Teamwork is: Definition, Benefits and Tips for Building Teamwork in the Company

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Teamwork is: Definition, Benefits and Tips for Building Teamwork in the Company

Teamwork is Definition Benefits and Tips for Building Teamwork in the Company

Most of us must have often heard the termwork term. Basically, Teamwork is one of the important and very much needed capabilities in the company’s management

There is no need for further ado, here we provide a complete understanding of teamwork, along with the benefits and tips in building teamwork in the company.

Teamwork is

The skills to be able to work together in a team are one of the soft skills that must be owned by every employee in a company. This is very important, considering that to achieve the company’s main objectives, compact collaboration between each individual. So, the hard skill owned by each team is not enough to achieve the company’s main objectives.

Well, in this case, Teamwork is the ability of each individual to be able to communicate, hear and do work more regly and also coordinated.

The important role of Teamwork

A good teamwork is very necessary by each team in a company, because so, each individual and the company will get the following benefits:

1. Work more effectively

With good teamwork capabilities, every employee in each company will be able to work more harmoniously, and it will make a more conducive workmunity.

With good working relationships between each employee, every problem, opinions and all things related to the company can be well communicated without difficulty.

So, this can make it easier for employees to complete their work faster than their own work.

2. Get more ideas

Mastery of good work owned by each employee is not enough to oppose the importance of the teamwork. Although some employees are indeed more comfortable to work alone, but there will be times they face difficulties in completing their duties.

Well, this can be resolved better with good cooperation by many people in the team. So, every employee can get good ideas and advice.

This discussion process can resolve a problem in work and is also able to stimulate the creativity and process of resolving problems in each employee.

3. Relying on each other

Not always work can be done easily, sometimes there will be certain days that make employees find it difficult. Well at this difficult time, a good teamwork strategy done by company management will be able to reduce a little burden.

4. Encouraging a broader sense of ownership

A project carried out by the team will make employees feel proud of the contributions they have done. Every team member will feel very satisfied because it has been able to overcome obstacles and also create good cooperation.

In addition, employees will also have a stronger connection with the company because it has been to achieving the company’s goals together. This will later increase loyalty and lead to better job satisfaction between each employee.

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This will also benefit the company in the long run. Why? Because employees who are able to connect directly with the company will tend to be more comfortable working in the company.

Therefore, good teamwork will allow each individual to get involved with the company.

5. Motivating a healthier risk taking

Togetherness is the main force in the teamwork concept. An employee who only does a project individually is likely not to want to impose himself to be able to give an extraordinary idea.

If the project he has done alone fails, then the employee will bear the responsibility of alone. Well, with a good teamwork, then responsibility for every failed task can be distributed properly.

A good teamwork will also allow more risk taking to each team member, because they have received good support from all members.

When a team works on its job in a compact, the brainstorming session will be able to produce more brilliant ideas. In many cases, the most risky ideas have proven to be the best idea. With a good teamwork, it will allow employees to create brilliant ideas.

Although in teamwork cannot be concerned with personal interests, good teamwork can benefit every team member personally.

6. Improve the ability to solve problems

The problem will definitely happen when you gather a unique human group. Every employee certainly has their respective backgrounds, styles and habits. With this unique point of view, the most successful work will be born while producing a quick sense of hatred.

When conflict occurs in teamwork, each member will be forced to resolve the conflict. In this case, the company’s management must be able to study good conflict management to be applied in these conditions.

What are the Teamwork skills that must be mastered?

1. Communication in the team

Reporting from the official page of The Ohio States University, a good form of communication was able to improve teamwork efficiency and also able to improve the quality of work. In this case, every individual in the team must be able to have good communication orally or writing.

2. Responsibility

Quoted from the Beyond The Boardroom page, distributing responsibility for each member will effectively improve teamwork.

From this, later a sense of feeling can prove the best in each individual, so the company can achieve its success smoothly.

3. Honesty between coworkers

The most important element in teamwork is honesty. Therefore, every team member must be honest. Every inconvenience must be discussed transparently. So, whatever happens, then everything must be able to be communicated clearly for a better teamwork.

4. Listen well

Every form of discussion that occurs must be done in two directions. Every team member must be able to be a party to listen to each other and speak. This also applies to discussion of other things outside of work, because it could be that it concerns the feeling of comfort.

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5. Empathy against team members

Every team member must be able to understand his feelings and actions of his colleagues. So, later it will be understood the best approach method to give birth to a compact teamwork.

6 IDE collaboration

In a job, each individual should not be selfish. In this case, every individual must understand the intentions, ideas, and suggestions expressed by his colleagues.

7. mutual appreciation

Another important thing needed to give birth to a good teamwork in a division is to have mutual respect, especially when I express an opinion.

If there is only one individual who is unable to appreciate what other colleagues, then the consequences are decreasing the level of trust between each member, and finally Teamwork will not be solid.

8. Low self

In this case, each member must have a sense of inferiority and do not have the best feelings among other members. A team is formed so that it can cooperate and synergize, not as a form of showing off its abilities.

9. Spirit of Teamwork

As we know, every human being is born to live in socializing with other people. In a company would not be an employee is able to work without relying on others.

Although some of the employees there who can produce good work to work and think for themselves, but they will not feel happy because only he himself successfully.

10. Patience

When a member of the team that made a mistake, the other members are advised not to judge or reprimand without explanation. Keep in mind that surely everyone will make mistakes. To that end, accept the error and explain clearly without having to extend the problem.


Thus an explanation of teamwork, benefits and tips in building a good teamwork within the company.

Every friction between team members or between each team will definitely occur. Well to overcome this problem, it must be applied several ways above. So, it will give birth to a good team and a harmonious work environment. In the end, the company’s final destination can be reached smoothly.

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