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Functional vs Non Functional Requirements Understand the Difference

If I must design and expand an internet software for a shop with two interfaces, one mainly for the store management to tackle data administration and the other can be… Read more »

In Game Advertising Blog by Diego Rossel

Another issue publishers and developers must tackle is integrating IGA into games with out complex avid gamers. The regular goal of IGA is to insert commercials that gets noticed while… Read more »

Alternatives to Google Ads Landingi

There is no denying that Google Ads is the largest PPC network of all of them, and it’s hardly a surprise, since Google is backing it and it has all… Read more »

Política de cookies VozTelecom

Selección, envío, informe de anuncioLa recogida de información, y la combinación con información previamente recogida, para seleccionar y enviarle anuncios, y para medir el envío y la eficacia de dichos… Read more »