Testing unit: understanding and difference with other testing methods

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Testing unit understanding and difference with other testing methods

Testing unit: understanding and difference with other testing methods

Testing unit understanding and difference with other testing methods

Testing unit is a job that must be done when developing a product, especially software products. Why? Because this work is very important to ensure the quality of each component in it.

Generally, the testing unit is done by a software tester or developer software. Well, on this occasion we will discuss in full about the testing unit and various tools commonly used.

What is a unit testing?

Software is not a product that can stand alone. Inside there are various components that are interrone between one and the other. Let’s just say that software products are like a bicycle that has wheels, handlebars, saddle, chains, and brakes.

Before it can be sold, each of these components must certainly be sure of every quality. Don’t let there be one part that doesn’t meet the standards.

Just like a bicycle, every component that exists in the software must also be tested first., A software must go through a process known as the testing unit.

Reporting from the Teacher99 page, the testing unit is a type of testing software that is done to test a part or component that is on the software. The unit can be in the form of functions, codes, methods, procedures, modules or objects themselves.

The unit testing itself is included one of the stages in the software development. Generally, the test is carried out before the System Integration Testing is done.

Testing unit function

The testing unit is done so that it can ensure that each code unit contained in the software can run properly. The official SmartBear website explains “Smaller is Better”, meaning, the smaller the unit is tested, then you will see and also ensure the performance of the software is getting more detailed.

Why is the important testing unit?

Teacher99 explained that there are several reasons that make unit testing an important activity to do.

First, to be able to help fix bugs at the beginning of the software development cycle and also to save costs. Second, to be able to help developers in understanding the code base and also allow them to be able to make changes quickly.

Third, for project documentation. Finally, to help reuse the code in a new project.

Testing unit technique

Based on tutorialspoint, there are at least three techniques commonly used in conducting testing units. The third is Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, and Gray Box Testing.

1. Black Box Testing

Black Box Testing is a test that is done in order to be able to review the input and also output in a software system without exploring the internal software program itself. So, just like a black box, you can only see what will enter and also come out of the box itself.

These three things that are usually done trials in the Black Box testing are user interfaces, inputs, and output.

2. White Box Testing

White Box Testing or commonly called Transparent Box Testing or Glass Box Testing is an internal structure testing, design, function, and also the details of implementation in an application. Some things that are generally tested in it are security, structure, loops, and also data flow.

3. Gray Box Testing

Gray Box Testing is a combination of Black Box Testing and White Box Testing. This form of testing is done by reviewing the errors or certain contexts contained in a website system.

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Tools unit testing.

As explained earlier, the testing unit is a software testing manually or automatically by using special tools or tools. But, most developers currently prefer automatic methods. The following are some tools that you can choose to do the testing unit.

  • JUNIT: Tools unit testing for applications that use Java programming languages
  • NUNIT: Framework unit testing for applications that use the .Net programming language
  • JMOCKIT: Tools Testing Unit for Open Source-based applications
  • Emma: Tools to analyze and report codes that use Java programming languages
  • Phpunit: Tools Testing Unit for PHP Programmer

Then, what’s the difference between the testing unit with Gamma Testing

Gamma Testing is a testing stage carried out after an application passes testing Alpha testing and beta testing. This stage is done after no change in an application system.

Qatestlab explained that this test was carried out so that it could ensure that a product was completely ready to be marketed. For this reason, the main focus is on security and product functionality.

In this phase, a product may not experience various changes in addition to critical improvements that can affect the function and also product safety. So, if there is a problem that is not important, then the team will make repairs after the application is released.

The phase which is in third place after the Alpha Testing and beta testing is done directly by passing various testing in-house. For this reason, each tester is not anticipated participant, but is more regarded as a user.

What’s the difference with unit testing with beta testing?

Based on Product Plan, beta testing is a series in the User Acceptance Test conducted before a product application is released to the market. The purpose of this test is to be able to find and also identify as many bugs as possible.

This activity is done by involving several users called beta tester. In the process, each of these users will test the same conditions and characteristics, starting from hardware until the internet conditions are indeed being used.

The stages in this test will also allow each product development team to carry out security tests and constraints that cannot be done in the Alpha Testing process.

The two tests were carried out in order to find out the level of product security and the ability of the software products.

What is the difference between the testing unit with Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing is a testing activity carried out on the application towards the end of the Product Development process when a product application is ready for use. Reporting from the Indian Times page, this testing form will not involve functional testing in an application.

Instead, this process is a testing stage to be able to understand every behavior and also the user’s user experience. Generally, this test is carried out directly by the Developer team, employees, and can also be friends or families with the aim of testing around 80% of customers.

What is the difference between the testing unit with A / B testing

Based on the opinion of Neil Patel, A / B testing is one of the best methods you can do to know the promotional strategies and also the best online sales of the business you are running.

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Whereas if we quote from Harvard Business Review, A / B testing is one way that can be done by testing two different things in two groups. So, you can see what strategies are actually preferred by customers.

Generally, this experiment was conducted by conducting trials on two different things in two groups. So, you can see what strategies later are more loved by customers. So what can be compared in the A / B testing? A huge amount.

The whole thing related to promotion strategies and online marketing can also be done by using experiments. For example, you are making landing page for a company site. Then, you want to do a comparison on two different button colors.

You can create a landing page with the CTA button “Subscribe Now!” With blue and the other has white. Then, you can do a comparison of Landing Page which is more to encourage people to subscribe the newsletter on your website.

Usually, this A / B testing can be done by comparing between one to two minor things in an online marketing strategy. When doing a comparison on two different things, instead you can’t see which part most impact on your customer’s decision.

After knowing the results of the A / B testing you do, you can collect the data and make it basic in making the appropriate landing page. So, we can interpret that A / B testing is something closely related to the data.


Thus the full explanation of us about unit testing and various differences with Gamma Testing, Alpha Testing, beta testing and also beta testing.

By understanding the understanding of unit testing and various differences with other testing, it is expected that the software products that you produce can be accepted by users well without any obstacles.

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