Take a look at the following color psychology to get business luck

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Take a look at the following color psychology to get business luck

Take a look at the following color psychology to get business luck 1

For business people, choosing the color of the product or packaging is crucial in a marketing strategy. If you make the wrong choice, it could be that the product will not sell, the quality of branding will decline, and it will get a negative response from consumers. So it’s no wonder that business people think carefully about which color to choose. This has to do with the psychology of color.

The psychology of color can sometimes affect your life. Starting from the way of thinking, taking a position, doing actions, or determining which action you want. Does yellow make consumers’ stomachs hungry? Or does red make consumers feel young? Could be yes.

As with the zodiac or zodiac, the psychology of color will affect business products or consumer behavior can be wrong. No one can say for sure. Because certainty is only from you when deciding to choose one color for the sake of branding and business marketing.

However, what you need to understand is that knowing color psychology does not allow you to manipulate consumers or expect them to make purchases of unwanted products. However, choosing the colors carefully will help you. Especially has more value than competitors.

Also most important is choosing the right color to convey the message effectively. Besides, it can improve the branding and marketing of your business.

Here’s what each color means. Listen carefully and carefully:

1. Red

Red means brave and strong. It’s no wonder KFC also has a red element. The point is to want to inspire and present something different. Chicken products with the slogan “KFC Jagonya Ayam” are a successful brand in color psychology.

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The red color invites consumers to be different. When consumers choose your product it is red, indicating that these consumers are different from others.

2. Blue

When you decide to choose blue, the branding you want to appear is a strong impression. Besides being strong, trustworthiness is the meaning of the color blue. Several technology companies that use it include Intel Inside, HP, and DELL. The media companies that use blue are Facebook and Twitter.

Many technology and media companies choose blue to convey the message that their products are safe and are made a mainstay.

3. Yellow

The impression you want to make when choosing yellow is warmth. Besides being warm, another meaning is optimism. Yellow color is suitable for all types of businesses, from culinary, photography, or furniture. Examples of brands that use yellow are McDonald’s, Nikon, and IKEA.

When you want to make a business product a magnet for consumers, yellow is suitable for branding.

4. Monochrome

Calm is the key to monochrome colors. Monochrome can include three colors, namely black, gray, and white. Besides being calm, luxury can also be the meaning of monochrome colors. Some of the companies that wear monochrome colors are Apple, Nike, and Adidas.

Monochrome color choices tend to pay attention to how a business product shows its credibility. Not surprisingly, the three products above chose monochrome colors. Because this color is suitable for professionals.

5. Green

Green color is usually closer to products or services that are environmentally based. Green characterizes as something that grows and develops. Besides that, peace is also another meaning of the color green. Some of the organizations wearing the green color are Animal Planet and Greenpeace.

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Besides, several service companies wearing green are Go-Jek and Grab. Two companies engaged in the delivery of both human and goods services.

6. Purple

Choosing purple means that you want to invite consumers to imagine. Besides, a creative impression can be the meaning of the color that is the hallmark of the chocolate company, Cadbury. Not only Cadbury, media companies like Yahoo have also chosen purple as a branding and marketing option.

The psychology of color above can be used as a guide for you to determine business goals. When your business goals have been set, the message you want to convey to consumers becomes effective. So that consumers are interested in using your business products or services.

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