Testimonials are: understanding, benefits and easy ways to get it

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Testimonials are: understanding, benefits and easy ways to get it

Testimonials are understanding benefits and easy ways to get it

Most of you who carry out marketing or online marketing activities are definitely no stranger to the name of the testimonial. Basically, testimonials are a form of testimony of consumers who feel satisfied or disappointed with the product they have bought.

But, even though this term has often been used, there are still many of us who do not know the true meaning of testimonials and benefits in business marketing activities.

Well, on this article we will discuss more complete about testimonials and some easy tips for getting good testimonials from customers.

Testimonial is

So, in a marketing or promotional activity, testimonials are a form of testimony carried out by consumers who are already satisfied or disappointed with the products or services they have purchased.

That is, testimonials are a form of statement or message from customers regarding his experience transacting with the seller in terms of service or the quality of the goods or services they already buy.

Let’s take an example of someone who wants to buy herbal products in an online store or marketplace. So, during the transaction, communication, payment, and the goods arrived at the place of consumers turned out to be running smoothly, moreover, consumers had already felt the benefits.

Some time later, consumers also sent a message to the seller and then shared his experience which was satisfied with the quality and service provided by the seller. Well, the message we call testimonials. So, why is the testimony very important for a company?

Benefits of Testimonials for Business

Usually, most people will be doubtful about products they have never bought or used before. Especially for some products that are able to affect life, such as health products, beauty products, etc.

All business people are certainly aware of this. That is why business people will usually place testimonials from users on the sales page so that the statement from the user is able to increase the trust of other customers of the product he sells.

Based on the explanation we can draw the conclusion that testimonials have a very important role in the marketing process of a product, and here are other benefits of testimonials:

1. Increase trust of new consumers

Usually, testimonials originating from previous customers are very capable of affecting the emotions or thoughts of new customers. So, they will be able to believe more on a product sold by the seller. We certainly understand that consumer confidence and prospective new consumers are the main key to developing a business.

By placing positive testimonials originating from previous consumers, the reputation value of a business will certainly be better in the eyes of prospective customers. Businessmen who have a good reputation will certainly be able to increase consumer confidence in carrying out transaction activities.

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2. Free marketing media

Basically, testimonials are a very effective marketing strategy to apply in all business fields. Testimonials are able to increase the trust of prospective new buyers and as a free business marketing tool. So, basically testimonials are one form of marketing by word of mouth.

In-testimonials are often expressed in relatives, families, and the people closest to the buyer, so the message to be conveyed by the seller can spread wider.

3. As an advertising material material

The presence of a positive testimony will be able to provide a very large effect in marketing strategies in a business. One of them can be used as advertising materials.

Testimonials that have been given by previous old buyers in the form of text messages, update stories, emails, etc. Can be used as a unique marketing material and able to provide a better effect in a marketing process.

4. As an evaluation material

It’s appropriate for us to understand together that not all consumers will be willing to provide positive reviews or testimonials. Some buyers must have existed a negative response, such as packaging criticism or slow shipping process.

However, this can be used as an evaluation material to correct anything that must be repaired.


So, actually negative testimonials are not too bad, just how you respond and correct this in order to increase business progress in the future.

5. Form of appreciation to consumers

In general, every human being will really like to get attention or appreciation from other humans. In fact, lots of buyers who like to read their own testimonies at an online store. By displaying this, you will be considered appreciating or appreciating your buyers.

Consumers who are satisfied and feel appreciated will automatically become a Royal with you, so that it will allow the repurchase.

How to get positive testimonials from consumers

In principle, positive testimonials will definitely always begun with the satisfaction experienced by consumers after shopping or using the products they buy. If this experience cannot be obtained by the buyer, then don’t expect you can get a good testimony from the buyer.

Reporting from the Searchengineland.com site, around 88% online buyers will decide to buy another product after they see the reviews and testimonies from the previous user. Therefore, every businessman must know how to get positive testimonials. The following is how:

1. Interact with consumers

Good quality products are perfect start in selling a product. But, it will be very not optimal if not accompanied by a good communication style.

The next step you have to do is follow up and ask for testimonials from them. This can be done in various ways, ranging from chatting, telephone or email applications. In addition to getting their testimonials, a good interaction is your form of attention to your customers.

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2. Appreciate every consumer testimony

Every testimony sent by consumers has a big impact on marketing. For this reason, it is highly recommended to appreciate every testimony from customers. The form of appreciation that you can provide can be a bonus or a gift to consumers who are able to give testimonials honestly.

3. Respond positively to negative testimonials

We have already tired before that there will be some consumers who provide negative testimonials on the products you sell. Even so, it’s good to not respond to this with a negative by limiting yourself from the various defense.

The best way to deal with the negative response is to apologize and solve the problem experienced by the buyer as soon as possible. That way, it is possible they will change the negative testimony to be positive.

4. Active on social media

In general, consumers really like to provide their experiences in their respective social media, including when they do online shopping. For this reason, you need online social media that are famous for being able to get and collect more testimonials from your customers.

Your marketing process will be cheaper and even free if you are able to build good interactions with consumers.


Based on the explanation above, we can draw the conclusion that testimonials are a form of testimony carried out by consumers who are already satisfied or disappointed with the products or services they have bought.

Testimonials have an important role in the development of a company. The effect is even able to change your prospective customer decisions. For that, you must address every testimony properly.

So, if positive testimonials have a big role for marketing activities, negative testimonials also play a role in improving and improving the quality of a product from the company. Therefore, you can get testimonies and you can refrain well to achieve your company’s main objective.

However, testimonials are one of the many marketing strategies that you can apply. Because, there are still many more marketing strategies that you can use to develop your company.

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