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L’chaim!לחיים and welcome to JewJewJew. com the world’s first Shabbot compliant search engine. JewJewJew. com complies with holy laws by ensuring:New search results are calculated on Tuesday of each week.

Nothing new is created during Shabbat. You are served static cached data. This web server runs on a passively cooled computing device. There are no moving parts on this laptop. This desktop does not physically manipulated electricity. CPU AMD 200GE 35 Watt passively cooled with copper heat pipesStorage Samsung SSDPower Supply Unit Laptop ChargerThis server is powered by 4 car batteries that are charged every Tuesday.

This web site does not use new electrical energy created during Shabbat. We do our greatest to obey scripture but we won’t verify sites linked are kosher browse safely. We provide no guaranty and guarantee.

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