The Application of Guerilla Marketing to Businesses that Need to be Observed

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The Application of Guerilla Marketing to Businesses that Need to be Observed

Guerilla marketing or guerilla marketing was first introduced by Jay Conrad Levinson. This marketing principle is to target the target as much as possible using as few bullets as possible, such as doing promotions in media that reach many viewers. To make it easier for viewers to be attracted, promotions in the form of advertisements must be made creative. Guerilla marketing also emphasizes sporadic communication, using low cost, with optimal results. In its journey, along with the high penetration of the internet, this type of marketing activity has spread to the online realm or is popularly known as guerilla digital marketing. Find out more about guerilla marketing and how it applies to business.

Guerilla Marketing Concepts In Business

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that uses unconventional and low-cost methods (graffiti, sticker bombing, flash mobs). The guerrilla marketing concept was developed first as an unconventional system of promotion that relied on time, energy, and imagination rather than large marketing budgets. The purpose of this guerrilla marketing concept is to create a concept that is interactive, communicative, unique, and attracts people to think. It’s all done to generate buzz, encourage people to talk more and intensely about your brand and business.

Strategy Using Guerilla Marketing

Here are some specific tactics or strategies for using the guerrilla marketing concept in your business.

1. Get a community

To carry out this marketing concept, you need a community that matches the product or service you are going to offer. You can search or build a community with the assistance of social media. Then understand and learn what the community likes.

2. Think outside the box

Marketing expert Nathan Dube explains that guerilla marketing is a combination of music, mystery, art, culture, humor, and social dynamics that serve as a sales pitch but don’t look like a sales pitch. Guerilla marketing also has flexible tactics and is always changing. For example, if you live in Romania and Twitter is not accessible, then you can get the KFC menu for free. Another example is the existence of Tweetup which is a meeting of a Twitter community in the real world. To align the meeting with the Guerrilla marketing philosophy, you have to plan something special and interesting.

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3. Doing a flash mob

Flash mob is a form of street theater that is performed suddenly, which is usually displayed interestingly and funnily. Of course, you’ve got to organize documentation in order that this flash mob video are often posted on youtube and other social networks. The more attractive a flash mob is, the better it’ll spread (viral) on social media.

4. Make the transaction process easier

It turns out that some people just don’t like going through the hassle of a transaction process to buy something. So that the guerrilla marketing concept can be applied to make the troublesome and difficult part a little easier.

5. Ready to handle complaints and criticisms

Once you present your business to the public via social media, then you must be prepared to handle complaints and criticism. Facebook, Twitter, and the like are public places on the internet where every user has the freedom to express their opinion. Starting from positive feedback, praise for your service, to harsh criticism and complaints you can get. There are many cases of false complaints that are usually made by business competitors. Therefore, you must be ready to discuss any complaint issues via private messages, so that the delivery of explanations can be more personal. After you find a satisfactory solution, then post the results on social media. Besides, be prepared to block parties who deliberately want to damage your business reputation in cyberspace.

6. Always update to changes and new things

Social media will always change continuously. So you are required to pay attention to trends and be able to predict the future. Don’t be left behind to keep abreast of guerrilla marketing developments. Starting from tactics and strategies to close your relationship with followers on social media. Pay attention to market tastes, think about your ideas, and make a strategic plan. After everything is cooked, then do the implementation and see the results.

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Promoting in the form of creative advertising is quite simple. Guerrilla marketing can be said to be successful if the advertisements are made not only impressive but can also be shared on various social media. The advantage of this marketing concept is that there are no standard limits that must be met. Creative and public relations teams can collaborate to create attractive, selling advertisements that will be remembered in the minds of consumers.

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