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“Focusing on major corporate media with your relationship as a media consultant business, it owns a huge number of the delivery destination facing the high quality user. In addition, owns its own high delivery stock of commercials effectiveness, we will be able to obtain a high functionality for direct reaction based initiatives. Retargeting beginning of in feed frame, day of the week designation, that for sure, similar to the time precise, the optimization of Creative bids for each frequency management and start vacation spot medium of each birth user, depending on the ads effect in each delivery time zone akin to the optimization of the budget allocation, we can maximize the commercials effect by the superior birth logic. Such as mail order cosmetics and health food, it is mainly exhibit a high advertising effect women of F1 layer to the promotion of advertisement ingredients that target. While aligning a target CPA there are lots of tasks which are realized digestion volume of monthly a number of million yen, advertisers, we are well got in the agency.

In addition, since I have these days we can obtain a high advertisements effect in men’s promotion, such as the financial system, for additional information please contact our sales office. The creation of high and native ad affinity article LP, is a package menu to offer gratis by get a certain amount you enforce the beginning of AkaNe. Already has a proven track record of production and distribution of various of projects, what for commercials effectiveness and to supply the item LP has the skills of how high, high easy assist effect to cause the user’s angle change article LP production to hang. “Airbrake is the most well known exception reporting service, presently proposing error tracking for 50,000 functions with assist for 18 programming languages. We let developers build better software by giving detailed reports of errors in functions. Giving you insight into the health of your application in production.

We give detailed exception reports that inform you what happened, what bit of code was responsible, and let you recreate the error for rapid debugging. Our goal is to build the good developer toolset on the earth. One that gives you full stack insight, and lets you build great program. “We are smart data company that reduces assistance muddle for shopper, providing smarter audience buying selections for agencies, DSP/ATD/SSP systems, publishers. Our main product: Aidata. me data management platform for programmatic advertising and marketing.

Aidata. me aggregates, approaches, segments and promises data about age, gender, interests and intents of greater than 1 000 000 000 unique cookies per 30 days. Leading ad serving answers use our data to convey millions of impressions per day to their advertisers. We created greater than 2 000+ audience segments for better targeting based on onlineandoffline data. “”Much More than Just a Digital Data Management Platform PlatformOne works across offline and electronic channels to come up with access to the most cutting-edge and validated suggestions about your client and high value prospects.

Powered by the Right Approach to Identity At the heart of PlatformOne is Neustar’s Authoritative Identity guilty for amassing, corroborating, and validating shopper and enterprise identity for marketing functions, delivering: Scale—Our methodology uses a combination of strong tactics to link verified offline data, adding instant data, to an id foundation based on 220 million adults and 120 million families. Depth—Our buyer identities are further augmented and linked with more than 15,000 offline and online predictive attributes from third party data resources across numerous industries. Accuracy—Most importantly, we continuously corroborate our id data with billions of anonymized daily transactions. This guarantees that our identity data keeps up with consumer trends and adds the most up to date audience advice. Privacy—We accomplish all of this with the utmost attention to identification privacy; at the core of our technique is privacy by design. A Holistic Approach to 21st Century Marketing Fuel your strategic advertising planning with accurate client, geographic, and market data Discover the hottest counsel about your shoppers and high value clients Activate your high appearing audiences into your atmosphere of media companions Integrate your advertising programs to optimize their mix and maximize your advertising effectiveness”Online business is turning into increasingly global.

As one of Europe‘s ultimate performance advertising and marketing networks, affilinet is the perfect partner for your company. Having significantly elevated its networks in Europe in recent times, affilinet is preferably located to provide you easy accessibility to all major European online markets and sales channels. Our teams in Germany, the UK, France, Benelux, Spain, Austria and Switzerland share a single philosophy underlying the way in which we work and our green functionality marketing is predicated on unrivalled adventure and competencies of the market, suitable provider, the highest standards and innovative functionality tools. “Affectv is a UK based technology agency developing answers to develop the Internet by making commercials relevant for people. Our Persona Discovery Platform reaches over 500 million people and is extracting actionable data signals from billions of digital interactions.

Each message is adapted for every individual using real time data. “ad­worx bie­tet Ih­nen mit ei­ner mo­der­nen Ad­ser­ving Tech­no­lo­gie und ei­nem er­fah­re­nen Adope­ra­ting Team al­le Ser­vice Leis­tun­gen für die pro­fes­sio­nel­le Ab­wick­lung und Aus­lie­fe­rung von On­li­ne Wer­bung. Wir stel­len Ih­nen Werk­zeu­ge für die er­folg­rei­che Um­set­zung di­gi­ta­ler Wer­bung auf al­len Platt­for­men zur Ver­fü­gung. Ob am PC, Lap­top, Smart­pho­ne, Ta­b­let oder am Fern­se­her via Smart TV App oder HbbTV – un­ser Ad­ser­ver er­reicht die Ziel­grup­pe auf je­dem End­ge­rät. Bei ad­worx ar­bei­ten Sie mit er­fah­re­nen An­sp­rech­part­nern zu­sam­men, die Sie ger­ne und in­di­vi­du­ell zu Ih­ren Fra­gen be­ra­ten.

AOL Advertising operates: Advertising. com, AOL OBA Notice, LeadBack, Quigo AdSonar, Sphere, Tacoda”AOL Inc. is a leading global Web features agency with an extensive suite of brands and choices. AOL is concentrated on attracting and interesting buyers and proposing valuable online advertising functions via AOL Advertising a subsidiary of AOL Inc. , which integrates AOL’s most efficient media houses, focused marketing generation, and Advertising.

com’s mass reach into a unified advertisements solution for advertisers and publishers. Our proprietary applied sciences let us bring applicable, targeted advertisements to individuals, but not at the rate of person privacy. Please note that AOL Advertising is in the procedure of integrating our ads brands and systems. During this process, you may see references on our websites, in our domains, and in the names of the cookies we use to help customize your event to a number of provider and brand names, akin to Advertising. com, TACODA, Quigo, AdSonar, ADTECH, Pictela, Convertro, Adap. tv, Buysight, Gravity, and atwola.

com. To learn more about how we bring together and use suggestions for online advertisements, please visit”The Advark Video SSP allows publishers to manage video advertisements via a single platform, making available their video inventory to a considerable number of of demand side platforms, video commercials networks, ad businesses and direct advertisers. The Advark Video SSP offers every video commercials format All roll, Mobile, Content roll, TopLine, Video Banner, Overlay for both computing device and mobile. Monetize every view, on every device from every guest from every point of the globe. Our SSP platform uses advanced algorithms to automatically set priorities for ad formats and ad sources to building up ads fill on your inventory, raise eCPM’s and maximize revenue. Connect to ad assets from Eurasia, Europe, North America and further abroad.

Advark is the one Video SSP it truly is optimized for monetizing Eastern European, Russian and Central Asian internet sites across both home and overseas traffic. “Established in September 13, 1988, with Information era and Telecommunications as its core company sectors, FPT has produced over US$1. 8 billion revenues. With nearly 27,000 employees, adding 12,241 generation experts, engineers, builders, FPT adds services to 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam and has FPT has also normally extended globally to a present day presence in 19 nations in 4 continents: America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Simultaneously, FPT has pioneered in new era trends, helping to affirm Vietnam’s position on earth era map.

“Finally!You can center around growing staggering content material and constructing site visitors, and leave the ad stuff to us. With our complete ad optimization and control provider, we’ll handle every thing from placing the ads on your site, to finding the good paying advertisers in the market, or even recommending new thoughts to keep your site on the cutting fringe of market trends. We provide help to make the most money imaginable from every pageview on your blog, and we take care of every little thing ad related so you don’t ought to. No more guesswork. No more hassle.

Just more cash. Reduce your workload and watch your income thrive. “Adthink offers a full line of smart functionality electronic advertisements capabilities. Since 2001, we now have pursued a single mission: aiding advertisers acquire online shoppers, by making advertisements return on funding the most goal of each crusade. Adthink’s advertising answers encompass the entire value chain of affiliate marketing online, from Display Network to Affiliate Network, with its own unbiased Trading Desk, and its team of specialists in Data Activation and Customer Acquisition, ensuring total manipulate over every step in conveying our clients’ messages to patrons. Online advertising is a fancy and era driven market, and its panorama is often evolving.

That’s why Adthink has always placed RandD investments at the centre of its strategy. After proposing the first video streaming advertising offer in 2001, Adthink was named an Innovative New Company by the French Investment Bank Bpifrance and the French Ministry of Research. Adthink also took home the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 trophy. Adthink ALADM made its preliminary public offering on the Euronext market in 2007 and is now a number one European smart performance advertising agency. The agency is predicated in Lyon and has offices in Paris, Lisbon, Geneva and San Francisco.

“Our ad server displayed its first banner in July 2000. Website owners were suffering from the tedious task of handling and promoting their ad space. We began out as a simple web based ad rotator, one of the earliest ad servers for sale. We have been in the ad serving enterprise for much longer than many other ad solutions. Thus, that you can depend on our reliability for a long time into the future.

Driven by the altering needs from our publishers and advertisers, AdSpeed Ad Server keeps to develop more modern points and to offer a big range of advertisements capabilities. With trillions of ad impressions served to satisfaction, AdSpeed is a reliable and robust ad serving and ad management solution. May 2005, we changed our name from ad rotator. com to AdSpeed. com to mirror our mission to become your best generation partner in online commercials. With that during mind, these are our commitments to you: To offer a competent platform that helps you easily and without problems manage your advertising stock and building up earnings.

To serve ads to viewers directly via robust targeting mechanisms. To present correct and complete functionality reviews to you in probably the most intuitive ways. Our goal is to provide help to execute your online advertising strategy efficiently. With over 15 years of adventure solely in ad serving operations, we are fabulous at ad serving. You can avoid the effort of dealing with daily technical tasks while staying in manipulate by outsourcing your ad serving to AdSpeed Ad Server.

“AdRizer is a full carrier tracking platform for publishers trying ROI optimization and electronic marketing analytics. Founded in 2013, AdRizer started on a kitchen counter as a small enterprise with a dream to make enough money to buy a few jet skis. Since then, we’ve built one of the most top 100 sites in the USA, partnered with the world’s ideal advertising agencies, and constructed a propriety analytics and monetization platform for publishers. AdRizer employs a team of world class engineers and information experts and is constantly exploring new areas of innovation and benefit on the earth of Ad Tech. “AdReady adds best at school programmatic generation and controlled media services to brands, businesses and performance marketers. Our clients are able to drive green and effective electronic ad campaigns across all accessible channels.

Enterprise For clients attracted to full carrier digital media control, AdReady offers enterprise level solutions by leveraging our powerful platform for digital planning, buying and optimization. Brand AdReady works intently with consumers to keep in mind brand guidelines and goals in order to execute campaigns that drive engagement and awareness while hitting our clients’ exact KPIs. Performance AdReady leverages cross channel direct response ideas to maximize ROI and efficiency for performance focused entrepreneurs. ” Suppose you’re selling frames in Mobile by Apple in Tehran are some people in town you desire Mslathran at true hours eg hours of 10 to 20 being able to serve you by means of their non-public eg, cellphone or tablet that belong to a distinctive company is as an example, Apple on the internet studying about what’s precisely your product or provider connected he’s like getting a zine on the feasibility study update iPhone OS side think about this person at the same time and an analogous page, you spot ads linked to your site or store, obviously, prone to click on this user Ads you and become your purchaser a lot more. Why?Because your ads connected to what precisely has he been interested, and feature been attempting to find Mykhvndh .

!This implies that the best person “Adpop is a media ads community uniting 150 000 site owners worldwide working since 2015. Advertising applied sciences are developing each year. Adpop platform is a mixture of the modern high end RTB answers, designUX best practices and admired CPM monitor codecs. Adjust frequency and ads behavior in accordance to your needs. Be more competitive with a number of ads or center around a few impressions in an extended period for one guest with really high CPM – you to decide. While CPCCPA programs are supposed to building up your eCPM, Adpop platform maximizes your income from every visitor.

You can mix distinct strategies together to earn much more, since there is little need for extra ad units if you happen to use Adpop. Premium internet sites with a highly engaged auditory are our business drivers and we give them the good situations. “”The same group of guys who met during faculty are still together, perpetually developing the platform and growing new elements. What we’ve discovered from the past is the incontrovertible fact that as a way to really thrive, you want short connections to the websites the ads are being displayed on. Combine this intimate relationship to strong algorithms to detect fraudulent ads and impressions and you get the formulation to Adperium.

To this day, Adperium is a self carrier innovative online commercials network. We try to keep our platform as easy as possible while still packing it with the newest applied sciences. We wish to be certain our advertisers can target any stock they want, while our publishers can exclude any ads they do not want. Each day, we monetize over 400 million banner impressions for over chuffed 3,000 advertisers. We work with large publishers and small internet sites, from a variety of verticles, so any advertiser can come and test our inventory for as low as $50!Our platform is so user pleasant simply because we gained a whole lot of comments from our consumers and we are looking to ask you to do the same thing!Contact us via email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or phone!”Google operates: AdMeld, AdMob, Adometry, Apture, Channel Intelligence, Custom Search Ads, DoubleClick, DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer, DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick DART, DoubleClick Floodlight, DoubleClick Spotlight, Doubleclick Video Stats, FeedBurner, FeedBurner old, GA Audiences, GDN Notice, Google Ads Measurement, Google Adsense, Google Adsense, Google Adsense Asynchronous, Google AdServices, Google AdWords Conversion, Google Adwords User Lists, Google Affiliate Network, Google AJAX Search API, Google Analytics, Google API, Google Commerce, Google Custom Search, Google Custom Search Engine, Google Display Network, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Google Fonts, Google FriendConnect, Google IMA, Google Interactive Media, Google JSAPI Stats Collection, Google Pingback, Google Publisher Tags, Google Safeframe, Google Shopping Reviews, Google Syndication, Google Tag Manager, Google Translate, Google Travel Adds, Google Trusted Stores, Google Users, Google Website Optimizer, Google Widgets, Google+ Platform, Gstatic, Gstatic, Maps, Meebo Bar, Mindset Media, PostRank, SwiffyGoogle operates the Google Display Network a set of hundreds of thousands of internet sites and mobile applications that are powered by display commercials, including many Google services like YouTube. Google also operates the DoubleClick digital commercials platform: the ad generation basis to create, transact, and manage digital advertisements for the worlds buyers, creators, and retailers.

The DoubleClick platform comprises the DoubleClick Advertising Exchange and Double Click Bid Manager. To learn more about how we bring together and use counsel for online commercials, please visit Adnow story began 2 years ago, when a bunch of electronic geeks captivated with the electronic advertising, RTB and Big Data decided to make a new hybrid native ad format. This format was designed to serve ads and helps explore new really interesting for this guest content material. Also this format is permitting to use media banners and native ads in an analogous campaign, that is very useful for clients and businesses operating brand promotion campaigns. The “serve interesting ads and content” idea is very nearly apparent, but the technical solution is complex.

It took Adnow team over 1 year to expand the first platform prototype. The effectiveness of it’s algorithms was pretty fabulous from the first actual steps. It became possible because in the early days our co founders were working with RTB, Big Data, media buying, pay per click campaigns and mobile commercials for the last 10 14 years. A blend of ardour and adventure made possible to develop this platform and just in 2 years make it the sharpest native ads tool. In December 2015 Adnow started working with webmasters and writer’s platform was opened for everyone. Since that time, getting more feedback from clients and our companions the algorithms and mathematical model were modified over 12 times convalescing the selective mechanics.

2 years past and in 2016 Adnow is proud to be a platform for over 150 000 partners, serving over 4 billion impressions every month throughout 107 international locations. We are really pleased with these results, but there is a long way ahead to perfection and we understand it. We are working hard day by day on recuperating our merchandise and algorithms to provide highest earning for each side – advertisers and publishers. Yes, we became big, we are overseas, but also we are still hungry and able to work flat out.