The 4 Most Effective Marketing Techniques in 2020 You Need to Try

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The 4 Most Effective Marketing Techniques in 2020 You Need to Try 1

The 4 Most Effective Marketing Techniques in 2020 You Need to Try

The 4 Most Effective Marketing Techniques in 2020 You Need to Try 1

When the world of content marketing began to develop as it is today, there are only a few techniques that you can take advantage of. Marketing techniques like writing blog posts, sending emails to your subscribers, and posting like your social media, are nothing new.

The methods above are still the main strategy used by most marketers today, but because the world of content marketing has experienced rapid development, eventually many new marketing techniques have emerged that are much more complex and memorable in reaching and resonating with audiences. The following are some of the most effective marketing techniques in 2020 that you can try:

1. Subscribe to Email

Until recently, subscribing to online publications via email was the best way to keep up with the latest stories and news from a brand. In turn, encouraging your audience to subscribe to your email and keeping them looking at your content will generate more leads and profits for your business.

Growing an active and loyal customer base is closely related to the quality of the content you present and convey your message well. So, even though there is a lot of content on the internet right now, those who are currently still actively engaged with your content are a clear sign that they value the content. Remember, the key is quality, and the message conveyed.

2. Historical Optimization

In 2015, HubSpot has managed to find something revolutionary about organic traffic on their blog. 76% of their monthly blog visits come from their old posts. Meanwhile, in 2020, 89% of monthly traffic on their blog will come from posts published at least six months earlier. Currently, HubSpot has developed various strategies specifically dedicated to updating and republishing this content. This is done so that the contents of the content remain relevant to current conditions.

3. Podcasting

According to an Edison Research and Triton Digital study of content formats, people 12 years or older are listening to audio content online at an unprecedented rate. The average person spends 17 hours per week searching for their favorite podcasts, online radio shows, and audiobooks.

The demand for audio content has been booming, but that doesn’t mean people will listen to your podcast just because it’s a podcast. They will only listen to audio content if it catches their attention or entertains them. On the other hand, podcasting themed interviews with experts like most people will only add to the noise on the internet.

4. Link Building

Getting high-quality inbound links from websites or pages with high authority scores is very important to increase your domain authority. An effective method for getting quality inbound links is to ask another website or page that has an authority score higher than yours to provide a link to your main content. You also have to make sure that the website or page is relevant to your main content.

Another way you can use the skyscraper is the skyscraper method. This method requires you to find the posts that rank best based on the keywords you want to optimize for. Next, you need to create posts that are better than those posts. Finally, you need to use SEO tools to find all the sites that have provided links to your competitors’ posts and ask the few sites that are most relevant to replace those links with new links that point to the content you created previously.

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