Telegram as an Alternative Media for Business Development

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Telegram as an Alternative Media for Business Development

Telegram as an Alternative Media for Business Development

The presence of telegram in Indonesia adds to the excitement of the messaging application competition. The background contained in the logo is blue. Besides, there is also a paper airplane symbol. It is like saying that telegram is a fast and precise application for delivering messages.

Since its appearance in 2013, the telegram has advantages over other applications. It is capable of combining text and email messages. In fact, what is more interesting, can combine the features contained in Snapchat and Whatsapp. Besides, Telegram also has a profitable business market with Facebook.

Then, what are the features of Telegram?

First, telegram can be present not only on mobile phones but on desktops. Users can send messages in the form of text, photos, or videos with various files. Interestingly, the storage in telegram can reach 1.5 GB.

Second, the speed is a consideration for users to use the telegram application. Because he can connect to all channels simultaneously. Another advantage, being able to share messages to large numbers of users in the group.

Third, the group feature will be very helpful for business people. Because, when you as a businessman do a promotion, it can reach 5,000 members. Then, each member can share the message with other users. This method will be effective for introducing the product.

Fourth, every businessman certainly wants to send important messages to users and customers. The important message in question could be a surprise. So, telegram can be used to send messages which then disappear by themselves. The message is so intriguing that users will chase after you.

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Fifth, telegram users expect different security compared to other applications. Can be considered different because the whole message is well preserved. As in the fourth point, it can get rid of messages after a specified time.

Sixth, easy access. What is most needed when using certain applications is easy access. Telegram uses a cloud-based system. The system can be stored permanently on the internet. Interestingly, you can access these messages from various devices such as mobile phones or desktops.

From day to day more and more telegram users. With more than 100 million users, it’s no wonder the message traffic reaches 15 billion. A tantalizing number to transact.

Business to Customer

The use of telegrams when doing business is very possible. The increasing number of users, the more massive the message will create new relationships. Use the telegram at the right time. So business development does not only affect sales transactions but customer loyalty.

Business to Business

After visiting customers, you can communicate with resellers, drop shippers, vendors, or partners related to your business. Gradually, telegram will replace the existence of email. Very interesting, right?


One of the advantages of telegram is the use of bots. You can send messages automatically to business associates or customers. You need to use this to share your time with other jobs. Bots can be used for integration into other devices, broadcasts, or reminders.

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