The Basics of Mobile Ad Mediation

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So let’s check out a common app. I have an app, and lucky me I begin to get a lot of diverse users which might be funnelling into the app. Now I want to earn cash from that so I combine advertising. Pretty common for app builders to integrate interstitial ads. So now I have an interstitial ad in my app, and I’m working with one ad community SDK.

So I put the SDK in my app, and that SDK goes to make a call to the ad community’s ad server. Now, the following day I are looking to understand how much money I made, so I need to log into the ad network’s UI and pull down all of my analytics about how much money I made, where I made that money, etc. , etc. So, as my users continue to scale, then I may start working with varied ad networks. So in place of having one, maybe I combine five or more.

A recent study by SafeDK advised that a typical app developer will work with anywhere from 15 to 18 distinct ad networks. That’s numerous SDKs to be managing within the app. And so as I’m working with a lot of these distinctive ad network SDKs now, they’re all making calls out to their individual ad servers. And, a better day once we want to see how much cash each of them made, I have to log into all in their UIs. And so now I have the lucky job of logging in every day to all of their reporting techniques and pulling down the information of what quantity of money I made.

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So, we’ve now converted the trajectory of what quantity of money we’re making, and we see a bit bit of an uptick. Now we’ve solved a few of the challenge of fill rate, right?We’ve solved a few of the complications around CPM. But I’ve introduced some new issues. Now I’ve announced the problem of efficiency and control. Now I’ve announced the challenge of latency, as I’m making assorted calls to each of those guys, and they’re making calls to their ad servers and that’s coming back.

I’ve announced complexity into my app. So let’s examine how mediation solves this. As I’m working with a mediation layer, now I have a mediation SDK. And this mediation SDK goes to manage all of the different ad networks that I want to work with. It’s now the conversation layer with those SDKs, so that they’re talking to each other and it’s picking out who to serve. And so now, rather than each of those SDKs being called and then calling out to their ad servers, now the mediation layer is looking to their ad server, and so I’m consolidating.

And now, instead of every morning having to log in to the ad network UIs, now I can just log in to the mediation layer to see how much money I’m making.