Stress management in the work environment: understanding, purpose, and how to manage stress

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Stress management in the work environment: understanding, purpose, and how to manage stress

Stress management in the work environment understanding purpose and how to manage stress

To be able to understand the meaning of stress management, we must know every meaning of the word in it, namely management and stress.

Simply put, management is a form of management or process of managing something. While stress in the realm of psychology is a mental tension caused by the existence of demanding conditions, burdening, or burdensome originating from the environment of life.

So, what is stress management? Find answers to articles about stress management below.

Definition of Stress Management

So, stress management is a way or method of handling psychological disorders aimed at controlling individual stress levels, especially chronic stress.

Some experts have explained that stress management is an effective ability to use human resources to be able to manage and also overcome mental and emotional and emotional chaos that occurs due to response or responses.

Reporting to Wikipedia, the purpose of stress management is to improve the quality of one’s life so that it can get better.

Stress is a normal psychological reaction form that occurs when an increase in the burden of life, one of which is workload. Stress is a warning from everyone that the brain is experiencing excessive pressure.

Based on the Mental Health Organization of the British, some signs of someone who is experiencing stress are easily angry or offended, difficulty to concentrate, fear or worry constantly, the mood that changes drastically, there is a change in sleep patterns, dependence on drugs or alcohol to sleep, depression, etc.

For the work environment, stress will be able to be seen easily from the expression of employees if there is a job that accumulates. If it is not immediately handled, stress will result in employee performance decline and work cannot be resolved properly.

Causes of stress in general

The soul pressure that occurs in a person can occur due to various factors, both of themselves and from outside. The cause of this stress is generally divided into two, namely:

1. Causes of stress from outside

The soul pressure contained in a person is often caused by the influence of the environment. Like noisy sound, hot temperatures, too much light, etc. In addition, some external influences can lead to stress including the following:

  • Important events that occur in a person’s life, such as the death of loved ones, loss of work, divorce, breakup, etc.
  • The existence of social interaction, such as rough treatment of other people, an aggressive attitude of others, intimidation from more powerful parties, etc.
  • Inside the company, such as tight work deadlines, intimidation from tops of tops or coworkers, regulations that are too rigid, etc.
  • My carelessness, like forgot to save the key, forgot to turn off electricity, damage equipment, etc.

2. Causes of stress from within

Stress can also occur because of the influence of the person such as:

  • Workaholic, namely someone who does work compulsively and very often sacrifice sleep time and his family so that it results in pressure in his soul.
  • Fixed mindset, namely those who have narrow and stiff thoughts. Generally, they have a lot of thoughts and are rigid or don’t think at all normally.
  • Negative thoughts, this is characterized by the existence of a pessimistic, excessive way of criticizing oneself and analyzing things excessively
  • Lifestyle and also bad habits, such as staying up late, drinking alcohol, caffeine, heavy smokers, wasteful, etc.
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Stress management goals

In general, as it was concerned briefly before, that the purpose of the management of stress was to improve better quality of life.

Specifically, the purpose of stress management in the company environment is to anticipate the possibility of stress causes, preventing the occurrence of stress on employees and companies as a whole, not causing worse effects, and restoring employees and or companies from stress.

Generally, stress can influence the way of thinking and emotions everyone. If the pressure experienced by someone turns out to be very large, it will threaten everyone’s ability to face the conditions and situations of his environment.

To be able to prevent more severe conditions, then better stress management is needed.

How to manage stress

Generally, stress is expressed emotionally so that it can interfere with communication that occurs between humans. For this reason, every company must have a good stress management strategy within its company.

Stephen P. Robbins explains there are two ways to manage stress, these methods are as follows:

1. Perform an individual approach

Individual approaches are very necessary to determine the success of stress management in a company.

Some of these individual approaches are applying time management properly, increasing sports time, training themselves to relax, expand socialization.

2. Take an organizational approach

In this case, the organizational approach is carried out to manage stress within companies that are generally carried out with several methods, namely:

  • Make a more supportive company climate
  • Selection in personnel and also a better job placement
  • Minimizing the possibility of conflict and clarifying the role of the company.
  • Set goals more realistic
  • Make counseling guidance on every employee
  • Reset the work of employees
  • And make communication improvements from within the company

Stress management tips within the company

In the company, stress management is generally carried out by the HRD manager who has the task of dealing with the quality of the company’s human resources.

HRD will later relate privately with the HR company, so it has an important role in dealing with various stress cases within the company environment.

Well, some tips for being able to apply stress management in the company are as follows:

1. Identify behavior and habits that can cause stress

Stress that occurs in the work environment does not only occur because of the existence of work that accumulates and cannot be resolved. But, stress can also be caused by the problems at home, such as conflicts with friends, family members, great debts, or other problems.

Many psychological theories say that to overcome stress because this can be overcome by writing or telling stories with other parties. HRD managers may indeed be able to interfere in the personal life of employees but can be overcome by drawing closer and exchanging minds.

This psychological closeness will have a great effect in reducing the personal burden of an employee.

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2. Providing sports equipment in the company

At present, several companies provide free fitness services for employees. This method can be used as a suggestion for the manager in providing facilities to help reduce the stress of its employees.

With free sports facilities, it will be able to reduce the habit of overcoming stress in an unhealthy way like drinking alcoholic drinks.

Sports are also claimed to be able to overcome the focus and increase the concentration of each employee.

3. Socialize with other people

As explained earlier, to overcome the pressure in the work environment, the company can provide a team to reduce the stress of employees at work.

By working in a team, there will be interaction with coworkers and indirectly will give birth to high socialization within the company environment.

In addition, socializing will also issue a hormone that will make the mind happy. One example that can be done is to help others.

4. Get used to a healthy lifestyle

If the company provides lunch facilities in the office, it is recommended that HRD managers prefer a healthy dining menu. By providing good and healthy food for employees, then the level of concentration and their focus will increase. It can also be used as a form of appreciation for the performance of the company’s HR.

Some other healthy lifestyles that can be suggested by HRD managers are not using illegal drugs, sufficient sleep, do not drink liquor, consumption of healthy foods, complete work on time, using a smartphone to taste, facing problems intelligently, contributing to various activities, and does not cause soul pressure in others.

5. Apply 4A (Avoid, Alter, Adapt, Accept)

Management can predict anything that can cause stress in the work environment, such as tasks or deadlines with high pressure.

Working pressure like this can be faced by avoiding work that can make stress, change the response to the cause of stress, adapt to the work that causes stress, and accepts various things that cannot be changed.

6. Providing time to relax

Apart from exercising, doing relaxing and having fun will effectively reduce stress. Every individual must have the activities they like, by carrying out these activities in free time, then their stress will be worried.


Based on the full explanation above, we can conclude that stress management is a form of effort to manage life, emotions, thoughts, and how to deal with problems.

This stress management can be done by making changes in a person if indeed being under pressure continuously. Examples are by preventing stress by relaxing themselves and managing the response to a condition.

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