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Zix Corporation and its subsidiaries ZixCorp Systems, Inc. and ZixCorp Global Inc. , 2711 N. Haskell Ave. Suite 2200, Dallas, TX 75204 2960, Greenview Data, Inc. “Greenview Data”, 8178 Jackson… Read more »

InMobi Success Story—The Vision Of Naveen Tewari

The significance of ads in addition to cellphones was gauged by a visionary named Ṇaveen Tewari, and when he drew the equation, the end result was ‘InMobi. This mobile advertising… Read more »

Emerse is GDPR compliant Emerse

Along with businesses from around the electronic media, commercials and analytics ecosystems, Emerse is enrolled with the IAB’s ‘Transparency and Consent Framework’ for the industry. This framework guarantees easy GDPR… Read more »