That’s When I Realized I Was Gender Fluid

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This week the speaker at church mentioned people that assert to be gender fluid and the other day my wife Haley and I were in the kitchen together.

I was making dinner though she was washing dishes. (Indeed, I do most of the cooking in the house. It is 2022. Let’s get in excess of some unusual gender norms shall we?)

Anyhow, we were the two in the kitchen area and I have to be sincere.

I am a great multitasker! NOT a multitasker. 1-observe brain 1500000000000000%.

So even though I’m cooking and making an attempt to have a enjoyable conversation with Haley, let us just say it’s challenging for me to feel about cooking and imagine about what my wife is declaring concurrently.

Let us say it is straightforward for me to zone out…

So I need to have question her a thing about her day, but the subsequent detail I hear is,

“…and that’s when I recognized I was gender fluid.”

Huh???? 😳

Right away my mind was racing with all sorts of issues to say,

“You were born with lady sections. What tends to make you consider you are gender fluid?”

“Let’s not be hasty. This gender fluid stuff is manufacturer new to our tradition and our culture, let’s not soar to conclusions.”

“Gender fluid huh? What can make you think that?”

At this moment I realize my spouse is staring at me.

I also comprehend I’m executing that dumb, eyes extensive open up, staring at the ground matter I do when my brain is racing.

Her eyebrows furrow, “did you listen to me?!” She appears to be impatient.

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I stutter, “uh yea! Yea! So gender fluid huh? What makes you consider that?” I instinctively blurt out the past issue I was imagining.

I cringe at the considered of her remedy.

She seems at me like I have three heads. “What are you talking about?!”

“You said you understood you are gender fluid.” I commence to chatter away nervously. “Now I recognize we reside in unusual occasions and points could be bewildering, but I have never ever read or witnessed anything that can make me think you’re gender fluid. And this definitely is a new strategy to tradition and culture. So we ought to choose our time to see how points participate in out just before jumping to any odd conclusions. Did I say strange?! I suggest, I-I’m striving to listen to you out and be respectful to your views and views, but let us be straightforward here. You were born with woman elements and-“

At this minute I search up to see Haley’s face. She bursts out laughing. “You imagined I claimed I was gender fluid?!”

“Uh, ya…” I say sheepishly.

Now she appears at me like I’m  Genuine dumb (which I’m not arguing with.) She carries on to chortle in my face.

“Honey, I reported, that’s when I realized I was Mixing FLUIDS.” She paused. “I advised you a little something funny occurred and I was producing a smoothie and I forgot to set in the fruit. I was just blending fluids! Ahahaha! Oh, honey, you considered I claimed I imagined I was gender fluid? You actually will need to find out how to hear.”


Let’s just say I turned all over silent and saved performing on the meals emotion Pretty silly. 😑

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That is what I get for 50 % listening and assuming. 🤦‍♂️

Discover from me. If you really do not know what the man or woman reported, do not try out to pretend it, just say “what.”

Nicely at least I dodged that bullet 😅

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J. Yeager L.

*this is a fictional tale centered on real people today and genuine ideas*

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