Telemarketing is: understanding, strategy, and duties in the company

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Telemarketing is: understanding, strategy, and duties in the company

For decades of marketing, telemarketing is a work that has been very familiar in the world of work. Some of you may be one of the people with a career in this field, or may ever receive a telephone invitation to make a credit card or bank loan. Well, those who invite you to use their products are called telemarketing.

On this occasion, we will discuss the understanding of telemarketing, successful strategies, and their duties in a company. The following is the discussion.

Telemarketing is

In principle, telemarketing is one of the marketing efforts that are considered to be effective in addition to using advertising on general media. The Understanding of Telemarketing is the activity of marketing or socializing services or products with telephone media.

Generally, marketing strategies by using this telemarketing are often used by several large companies to offer or socialize products or services. Many marketing experts consider that the offer by the way this telemarketing tends to be easier to receive prospective customers because of its nature that indeed speak directly to prospective customers.

Even so, this telemarketing activity can also have a negative impact if the target market for a product offered is not a potential customer prospective, or the telemarketing resources offer it in a force of prospective customers. In order to avoid this, below we will provide 5 successful strategies in running telemarketing.

Telemarketing success strategy

After we know the understanding and explanation of the telemarketing, now we will discuss with a successful strategy in doing telemarketing.

1. Understand the product perfectly

Before you start convincing others for the product you will offer, then you must convince yourself first for your product by knowing every detail the benefits of the product. That way, you will be able to convince your prospective customers to the product you will offer.

2. Conduct research related to prospective customers

Many people out there are disturbed or uncomfortable with telemarketing activities because they feel they don’t really need the product offered or feel strange when the telemarketer contacts him. Therefore, it is recommended that you take research first regarding prospective customers that you will contact.

For example, if you offer a particular supplement dairy product, then you must know how the ideal age for those who consume it, the name, and customer’s favorite milk sense or whether they have certain allergies. That way, you can provide appropriate offers for them and prospective customers will feel close to you.

3. Be friendly and reasonably

Each telemarketing must understand that when they contact prospective customers, it means they invite other people to speak. So, because you are a person who talks can not see the expression of your face because it speaks via telephone, it is recommended that you have a friendly and friendly sound intonation.

You have to ask a few things with friendly languages ​​and don’t have to be the same as the script because you just have to take important points.

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4. Give questions efficiently

You must be aware that not always your potential customers don’t have free time. So, you must have a list of efficient questions to get the right answer, use a standard question with the Why, What, WHEN, WHO, WHO AND HOW method to get information on your customers directly.

5. Not forever must sell

You really have to achieve sales targets, but sometimes you also have to call prospective customers just to wish you a happy birthday, happy holiday, or ask about it now. That way, you will create a good relationship with your prospective customers.

Tasks and Responsibilities of Telemarketing

Some products that are usually telemarketing markets are credit card offers, banking insurance, hotel vouchers, tour packages, training provider services, civil engineering services, etc. Well, this time we will discuss the duties and responsibilities of the telemarketing.

  • Selling with Telemarketing

Just as the name suggests, the first telemarketing task is to sell via telephone and introduce the company’s products or services. Just like the marketing profession, in this position you must be ready to work by meeting the sales target and under pressure. For marketing, rejection is common.

  • Follow up customers

In addition to selling, telemarketing tasks are conducting follow-up activities in prospective customers or on customers who have already bought or used company services. You can ask, whether they buy a product or so use company services or not. This is very important for achieving sales.

  • Explain the products to be sold

Before you offer a company product or service, it is recommended that you first explain the product you will sell, so you can convince your prospective customers completely.

  • Accept purchase requests from customers

At present, it is not uncommon for customers who actually need your company’s products or services and want to establish a deal through telephone media. For this reason, try to offer other products so that your sales can increase.

  • Collect information from prospective customers

In addition to selling via telephone, you can also get other detailed information related to your prospective customers, such as how the system or work process in their company, or get other information related to competitor products or services that offer their products to customers so that you can better anticipate it later in the future .

  • Receive complaints from customers

When your customers feel disappointed or the product or service of your company, the first person to be ready to face complaints is a telemarketing. In this case, try it so you can resolve this problem starting from expressing apology, paying compensation or compensation, and other solutions so that the problems experienced by prospective customers do not spread to your superiors.

  • Give feedback suggestions

Not infrequently there are also customers who are willing to provide advice on how cooperation should occur between a telemarketer and customers can go well. These suggestions will later be able to convey to your boss.

  • Provide understanding and awareness of customers
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Not always telemarketing must reach closing on each telephone activity. If indeed prospective customers do not require your product or service, you must be able to provide information or an understanding regarding the advantages of the product or service you offer.

That way, prospective customers who need a product or service of your company will come by itself because they already know the benefits they will get if they use your product or service. So, the technique in providing understanding and awareness of your product can be used as a technique that is good in negotiating with customers via telephone.

Why does the company need telemarketing?

Of the many promotional and sales facilities, why are there many companies currently doing telemarketing activities? The increasingly fierce business competition with competitors will sue your company to carry out business activities and try to survive amid increasingly dynamic market conditions, especially in the pandemic time like today.

The existence of this market condition will also demand the company to continue to update the product, campaign, and company information. Telemarketing will be able to do and provide this information in a relatively short time. So, it doesn’t hurt to make direct contact with prospective customers.

Moreover, communication established with prospective customers will help companies increase product awareness or corporate services, so that you not only depend on advertising activities only.

Companies are able to make relationships with prospective customers directly. A telemarketing will be able to make strong relationships with ideas related to personality and understand prospective customers better by utilizing the telephone.

You can also get effective feedback via telephone with prospective customers directly. The company will learn how good ways to build relationships with customers.

However, this approach to humans cannot be replaced with technology. Reporting from Forbes page, 86% more likely communicating with humans than with chatbots. For this reason, telemarketing is a method that is still needed by the company.

However, the company also cannot depend on the success of its company only by relying on telemarketing, because the company must also pay attention to other things, such as in terms of product management, and company financial management.

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