Success Starting an Online Business with Affiliate Marketing

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Success Starting an Online Business with Affiliate Marketing

Success Starting an Online Business with Affiliate Marketing

Of course, we know the online business. Yes, the word ‘online business’ itself is a general term in which there is a mix that is closely related to the activities and strategies for running this business. Many people want to start this business, but their biggest obstacle is capital to start it. But you don’t need to worry. If you want to get started, here are tips for success in building an online business. One of them is with Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

According to what Wikipedia says, affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where affiliate business commissions are earned if some visitors or customers convert through affiliate marketing efforts. Thus, the affiliate itself is defined as a way for companies (advertisers) to sell their products by registering individuals or affiliation companies and subsequently (affiliates) market these products to get a commission.


Simple is not it? When you become an affiliate member of a business, you will get an affiliate link (referral link). Furthermore, you only make efforts to disseminate these links on various social media to get conversions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are two ways to run this marketing program. First, you can offer an affiliate program as an advertiser. Second, you can register to join the affiliate program from someone else’s business. Of course, if you are a company or have a fairly large business, by offering an affiliate program is one of the online business success tips that can make you make a lot of profit.

However, before you have to set rules about your affiliate program. Many different rules from every company that offers an affiliate program. For example, some affiliate companies allow share links on social media. However, there are some of them which only allow through websites with various conditions, such as niche, the amount of traffic, originality of content, and other things.

Many people say that running an affiliate marketing program is easy! Yes, that’s just what he said. But the reality is not that simple. Running affiliate marketing requires a strategy and not all providers of this program make it easy for affiliate marketers to become members.

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Mostly, the path to doing an affiliate marketing program using a referral link is almost the same as most advertisers that provide affiliate marketing programs. It’s just that, the commission for each advertiser varies depending on the respective company.

Myths About Affiliate Marketing

Many myths out there are related to affiliate marketing. This is why many people are still confused and hesitate to run this business program. For that, you can make the right decision so that your online business can grow rapidly. Here are the myths related to affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliate Marketing Can Be Run Quickly and Easily

The affiliate marketing program is very busy with a lot of work. Mostly, this program has a lot of glances, so that many competitors and commissions will be more difficult to obtain. You know, running an affiliate marketing program is just a matter of spreading referral links. But more than that, based on, only around 0.6% of affiliate marketers have succeeded in running the program from 2013 to 2014. This is seen based on preferences, strategies, tactics, companies and many others. From these results, it has been proven that affiliate marketing requires time and effort to run it.

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The affiliate marketing business depends on good relations between the affiliate marketer and the partners who run the program. For this reason, you should pay attention to the following:

Bring the right partner to run your affiliate marketing program.

Update content regularly to make things new and innovative. This is to help add traffic to your business website. The hope is to change from traffic to conversion.

  • For an Affiliate to Succeed, You Need to Choose a Very Popular Niche

Many companies did not try to open this program. Because they think their market is too little. Some companies even try to enter a bigger niche market, even they are not interested in a niche market.

It’s true, the more popular niche is better for affiliate marketing programs. But, that does not mean guaranteeing you have a successful chance. For that, try to stay in line with your company’s goals and mission and find affiliates who understand the relevance of work in a market that makes you feel comfortable.

  • You Will Be Successful If You Promote Links on Many Sites

The best way to run an affiliate marketing program is to prioritize quality over quantity. Many small websites will promote your product. But, the key is to find a small number of partners who will provide conversions. For example, a stock management services firm already has 20 thousand affiliates in their system. But, only about 25 affiliates produce 85 percent of their income. According to a study conducted by, the success of affiliate programs is driven by SEO with a percentage of 79% and social media around 60%.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are various ways to get income from affiliate marketing programs. For that, here are tips for online business success by knowing in advance the types of affiliate marketing programs. Here are the types of affiliate marketing programs that are widely used to make money.

Pay Per Sale (PPS)

It is a type of affiliate marketing program where you will get a commission if there is a conversion (sale) through your affiliate link. Commissions vary depending on the policy of each advertiser that offers an affiliate program. This type is also found in the affiliate program. Because, every conversion through your link, it will get a commission from

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

This is included in the type of program where you will get a commission from every prospect or lead who joins through your affiliate link according to the qualifications specified by the merchant. Flat commission payments, or commonly accepted by overseas sites, are $ 0.10 / lead. For example, PPL merchants such as free domain sites abroad, but the best programs usually come from insurance sites, property, and loan applications.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is a type of affiliate marketing where you will get a commission from every click on ads made by visitors to your blog or site. For the price per click, this ad varies and varies from one PP manager to another. The range starts from $0.03 per click. You can find this affiliate marketing program on Google Adsense.

Pay Per Review (PPR)

PPR is an affiliate program where you will get a commission from every product or service review that you have written on the blog. Large commissions are usually seen according to Blog Rank Page. Ranging from $80 per article or blog for page rank 1. A popular PPR can be found on and

Recurring Affiliate program (AFR)

This type of affiliate marketing program where you will get a commission from each recruitment member who subscribes to a monthly service. Commissions are usually paid periodically or in fixed periods. For example, you can find AFR on web hosting and autoresponder.

Success Starting an Online Business

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Program?

You need to make sure you are comfortable with the product that you are promoting or will sell, and you have confidence that you are promoting it appropriately.

Check the advertiser’s website page. If on that page there is no product that you want, or maybe not so convincing, then chances are that visitors will not be interested in making a purchase.

If your website also provides content, then choose to sell products on a soft selling basis. This is to maintain the positive opinion of visitors about your site.

Choose an affiliate marketing program that offers something relevant to your site. Look for affiliate programs that deal with topics, such as web hosting sites, webmaster tools and software, website templates, and so on.

Make sure you also understand the rules and affiliation agreements and make sure you comply. Also, take the time to check out advertisers before joining to make sure they pay for affiliates and that their program is not fraudulent.

Try to look, whether advertisers offering affiliate programs have tracking and reporting features for affiliate programs that you have run. A good affiliate program will provide you with access to statistics to see conversions, sales, and commissions.

This is the Key Term for Understanding Affiliate Marketing!

To start looking for a good affiliate program, it would be nice if you understand the key terms for the affiliate marketing program.


Advertisers or advertisers are website owners or sellers who pay affiliates to send traffic to their sites to convert.


This affiliate is a webmaster who owns a commission-based income to drive conversion clicks on the advertiser’s site.

Affiliate program

The way the company (advertiser) to sell its products by registering individuals or affiliation companies and subsequently (affiliates) market these products to get a commission.

You can indeed run an affiliate marketing program to start your main business. But, most of them follow affiliate marketing only for side businesses. But whatever your goal of running this business, the success of running an affiliate marketing business can only be achieved if you are always consistent and determined to always try. And all this, of course, requires a short time.