Tempat Belajar FB Ads Terbaik Indonesia

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Tempat Belajar FB Ads Terbaik Indonesia


WA / Telp 0896 1000 7713 The Best Place to Learn FB Ads in Indonesia, the Best Complete Facebook Ads Course and FB Ads Training Class in Indonesia, with the SB1M Community. SB1M is the most popular Internet marketing class in Indonesia today. This is evidenced by the large number of members who have reached more than 4000 people who come from all parts of Indonesia and go abroad.

fb ads course with safei sb1m

The number of members continues to increase every year until now. With SB1M you will get material and theory about the world of digital marketing which is so complete and of course continues to be updated every time. This includes discussing in full the material about advertising techniques and product promotion / digital advertising, using social media Facebook or Facebook Ads.

You can get a lot of knowledge about the most appropriate and correct way to use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, which will certainly help increase the profit of your business many times if you apply it correctly. Before we discuss further about the SB1M community, let’s first look at the video below, so you can also get a complete picture of this SB1M:

The Best Place to Learn FB Ads in Indonesia

Now almost everyone already has a Facebook account and regularly accesses it every day. In 2018 alone, the number of Facebook users worldwide was recorded at no less than 2.17 billion or an increase of 15% from the number of Facebook users in 2014.

Therefore, Facebook is a very important place to advertise your business. Facebook Inc. provides Facebook Ads advertising services for every business person who wants to use Facebook to promote their products. Facebook ads is a very good weapon to gain profits on the social network Facebook.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads is a tool specifically created by Facebook with the aim of advertising the fan page that you have created. Fan page itself is a page that Facebook users can follow and like according to the content they like. Fan pages can be created to represent businesses, products, services, brands, personal individuals and so on.

Advertisers on Facebook ads are given the convenience of designing their own ads that they want to install so that they can suit their needs. On Facebook ads, we can set our own target market that we want to focus on based on age, gender, education, hobbies, marital status, geographic area, preferred fanpage and so on. In essence, there are three main stages of advertising using Facebook Ads.

The Best Place to Learn FB Ads in Indonesia

The Best Place to Learn FB Ads in Indonesia

How to advertise on Facebook Ads:

  • Choose the model / type of ad. At this very first advertising stage, advertisers can choose one type of ad, namely Promote Page Posts, Get More Page Likes, and Advances options.
  • Selecting Targeted Ads. If you have chosen which type of ad you want to use, then the next step is in selecting the target ad categories. Which aims to make advertising more targeted.
  • Setting the price and ad serving schedule. In the third step in advertising FB Ads, you must provide the name of the ad that will be displayed and also set the ad serving time according to your wishes. And also determine the amount of advertising costs per day. Example: 50,000 per day or others depending on your ability.

There’s actually a lot more that needs to be discussed about How to Advertise on Facebook Ads, but for this opportunity we can only convey a little through this article, you can learn in depth and complete in our FB Ads Study Class. And the good news for all of you, the SB1M Community has now created a class that can be followed for FREE!! So you can follow every material for Free.

The conditions are very easy, the most important thing is that first, please register to become a FREE MEMBER first. With this free member, you can get very interesting bonuses including:

  • FREE class access for up to 3 regular meetings in the SB1M FX class at Mal Sudirman 7th floor, Unit C, Gate 1 Senayan, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Central Jakarta. For those who live outside Jakarta, don’t worry because SB1M has also prepared a webinar, so members who live anywhere can still get lessons by attending online webinars.
  • Get Free tutorials by email for up to 3 years
  • Granted access to join the Special Telegram Group for a lifetime. In this telegram group we provide links that lead to free video tutorials, as well as a variety of important information for you to know about SB1M, about seminar information and the world of internet marketing.

Very interesting, the various bonuses that will be given, so let’s take this opportunity, register yourself as a FREE MEMBER right now, because the slots are really limited. The method is very easy to register, you only need to click on the following website link: www.classbisnisonline.net, then select the menu in the FREE MEMBER section, then fill in your complete personal data in the field and click submit. Don’t forget to confirm afterwards to Whatsapp 0896 1000 7713 to get a seat in the Jakarta SB1M Class / webinar. Let’s take action, now places are limited.

Indonesia's Best FB Ads Learning Place with Safei SB1M

Indonesia’s Best FB Ads Learning Place with Safei SB1M

Of course, we have now realized that in today’s digital era, it is very important for our business to continue to exist on the Internet. Because in this era, people are connected to each other in cyberspace and every day cannot be separated from using the internet to fulfill their every need. Whether it’s just interacting, hanging out, or buying products, whether it’s goods or services needed for everyday life.

Therefore, it is very important for those of you who currently have any type of business, to be able to master skills in digital marketing / internet marketing or online marketing so that you can do marketing for the goods or services you have, so you can reach consumers more broadly. again.

So for those of you who still don’t understand about the world of internet marketing, especially in terms of digital advertising/promotion on Facebook social media, then there’s no need to be confused anymore, SB1M has provided classes for you to learn the various kinds of knowledge you need in order to survive and even can win the competition in the digital business world in today’s era. So that you can take advantage of the internet into a field, which can bring more consumers into your business.

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And for those of you who have registered with Free SB1M members, then you can upgrade your SB1M membership, anytime. From Free member to Premium Member. If you have become a Premium Member of SB1M, you can get much more benefits when compared to a free Member.

The benefits that you can get by upgrading your membership to become a premium member are many. The most important thing is that you can attend face-to-face classes and webinars for a lifetime. That’s right.. for a lifetime you can learn in class with other members, not just 3 times like in free members.

Plus, to become a premium member you only need to pay 1 time at the beginning, then there are no more monthly fees to be incurred, so you can take classes and webinars for life.

In addition to the Jakarta Offline Class and Webinar class, you will also be given video tutorial materials, which have more than 900 materials and continue to grow every time. SB1M also has a structured curriculum that is neatly stored and can be accessed anytime and anywhere on the sb1mclass.net website.

So for members who are domiciled outside Jakarta or even abroad, they can continue to study the material and video tutorials that we provide in full. This can be proven by the number of SB1M members, which are now more than 4000 people from various regions and cities throughout Indonesia. Even though they live far away, they can still take lessons with video tutorials and webinars, because location and distance are not a problem nowadays.

SB1M has a special Facebook support group and Telegram group for members, so wherever you are, you can ask your mentors if you still don’t understand the material presented and can also discuss with thousands of other SB1M members.

We also provide various kinds of online business guide books which are commonly called awesome books which can be a road map for you in exploring the ins and outs of the digital marketing world. And also SB1M provides dropship products for those of you who are still beginners and don’t have their own business. So, it’s very good for those of you who don’t have a business, you don’t have to bother looking for a good business to run.

Beginner FB Ads Class with Safei SB1M

SB1M has provided it. You can immediately practice doing business online and immediately can benefit from online. The products that have been prepared are in the form of a dropshipping system from the Synergy Worldwide company and there are also other business opportunities that you can run in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

SB1M has professional and experienced mentors in the field of internet marketing. At any time ready to guide you, guide and teach directly in class or online webinars. The most important thing is that they are ready to answer all your questions about the material.

So, just don’t wait any longer to join directly at SB1M so you can get a variety of interesting benefits that have been mentioned above. What is certain, can increase your skills and knowledge in the world of Digital Marketing so that your turnover can skyrocket.

Even if you still have doubts, then you can start joining the FREE class first, after all you have nothing to lose because you don’t have to spend a penny when registering as a FREE SB1M MEMBER. Don’t forget to confirm after registering via WA 0896 1000 7713 with Safei SB1M. Don’t run out of slots… welcome to join SB1M The Best Place to Learn FB Ads in IndonesiaFB Ads course, FB Ads training.



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