Study the concept of in-depth promotion for business development

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Study the concept of in depth promotion for business development scaled

Study the concept of in-depth promotion for business development

Study the concept of in depth promotion for business development

Being a businessman is one of the professions that began to be glanced. Because, many people don’t want to be glued to the income of salaries. Moreover, the competition of the world of work is getting tougher. However, to start a business, one of the most important points is marketing techniques or promotion concepts.

How to market products is the thing that must be studied in depth. With appropriate marketing techniques, the market target will also be maximally.

Promotion concept in detail

In essence the concept is an idea or idea set out in the form of words or symbols which are also a science. While promotion is an effort to offer a product or service with the aim of attracting buyers or consumers to consume goods or services offered.

So it can be drawn by a conclusion that the concept of promotion is an idea or idea as a form of business to offer a product or service that pays to attract consumers to buy or consume goods or services offered. Promotional concepts can also be interpreted a promotional strategy.

Promotional strategies to be on target

In a war you have to develop a powerful strategy so that the opponent loses and cannot move anymore. Likewise in the business world, promotional strategies or concepts must be arranged in such a way. The strategies used must be healthy and clean and not harm your business. There are several things that must be done so that your promotional strategies can be on target.

Innovate your product

In order for your business products to attract consumer attention, the thing that must be done is to develop business better and you need to know, it is not a big problem when the product you sell is the same as other business people. The problem is how you so that the product has a distinctive characteristic and difference with business opponents.

An innovation does not have to be a new discovery but can also be in the form of a new combination to create unique and different products.

Use all platforms

You can also use all social media platforms as a product promotion event. The promotions carried out must be carried out consistently so that consumers continue to remember and do not forget your product. By appearing continuously on social media, it is likely that your product might be a discussion of many people.

In social media, promotions must be done on target. You must target the market or destination of our products to whom. For example, you will sell cosmetic products, the promotion is intended for a woman of various ages. Can be among teenagers or adult women.

In addition, on social media you have to make promotions with as attractive as possible so that the products sold look beautiful. So, people will feel interested in buying. For example, in terms of photo arrangements or images.

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Product photo arrangement must be made as possible and of course with photos that are not careless. You have to make people more focused on the product.

Learn copywriting.

Language used to promote products. You should use a simple sentence as possible so that the person who reads does not interpret ambiguous. That way, consumers understand the usefulness of products sold. The language used must be in accordance with the promotional target. Don’t let the language delivered wrong.

Do a promo

If the business has been running and has some fixed customers, you can do product promos. Suppose, if you buy 2 products will get 1 attractive prize. You can also apply the price discount every purchase of you as a businessman must also be loyal to consumers. Do not let consumers not loyal because you are considered as a producer that does not understand it.

You can occasionally also get a give away. At present, Give Away is a trend on social media. You can hold quizzes or competitions related to products sold. Winners will later get products for free or can also be a cash prize.

Don’t Forget Endorsement

If your business is large and has a lot of capital, please start doing endors. This marketing system has known everywhere. Endorse is a product promotion action with a system of providing products to influential people. In addition, you can also provide products in public figures that are known to people. Later, they will use and promote the product.

That way, the follower of the person tends to follow the product used by the role model. However, the thing that must be considered is how to choose the right person. So, the cost you spend is not in vain. Preferably, select the artist or influencer who liked a lot of circles.

Strategy so that consumers become loyal buyers

Well, besides, promotional concepts can be done by paying attention to consumers to keep their loyalty. There are several things that must be done if you want consumers remain loyal. Some of them:

Friendly to customers

There is a buyer’s term is king, maybe it is a true expression. You must provide the best service and think of customer satisfaction. Facing even talkative consumers, you must continue to prioritize patience.

Try to mimic our faces made as long as possible so that it can please consumers. Without consumers, the products sold will not have use value. You also have to consider the interests and desires of consumers.

Approach with consumers

You can save contacts or customer numbers. Thus, customers or consumers will feel close to you. Consumers will not hesitate to communicate.

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So, he will always remember the product you sell. The end result, consumers will continue to subscribe.

Offers a program

You can offer interesting programs so that customers remain loyal to the products sold. For example, by making a member card for consumers who often buy products. The member card will be useful for getting a discount or getting attractive prizes at the end of the year.

Ask consumers to do testimonials

Testimonials are a statement from people who have used products sold. The goal is that other people believe the items you sell. In addition, with consumer testimonials will feel proud because they feel done by

Competitive prices

Every consumer will definitely buy a product at a sloping price. As a manufacturer, don’t take a big profit. Even though the benefits you get a little. The most important consumers remain loyal and continue to buy your product.


Already thinking about how you will do a promotional concept? The concept does not only have to be with words but more to the right action. Remember what to do when promotion and what things to do so that consumers remain loyal.

For those of you a businessman, no less important thing to do besides the sales process is bookkeeping. Good bookkeeping will produce a business that has a financial flow that is monitored in detail and will make business planning more directed.

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