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March Madness Advertising: What Are Fans Watching Instead? Adelphic

ACR analysis from our parent company Viant shows that NCAA fans are transferring their viewing habits this spring to channels adding FOX News, CNN and MSNBC, likely to keep contemporary… Read more »

The Refine+Focus Blog

Yet an alternative YouTube video has made its way into a tv commercial, and quite without problems I might add. BMW popularized the fad with its use of a home… Read more »

Presidential Campaign Blog: TV Ad

The reservations will come with ancient investments to reach key constituencies, including African Americans, Latinos, and Asian American Pacific Islanders. This contains a massive, eight figure multimedia investment in African… Read more »

Growing Your Small Business with Geofencing

Geofencing sends ads, sales, and promotions directly to phone users within the area of your company. According to data from Plotprojects, geofencing raises app usage by over 200%, ideal to… Read more »