Storytelling is: understanding and role to help marketing activities

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Storytelling is: understanding and role to help marketing activities

Storytelling is understanding and role to help marketing activities

Today, Storytelling is one of the important components in carrying out marketing strategies or marketing. Basically, Storytelling is a person’s ability to tell something to his listeners.

One of these important components besides you can do to bring stories to people, it is also very capable of helping you to captivate consumers or customers related to the product or service you offer.

Therefore, this method is also often used by Content Writer, copywriters, even the product manager in telling his products or services.

So, what is Storytelling? What are the benefits in marketing activities in the current era? Find the answer to this article.

Storytelling is

Basically, Storytelling is more than you tell or tell a story, but it is also a very important tool for marketers to captivate the consumers or customers.

Quoted directly from the Hubspot page, Storytelling is an attempt to collect data and also stories to be delivered to readers to make them interested in what you are offering.

You can use this way when you want to offer or advertise a product of goods or services with words or stories. Simply put example is a copywriter of a company that wants to explain a product.

Well, in this case the storytelling technique you can use as a complement to the explanation of your product to be able to create a sweet relationship between you and customers or consumers.

Apart from words, you can also use this technique when you want to tell your clients related to the product you are promoting.

When you can tell you well, it is almost certain that your clients become very excited to explain your explanation. Because, telling stories is one of the universal languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are able to be accepted by many people.

In a broader technique, Storytelling can be used by the designers in making a design work, etc.

Storytelling’s important role is ..

There are some important storytelling roles in carrying out marketing strategies, namely:

1. Build connections with the audience

Reporting from the official Forbes page, Storytelling is a skill of every human being able to unite and also build strong connections with others.

Every story you build in the marketing process, will indirectly build connections with the audience more deeply.

For example, if you want to advertise a clothing, then you can make a series of stories related to a father who is willing to set aside his money to buy clothes in his child, etc.

So, in your marketing process there will be a sense of love and also affection, so that it will bring the users more.

2. Strong method for learning

Besides being able to build strong relationships with customers, Storytelling techniques are also one of the strong ways to learn as a marketer.

In order to make an interesting storytelling, then you have to find out about the lives of each of your customers, the brand you are advertising, and the trend that is happening when it is happening in the community.

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That way, you will be able to continue learning consistently in order to produce a good storytelling work. So, you will be able to understand what the market really wants.

3. Help closing when offering goods

When a condition occurs that requires you to present your idea to the client in the hope that they want to listen to what you tell. Then there will be a difference that you can feel when the client listens to your presentation with numbers in the label, with a presentation that inserts numbers in the story.

By telling stories, your clients will not be bored and will be more interested when you explain something.

4. Help a young man “speak with” with his senior

The presence of the gap that occurs among young people with those who are aged on it often happens, thus making a distance between them.

Well, using a storytelling technique when giving an explanation, it will make the speaker and the audience closer emotionally. Even the same as the above conditions, the gap that occurs between seniors and youth will be equal.

5. Helps manage financial related lessons

Some of us will definitely feel boring listening to the delivery of information in the form of numbers. However, this information will change to be more exciting when wrapped in a story.

Therefore, the submission of various things related to numbers in a business will be easier to channel by telling stories. So, the speakers will be easier to create a more effective communication.

6. Make it rich

The audience will certainly prefer good speakers. When someone can assemble an information into a story, then the person will be easier to influence others.

When you have an influence on others by telling stories, then you will easier to influence the audience for the smooth running of your business, and the smooth running of your business will have a positive impact on your income.

7. Make a focused audience

A good speaker must be able to make each audience focus more on concentrating all his attention to what the speaker is said.

Those who explain a product with a storytelling technique will make the audiences produce a hormone called cortisol hormone, its function is to make people more focused.

8. Provide more value for work than just a salary

The purpose of everyone in doing business has definitely wanted to get a big material profit. But, in running a business, the person must be able to think of something other than the income or salary he gives to his employees.

Well, something that has a much greater value than money is a story.

Why? Because when someone listens to a story, then the person will release the oxytocin hormone which is able to make someone want to work wholeheartedly.

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9. Increase productivity

As we discussed together before, the story was able to give birth to feelings of enthusiasm and scrambled more focused. This will certainly increase one’s productivity. By telling stories, employees or customers will have a more positive feeling.

10. Promote yourself and others

Tellering is able to help increase the motivation of the audiences and speakers. By telling stories, the speaker will be affected by what is discussed in the audience, so that it will make them more enthusiastic for more success.

Whereas other people who listen will have a similar feeling, so it will make it feel better than before.

Storytelling process

  • Get to know the audience

In order to produce a good storytelling, then the first thing you have to do is to recognize your audience.

Quoted directly from the Hubspot page, you must conduct target market research and determine the Persona Buyer to find out your audience.

So, you will know more about anyone who will be willing to listen to your story so you can find the right language style.

  • Determine the core message

This core message must be specified and you paste it into your story. why? Because, stories that are too long will also make the audience bored. For this reason, it is recommended to shorten the time and words, then specify the core message that you really want to convey.

  • Determine Call to Action (CTA)

If you have determined the core message, then the next thing you have to do in Storytelling is to make call to action or CTA.

In this case, you must know what you want from the readers, subscribe to email newsletters? Or other things.

Try to use the finer CTA sentence but still persuasive, so that the readers are interested in doing this.

  • Write and share

After you design this whole thing well, then you can immediately write the story you want to convey. After that, share it to your social media.


Thus an explanation of Storytelling. It is necessary to know and know more deeply, because currently Storytelling will always be attached to the world of digital marketing.

By making a different and interesting storytelling, of course it will make the readers interested in you. So, it will bring a lot of buyers or customers and increase your business profits.

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