The Basic Styles of Blogging . And When To Use Each One

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Many bloggers who have been posting for some time have intuitively discovered that various styles of blog posts usually generate bound responses from readers. It’s not secret that “top ten list posts” are highly everyday and that running a blog also can will let you satisfy your pursuits. We often classify blogs into genres, such as a tech blog or a mom blog. Blogging styles are not about genres, they’re about forms of blog posts. Any blogger at any time could use a special style that will possibly not mainly be considered a part of their genre.

The most knowledgeable bloggers use many styles in the course of the process posting – but there hasn’t been a definitive list. For greater than two months now, I have been amassing a list of blog styles in accordance with what I have found from the blogs I read. A few weeks ago, Guy Kawasaki’s post concerning the World’s Best Presentation Contest gave me the belief of turning this list into a presentation to go into into the contest. Thanks to a couple design help from my colleague Jesse, I just uploaded the presentation into the contest on Slideshare. net and it looks great.

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