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The arguments for . 308 Winchester over 5. 56 NATO are popular and much spread through many information superhighway forums. Undoubtedly a lot of you notice the merits in firepower of the . 308.

We know of the wonderful amount of reloading data, DOPE, and other consumer tips accessible from the . 308 neighborhood. This suggestions might help you discover a load that meets your needs or come up with a good starting point to load your individual high pleasant ammunition. If you’ve got decided to invest in a weapon chambered in . 308 Winchester chances are you’ve seen rifles being referred to as AR 10 or LR 308.

I hope that this article will let you better take into account what those designations mean and more importantly the components of these guns programs. The purpose of this text is to lay out the advantages and disadvantages of the AR 10/LR 308 weapons platform. I will begin by giving a brief background that a lot of you are surely generic with. The AR 10 is the predecessor of the AR 15. Eugene Stoner’s usual design was built around the . 308 cartridge, however the military asked for a scaled down model in line with the .

222 Remington cartridge which at the time was one of the go to cartridges for accuracy. This request led to the 5. 56 NATO cartridge and the AR 15 we know and love today. Technically every time the terminology AR 10 is used it’s going to confer with Eugene Stoner’s common design that’s now produced by Armalite. There are many other manufacturers who produce their own edition of the AR 10 these rifles must be referred to as LR 308. The AR 15 has been mass produced to exact standards because of its use in the military.

Unfortunately, things are not so cut and dry for it’s older brother, the AR 10. Gun owners and manufactures alike have realized the benefits of the guns platform. This has led to many various versions in line with the AR 10 not all of which can be compatible. There are loads of companies equivalent to SIG Sauer, Palmetto State Armory, Aero Precision, DPMS and many others that produce their own LR 308 rifles. What adds to the confusion extra is the indisputable fact that these rifles do not share compatibility with one another. Unlike the AR 15 platform where you can take parts from a whole lot of rifles and combine them with out issue, at least in theory.

This is as a result of proven fact that there isn’t a mil spec as previously mentioned. Although there isn’t a common set of necessities there are two frontrunners as far as design and specifications are considered. These are the AR 10 produced by Armalite and the LR 308 produced by DPMS. The two platforms are often noted simply as AR 10 style or DPMS Style, many but not all AR 10/LR 308 rifles follow one of those styles. However, there are many others that are completely proprietary.

This complicates assembling your individual rifle beyond the lego like meeting of an AR 15. One must do their analysis and really know what parts they are trying to put together and what platform they are designed for. Continue reading“Why I Chose a . 308 Winchester AR – Part 1, by Dusty”Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of attention to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is typically on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, books, and flicks–often with a tie in to catastrophe preparedness, and links to “how to” self sufficiency videos. There are also links to assets for both garage food and storage bins.

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You also will note an emphasis on background books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This week the focus is on McLeod and Pulaski tools for trail building and wildland firefighting. See the Gear and Grub phase and the Instructional Videos part. Because of the latest events of the riots the mainstream media would have you trust they are mostly “non violent protests” and the lawlessness happening in cities and rural areas, we now have concluded that we must take more aggressive activities to ensure our safety. Specifically, we needs to be prepared to abandon our home.

Blocking of Interstates, roadways and central cities has led us to look at our bug out bags as needed — but not enough. The shootings and riots in Democrat controlled cities is far beyond being too high. Those cities have a culture problem which anyway capturing someone for any reason, includes graft and corruption; though I take little consolation in knowing some areas of the nation are managed by Republicans. We are now not a Constitutional Republic. We are an oligarchy. Neither major political party must be proud.

If you’re old enough to remember back 50 years or longer, you’ll recall that guns we called “compact” back then, were a good deal different than what we call “compact” today. Back in the day, a compact handgun was still quite large, in comparison to these made today. Sure there have been some compact guns back then, but most were revolvers on a small frame that only held 5 or 6 rounds. Maybe back then, 5 or 6 rounds was more than enough to end a gunfight. Today, things have changed – a lot!We live in a very violent world, and odds are good that you simply might have to face down diverse attackers.

A semiauto handgun with 10 or 12 rounds is a little more comforting, and with spare journal or two, you are well armed. I recall when the Glock 26 first came out – that was around 1992 – and they called it the “Pocket Rocket” for some reason – I never carried one in my pocket – it was still a bit too large for my tastes. However, place that same Glock 26 in an in the waistband holster or in an ankle holster and also you had a large number of firepower, in a very small gun. Of course, nowadays, Glock and many other gun makers have even smaller pistols that hold a large number of ammo on tap. And, obviously, now we have sub compact handguns, just like the SIG Sauer P365, that still holds 10 or 12 rounds in a very small and tidy package.

Make you wonder how much smaller the gun makers can go together with this…most likely micro compact?“In the investment industry it is economic debasement that delivers your living. For the increase in the typical level of prices of financial assets, measured by loads of indices, is little greater than a mirrored image of the loss of paying for power of your state’s forex. The world has been having fun with the phenomenon particularly from the mid 1970s, four years after the last vestiges of Keynes’s barbarous relic, when President Nixon removed pet rocks from the financial scene. A persistent decline in the dollar’s paying for power ensued. Apart from the occasional hiccup, from 1982 when the SandP500 Index rose from 291.

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34 to today’s 3,270 the ordinary public has looked as if it would make cash. One very useful option for communications is a goTenna Mesh paired with each mobile device to your team. They’re around $180 a pair, but goTenna frequently has them on sale for 20% or more off. It’s a small device that you simply clip to the external of your gear and pair with your mobile device using Bluetooth that lets you send text messages to other goTenna users. It uses MURS frequencies 151/154MHz to talk between goTennas, and all communications are strongly encrypted. They promote up to a 4 mile range between instruments in the open, and I’ve been able to trade messages with an alternate user over two miles away via broken terrain; there are even memories of folks being ready to attach over a distance of 25 miles in perfect conditions.

Being able to exchange advice via text messaging can be a huge benefit if you want quiet communications in tactical instances, and there’s a lot less chance of your communications being intercepted than with radio. There are also commands available on how to make your own solar powered goTenna repeaters, which you could deploy on some high points around your AO to increase your range – the goTennas will ‘hop’ a signal between contraptions to get it to its intended recipient. Once the goTenna app is installed on your device, no Internet access of any kind is required to speak with other users. Note that goTenna adds an optional subscription service called goTenna Plus, which allows you to do things like download and use topographic maps to share your vicinity, have messages relayed via cellular provider when one user in the mesh has cell carrier, automatically send your vicinity to an individual at an ordinary interval, etc. These options are pretty nice, but since they require Internet access and GPS so I wouldn’t put forward counting on them in a post SHTF situation. Continue reading“Tactical Technology for TEOTWAWKI – Part 6, by J.

M. ” James Wesley, Rawles JWR is Founder and Senior Editor of SurvivalBlog, the normal prepping /survival blog for when the Schumer Hits The Fan SHTF. He began SurvivalBlog in 2005. It now reaches greater than 320,000 unique visitors weekly. JWR is a journalist, technical writer, and novelist. His survivalist novel Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, is a trendy basic that reached 3 on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Two of his other novels have also been best New York Times bestsellers. Jim is the originator of the American Redoubt move and a frequent talk show guest on shows reminiscent of Alex Jones. He is also a retreat consultant specializing in off grid living, rural relocation, and survival preparedness. Hugh James Latimer HJL is the Managing Editor of SurvivalBlog, the common blog for prepping and survival for when SHTF, where he manages the blog’s each day operations, making use of his distinctive technical, control, and editorial potential. HJL earned college degrees in engineering, metallurgy, and education and has worked as Technical Editor for 5 foreign technical journals and as an engineer for Sandia National Laboratories.

His deep scientific background ranges from aerospace engineering to programs management and owning his own generation intensive business. HJL is a firefighter/EMT, and Ham radio operator. He’s a Libertarian, an Eagle Scout, and most significantly a faithful follower of Jesus and the Bible.