STP Marketing: Definition and Right Way to Apply it

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STP Marketing Definition and Right Way to Apply it
STP Marketing Definition and Right Way to Apply it

STP Marketing: Definition and Right Way to Apply it

At present, economic problems that inhibit almost all levels of society, make each company play ways to produce a good marketing strategy. Some of the ways that can be done are by implementing 4P marketing strategies combined with STP marketing strategies.

The economic problem is none other than the existence of a Covid-19 outbreak that makes the whole world of fear, thus making the global economy worse, especially in Indonesia. The poor condition of this economy certainly affects people’s purchasing power, which they will tend to be more careful in spending the money.

Therefore, as we already tired at the beginning of paragraphs, 4P marketing strategies combined with STP marketing strategies can be used as a powerful solution. STP marketing strategies or segmenting, targeting and positioning are able to help your business to survive because this method is able to make a more effective and controlled marketing strategy.

For this reason, let’s learn together about STP marketing strategies and apply together on a business that is currently being run.

Understanding of marketing

Before we discuss further about STP marketing strategies (segmenting, targeting and positioning), we must first know about understanding marketing or marketing. The following is an explanation of some experts about marketing.

Kotler (2001)

Kotler explained that the understanding of marketing or marketing is to work in accordance with the marketing target to realize more potential exchanges in order to be able to produce human needs and desires.

According to him, marketing that is successful is marketing that is able to achieve something right on potential target customers.

Stanton (2001)

Stanton explained that marketing is the whole system of various business activities that aim to plan, pricing, promotional activities, and distribution of goods or services that satisfy the needs, both on buyers or target potential buyers.

Based on the explanation, it can be concluded that marketing is the fulfillment of all the needs of various types of customers both from aspects of segmenting, targeting, or positioning, so as to be able to provide satisfaction to customers and have to bring profits for the company.

Understanding STP Marketing.

As previously mentioned, STP marketing is the word of the word segmenting, targeting and positioning. This strategy is one of the effective strategies in a business marketing. Reporting from the official website of Smart Insights, STP Marketing is a very well-known marketing model after the SWOT model.

STP as one of the marketing processes has been proven effectively applied to make a communication plan on a company. In addition, the Marketing Department or Marketing Juaga LAN is easier to determine the company’s position by using STP Marketing.

What’s more, the company can also create a suitable message to be delivered to its customers.

STP marketing strategy will focus more on the effectiveness of an advertisement and brand campaign. So, later the company will be even easier to determine the business segment appropriately with the Atura positioning brand in each specified segment.

Get to know the audience segmentation on STP Marketing

By understanding the audience segmentation, it will help the company to be more focused on allocating its resources. In addition, the company will also be easier to get information regarding the condition of competition in the market.

Understanding and knowing the right segmentation as the first step will also help the company in obtaining a reference to determine the next stage in the field of marketing. For this reason, one of the objectives of the implementation of STP Marketing is to be able to obtain target information on brand segmentation and company products.

The following are some points that you must pay attention to in making segmentation:

1. Demographics

Try to determine your brand segmentation and products on STP Marketing by selecting target customers based on the category of age, income, education, gender, marital status, and work.

Its function is to make it easier for you to determine groups of customers and prospective customers as target markets. In addition, later it will also make it easier for you to determine customer needs based on demographic data that you have made.

2. Psychography

Psychographically in this case is made with the aim that you know more about the target of your audience, including tendencies and their habits when carrying out buying and selling activities. You must know the social, hobby, lifestyle class, until their interest in a particular trend.

You must understand that every individual has its own characteristics. This will affect their decision when you want to buy your product. Even the same thing with a lifestyle, you can get various data with various interviews, such as surveys, and collect their data.

3. Geographical

Apart from the two previous points, you also have to know in detail about the domicile of your customers’ targets when making STP marketing segmentation, such as from countries, cities, villages or housing where they come from.

Later, this will make it easier for you to recognize their culture and ways to communicate. So, you will be more maximal in making advertising the product you want to sell.

You can try to adjust it by referring to each location, so it will be more acceptable and your potential customers will be more interested when viewing the product campaign you created. In addition, you can also determine the estimation of selling the most effective for you to be able to attract customers according to their respective regions.

4. Trust

The trust of the target audience is the main key to recognizing segmentation. In this case, the trust in question includes the beliefs of the daram, politics, culture and various other values ​​in life. Understanding this aspect is very important so that the message that you will submit is more easily digested by the audience.

Specifies STP Marketing Marketing Targets

After you get all your market segmentation, then then what you have to pay attention to in STP Marketing is to determine which segmentation you will go to.

Consider the opportunity of each segmentation and resources you already have. In addition, do the analysis regarding the potential of target customers to continue to grow well. Also make sure so as not to reduce the profit target you want to get even though your target segmentation is small

You also have to consider all potential profits and risks from each segmentation that you can target. Then, compare these various things to each segmentation you make. You can use surveys in order to know market conditions if they are deemed necessary, so they can reduce the risk of errors and failures in the future.

In determining the target, there are several choice patterns that you can make as a reference to the election, which is focusing on one segmentation, selection on several segmentation based on certain advantages, selection based on certain special products, focusing on providing needs in certain groups, and focusing on all group.

Positioning on STP marketing

Positioning is the final step that must be applied in STP Marketing. In this step it’s time for you to determine how the right method is to position your brand and your product on the target of segmentation previously made.

In this step you can also determine which marketing mix model you value the most effective value. Do basic considerations that make your customers prefer your product compared to other similar competitors.

Afterwards, try to identify the uniqueness of the sale of the product, then make a positioning map to analyze how each segmentation you have created can see your brand or product.

If you have, you can pay attention to the desire and also the need for your marketing target. You need to know that the proportion of the value you provide is able to meet your customers’ needs.


Thus a complete explanation of STP marketing (segmenting, targeting, positioning). Hopefully it can increase your knowledge in the field of marketing strategies so that it can be applied to increase the profit or profit of your company.

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