No Deal and Bejeweled 2. Earn 1,000 SB for a $10 Amazon gift card, 2,200 SB for a Starbucks gift card, and 5,000 SB for a $50 ExxolMobil gift card. You’d be shocked how effortlessly which you could increase Swag Bucks. One SB is equal to $0. 01, so 100 SBs works out to $1.

00. If that you would be able to shoot for 100 SBs per day absolutely doable with little effort that equals a $10 Amazon gift card every week. How Mr. Rebates could be better: While completely functional, their website is a little 2005 in terms of design. Also, navigation is a kind of cumbersome.

For example, for those who click a searching category, like Apparel/Clothing, the positioning brings up a REALLY long list of agents. You then have to scroll during the list attempting to find your retailer. Then if you click your store, it pops up a small box telling you about the cashback particulars while the retailer’s website loads. The challenge with here is you haven’t any clue if a discount is accessible to stack your discounts. It can be better if you were taken to a dedicated store page on Mr. Rebates which would show available coupons after which you’d initiate your searching from that page.

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How does MyPoints work: MyPoints works a little various than the other cashback sites listed in this article. You start your browsing from their web page or mobile app, shop your favourite online agents, and earn points on every purchase. For example, at Walmart. com you’ll earn 8 points for every dollar spent. You can then redeem your points by purchasing gift cards to dozens of conventional sellers and restaurants, or get cold hard cash.

To give you an idea, to get a $25 Starbucks gift card you’ll need 3,700 points which are earned fairly quickly. You also can earn points by taking surveys, looking video ads or by printing coupons.