Techniques to Increase Your Ad CTR

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Techniques to Increase Your Ad CTR

Techniques to Increase Your Ad CTR 1

What is CTR? CTR (Click Through Rate) is a number that is used froggy ads to determine the relevance and score shortly after the ad starts serving or in other words the percentage of the number of clicks compared to the number of ad impressions.

CTR = (number of clicks / number of impressions)%


  • Ad A shows 500x with 50x clicks, 10% CTR
  • Ad B shows 500x with 5x clicks, 1% CTR

Viewed from the example above, the price per click ad B is 10 times more expensive than advertisement A. This is because if the price per click ad A is $ 1, the ads network will get $ 100 per 500 impressions. while ad B must be $ 10 so that the ad network also gets $ 100 per 500 impressions.

Why do you need to get a high CTR? Because the higher the CTR, the lower the CPC. The lower the CPC the higher the ROI (Return Of Investment). Here are the reasons for the need for a high CTR:

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  • A high CTR indicates that your ad is memorable and gets the attention of Facebook users; memorable ads get a high number of clicks;
  • High CTR helps get lower advertising costs;
  • The higher the CTR, your potential sales profits also increase.

Here are some techniques that can be used to get high CTR:

  • Use Promoted Post Ads

One type of advertisement where we advertise facebook fanpage page posts for viewers to see. Posts will be prioritized to appear in the news feed.

  • Use CPC Offers

CPC (Cost Per Click) is most suitable for getting high CTR compared to CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) or autoCPM which gets a large audience in a short time but low click rate. CPC is more effective.

  • Image + Call to Action Button Optimization

Use clear, relevant and attractive ad images so that they get the attention of the audience. Also note the copyright to the image that you will use. Image ads have a big effect on the number of clicks. In Facebook ads rules do not allow text on images with a portion of more than 20%, but this does not rule out if you want to insert a ‘Call to Action’ button on your ad image.

  • Choose a Specific Target Audience

The more specific your target audience, the smaller the number and the higher CPR you get. You need to pay attention to the layer for advertising a maximum of 4 layers. The 2 main layers that you must choose to determine your target audience are location and age range. Next choose the layer according to your needs. For example: you are advertising anti-aging product offerings, choose women with an age range of 30-50 years. If your target audience is not right then the CPR will be low and means that your advertising costs will be more expensive.

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  • Select Newsfeed Mobile

There are 4 placements available in Froggy ads namely, Audience Ads, Display Ads, Native Ads and Push Notifications. To increase CTR, choose the type of Native Ads and Push Notifications. It is recommended to use the Mobile News Feed because currently froggy ads users are more online via smartphone / mobile rather than via desktop.

  • Choose to promote to fans only

Promote your ads to your fans so that the CTR is high. This is because they already know your fanspage. It’s easier for them to click on your ad.

  • Website Conversion Setup

Froggy Ads prioritizes more audiences who have already passed through other tracking tracks as the target audience of a campaign with an objective option ‘website conversion‘. Website Conversion is the best objective of all the options provided by Froggy Ads