The Best Books of Oprah Mag’s Favorite Book Releases

For the December issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, our team rounded up some of the best books of 2019. And as our fearless leader Oprah herself says in the issue: “If a year can be measured by the quantity of significant reads it produced, 2019 is one for the books. So many striking writers bared their souls, dug deep for truth, spent years honing characters and story arcs, and did the exertions of growing literature that sears our hearts and broadens our knowing of what it means to be human. ” From engrossing novels like Sally Rooney’s Normal People to Oprah’s Book Club picks like Ta Nehisi Coates’ The Water Dancer, these book releases from the past year woke us up, haunted us, wowed us, and made us marvel again at the magic writers can create with words. Brimming with wit and revelatory wisdom, this style manual–cum–linguistic jubilee from Random House’s copy chief a common corrector of the president’s grammar on Twitter entertains as it enlightens.

Covering everything from the true uses of semicolons and the notion that “clichés should be prevented just like the plague” to the redundancy of “assless chaps,” Dreyer’s guide is a gift to sticklers as well as people that want to relearn the fundamentals. And bear in mind: “There is a worldwide of difference between handing over to a driveway, that’s a herbal thing to do with one’s car, and becoming a driveway.

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