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What’s this one then?Ye know the way in Voluum that you may only export data for the past 30 days?It stinks. Big time. But this STM wizard @caravaggio spent their mana making a mystical Google Sheet – it combines just a few jumbled up sheets into 1. Magically.

Here’s how the spell works: 1. Go to yer tracker and select whatever data ye need for the past 30 days. Then select placement Zone ID, income, costs and conversions . Export CSV. 2. Repeat step 1 for a special period.

3. 4. Watch the magic happen and thank Yours Truly for hooking you up. But why make such a sheet tho?Here’s what the executive himself says: “The biggest challenge with such 2 lists is that you have duplicated placements and distinct revenue / costs / conversions. What the sheet does is split data based on placement.

So it finds placement despite the fact that you have 2, 3 an identical and add revenue, costs and conversions. ” Yer welcome. 2020’s about to be one unforgettable year. Anywhomz. My top tier advice on what to do during these quarantines and the sudden influx of demented Karens foaming at the mouth. Instead of being bored out of yer mind at home , do this: Step 1.

Cancel the Netflix sub. Step 2. Flick yer TV remote out the window pray it hits a Karen among the eyes Step 3. Cancel the WoW sub. Step 4.

Dump yer female friend. Step 5. Delete Facebook maybe leave the Business Manager alive. Lawyer up. Hit the house gym here is all Reddit’s advice, don’t mind me Step 6. Get married to STM in its place.

Step 7. Start doing online affiliate marketing. Seriously. Name me an improved time than right this illustration to start doing AM?Here’s a little bit of help to get yer lazy ass off the couch. Yours truly’s have an impact on and persuasion skills know no borders and have controlled to net ye some coupon codes.

Use the coupon RELIEF20 and grab 20% off yer first month with STM. Yer welcome. 71. ” Newbie However, this newbie did something different. A twist to the $1 guide, if ye may. You’ll see inside.

Anyways. Amusing how a puny little bit of innovation can net high quality ROIs, no?Talk aboot an evergreen, anyone can get their feet wet guide to entry level internet marketing. Literally anyone. Yer grandma covered. Go thank this newbie and thank Amy too for making it all happen.

Lest ye want to see Yours Truly under yer bed tonight. Put on yer heavy duty chemical protective clothing. And dive right into 2020’s wettest spring summer sweepstake trends. That’s March 1st to June 15th, 2020, FYI. Also, 2019 protected. This thread has about 10 thousand tons of graphs and images.

And priceless lines of text, obviously. Like this: Mind you some associates are still making $X,XXX $XX,XXX / day on FB. Despite the Zucc’s excessive shoulder rubs and deathly stares. P. S. Sweeps are all alive and well, and sipping margaritas waiting for bloodthirsty affiliates to swipe ‘em up.

Mind you, these detailed reports are all based on CC submit sweeps. P. P. S. Yer welcome, again.

What?The Chosen One has had an epiphany. A vision, per se. One morning he awoke and his sleepy mind’s reaction was anything reminiscent of this: “The coding and programming section shall rise from the dead. ” “ My plan is to get some automation for my campaigns working so that I have more time for other things . ” – He whispers. Why, needless to say – why else do ye think he’s referred to as Lazy Neo in regards to the STM streets?” The goal?“My next step can be to compile the campaigns tracker IDs, here is very easy by just changing the to Then I will make the script to loop via most of these campaigns stats and pause offers based on simple rules.

” Mysterious are the ways of the selected one. It has been said: “Give the toughest job to the laziest person”. What’s this, ye ask?A bank for online retailers and ecom people?Copy pasta below: “Most banks suck. They are slow. Massive fees for everything.

Endless KYC. Slow sign in method. Cards have limits. Little or No Cashback. Most of them just offer the bare minimum carrier to clients and charge a whole lot for it. Not very nice.

So what if there was a bank that may do more for you?A bank that actually solves complications for you instead of create them ?So a team was assembled and we created our vision for the best bank and we are dying to grasp if you agree with our vision. Introducing Juni: The Only Bank in the World Tailored for Online Marketing and E Commerce Businesses. ” Don’t ye find it irresistible when threads sell themselves?It has that nice, new and thrilling ring to it. That funky buzz and anxiety in the air. Case in point?Basically get $250 washingtons in 5 minutes at no cost if ye take a look at this futuristic bank. They sold this part well too, lookie below.

Quote: “Other than getting a sneak peek of your future bank we also are providing $250 to each user who completes the 5 minute demo and survey. The money could be credited to your account after we are live and you start using the carrier. ” As is normal, yer welcome. Bite sized thread chunks. Why?Because: 1 Ye are busy and always want the juice ASAP lazy 2 I’m busy lazy 3 Speed and straightforwardness This guy’s browsing for a full stack tech person.

For landers, monitoring, servers, api stuff, convert wireframes to HTML etc. A right hand man, if ye may. Should he hire one off freelancers?Or scour the job boards for a full time place?Do ye are looking to split test yer personnel?It’s the most memorable one of all yer conversions. Ye take it with ye for all times. This is what hooks ye in. “This stuff works.

” It’s that tiny spark. A spec of hope. Light at the tip of the tunnel. Do ye think super associates sit atop stacks of rat infested dollah bills – throwing money at site visitors sources care free?Nay. How do they run big camps without operating out of money/credit before the next payout plunges in?Quote: “Do you have got a host of credit cards?Really high credit limit?Or just got a pile of profit the bank?” In short, yes, yes and yes.

If it’s cashflow ye want – ye definitely don’t are looking to be stuck with month long payouts. Negotiate for weeklies. Always. Basically, a brand new offer type’s popped up on ye olde radar. The sweeps market’s regulations compared to 10 yearz ago is sort of a rope around a sweep offer’s neck and a flimsy, rotten chair below.

These guys desired to transform the sweeps market – and that they’re onto somethin’. A full blown guide on where/how to run these brand spankin’ new sweep offers. Best part?100% permitted by Lazy Neo himself: “I tested 27 campaigns so far but only kept 2 campaigns operating. These two campaigns run with none protection and made about €606 revenue at about 90% 95% ROI. Total I made €667.

95 total revenue at about 30% ROI. “ Best est part?Expect a Lazy Neo guide on these bad boys. My advice In the meantime?When ye see a chance. I moved on to the finance vertical via push, specially loans and been doing quite well with them. . i determined to dig a bit deeper into the offers themselves to find out why the fudge there are no conversions.

Using remote computing device to my sis computing device to ensure my cookies have no effect i began testing each and each offer. ” Let me to summarize this guy’s findings: 1 SOI is absolutely not SOI – Only 1 of 15 tested fired a conversion. 2 “Conversion armour” – 14 offers required the user go through the whole funnel or led them astray 3 The offers cheat because they didn’t fire a conversion even after winding through each and every miserable page. Is he onto somethin’ or is there more to the sweeps game than meets the affiliate eye?Maybe yes. But also no . SOI means single opt in – but ye still ought to fill the entire form, you simply don’t must verify yer email by the top.

Affiliate networks scrub, yes – how else are they gonna snag margins, ey?Solution?Stick to direct advertisers if the dollarydoo flow allows, or legit networks. Also, our local sweeps expert mod @stickupkid says this: “Keep an eye on your daily CR, let’s imagine it’s among 12 16% that seems quite “steady”. But 2% 10% is a big difference for instance. ” Ye’ll find the rest of the story in there. Anywhomz.

That’s not even the best part of this thread. Nay!After @jaybot jumped in together with his usual influx of swear words sprinkled with kindness something quite incredible popped up. Lander screenshots blanketed. The entire sneaky angle’s in there. All ripe and up for grabz.

Yer welcome. The industry has advanced, and so have the tools we use to guarantee we are on top of our game. If you had asked any affiliate working in the gaming industry 12 years ago, what the point of interest of their strategy was, they’d likely say appealing sites with strong SEO focus, but in recent times the ball is in the court of ahead thinking affiliates who are driven media buyers and know that a diverse marketing strategy is key. More and more media buyers are becoming into the iGaming industry and moving the traffic completely with a focus on push traffic, social media traffic, native ads, pop, programmatic, GDN, PPC and more so if you are a media buying guru, here is your space to shine!If you’re thinking, “I bring all that, I just need the proper accomplice!” …Meet NetoPartners!With over 10 years of balancing the knowing of affiliates’ needs with believing in the games for which they are the direct ads partners for, NetoPartners is the perfect accomplice for influenced associates coming into the iGaming industry!Their team and platform are there to guide their partners and might support all traffic channels. NetoPartners tailors the journey to every in their companions: Creating fee plans for you and your site visitors needs CPL/CPA/REVSHARE High changing, appealing advertising materials An skilled team to aid you With all of this, your path is paved for success!The diet regime I have chalked out is okay. Please can anyone indicate the right exercises to minimize belly fat a good youtube video that has helped a person will be good?6 kgs a month seems practical and achieveable.

What do you think?” Asking the realm’s greatest hornet’s nest of Acai Berry slinging and Garcinia Cambogia dealing affiliates for weight loss advice. Hoookay. One of the replies, as expected: But ye’d be stunned. Many legends tuned in. Some with actual aid. For example: People recommending apps like MyFitnessPal.

Checking your testosterone levels. Keto diets. Lifting weights, daily. Paleo. Yada yada.

Something called Kinobody – literally no clue what this is – recommended by @popcash yes, the ad community, they’re all on the forums Personally imo, the bestest part?Legendary @matuloo’s advice, by far: “I got the million dollar advice: Eat LESS!” But most importantly: I love beer and fat meat too much to sacrifice any of it “ I rest my case. Hey Zucc, how does yer seat feel?Smoking?Linkey here: “The survey showed that 0,33 of the highest 58 advertisers will, or are likely to, droop advertising, while an additional 40% are also brooding about doing so. On Monday, Ford and Adidas introduced their goal to halt all advertising on the platform, joining firms adding Honda, Verizon, Diageo and Unilever. Others, adding Starbucks and Coca Cola, have paused all ads on social media but stopped short of officially asserting assist for the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign, which is coordinating the Facebook boycott. ” Ouchy ouch. What’s STM’s take in this?Shall we begin “The Drooling”?Perhaps so.

@stickupkid and @matuloo have chimed in so far. Let the games begin. Yours truly has successfully controlled to bribe Lord @Jaybot to write down his own achievement story piece in the publication. For real At this pace, the publication’s gonna write itself if yours truly manages handy out enough bribes to innocent STMers on a weekly basis. Anywhomz.

Yes, @jaybot wrote every thing below. Yes, he’s a skilled fellow, well versed in the arts of dealing “digital cocaine” newsletters on the corners of STM and launching successful, highly engaging threads. He has that weird knack for writing. What’d it take to bribe @jaybot?Check by the tip, ye can be surprised. wink wink Here goes, here’s all @jaybot’s doing below: He spends 336 hours a week on AM. He does so by having clones, robots, and/or living in a number of dimensions.

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He also fing swears a lot and has recently infected our blameless vortex into swearing again . “ You’re really f in’ inspiring!I rarely use that word anymore but there is no other adequate way to categorical my sentiments. ” This is certainly as a result of in accordance to the mythical twinaxe: to be better at internet marketing, you have to be better than Jaybot and use: ” more swear words . ” The epic adventure of the ‘ Most Boring ‘ thread well-knownshows the secrets and techniques of Time Being An Illusion and Affiliate Marketers with Time Machines wtf?I want one!But it is not all weird fun and games. Jaybot also dives into his stats to reveal some pleasing musings on how 4 conversions on a $30 CC Submit offer plays better than 2147!conversions of a $0.

05 SOI offer. And. Whatever wacky shit Jaybot is doing, it sort of feels to be operating . His latest unique update: $1993 earnings last week. $488 of it being pure, sweet profit. Which obviously, he’ll doubtless spend satisfactory time “relaxing with hookers.

” But long term STM vet, diplomat senpai jumps in to tell Jaybot it’s time to: “eradicate those rookie numbers and get into big boy numbers . ” And then goes on to explain precisely how to do that in the “Most Boring FA Thread You Will Ever Read. Guaranteed!” End @jaybot’s piece wipes tear Lemme just say this. The man got @vortex to swear !, the entire while banking in dollarydoos. Talk about multidimensional talent. This entire thread is golden, it’s sprinkled in gold.

Jump in and browse his entire adventure beginning to end and supply yer thanks, to every person. P. S. As for the bribes – it took beers, burgers, “The Last STM Backpack In The World” and ugh…”womenz”. More details to are available in the long run, most likely. Guys from Leadbit show several existing trends with strategies and gives in those niches that show active growth they are playing, dating, webcam, games.

You can check the easiest GEO and provides to sell in the item. AND!Leadbit. com began operating with the greatest suppliers of first-rate content and mastodons for the internet and mob industry. Soon you will get access to the main full and browser games in Leadbit. Why do you wish to test games advertising?Monetize traffic by yourself with out fear of black ads from teasers. Warm up bills with games after which promote adult or playing.

Find your potential in games with Leadbit Gaming!me/DmitryLeadBit New verticals that may also help to diversify the resources of our leads and to fill our pockets with plenty of cash. Choose CPL offers for some painless tests. With assistance from them that you may test niches, offers, GEO with out spending much money and consequently, find a good mixture. If you have to really expert conditions and professional help, Leadbit will be the best. Sweet @Vortex Whispers of a Freaky Good FB Spy Tool. That’s Completely Free for the Next 100 Peeps, But Only For STMers When ye hear from @vortex about literally anything else being suggested, ye drop every little thing ye do and also you go register ASAP.

There is no “if” or “but”. Yours truly heard whispers of an FB spy tool so good, Amy recommends it wholeheartedly or even in my opinion so. A quick dégustation: “More ads a lot more than every other tool, around the globe. Filter affiliate ads only or by vertical Don’t waste it slow discovering what’s good Preview and down load affiliate pre landers including hidden ones Easy to go looking and use even your grandma can launch profitable campaigns now“ The problem?There are lower than 100 free full access spots left. Considering I signed up just a minute ago too, that’s an additional 1.

No clue what number more spots left there are, actually. But yer welcome. Again. We’re gonna need to keep preachin’ that ye branch out of yer normal associate networks and sky high crypto and such payouts. At least a little bit.

We’re speaking about the scary “available”. The “mainstream”, if ye may. BREAD Pitt did just that, easily so. Ad spend?Rs 500 for 21 leads Papercashmoney?Rs 80,000 in a nice payout According to my math, that’s a couple of bajillion % ROI. Anywhoms, living proof?For any ‘ mainstream digital advertising peasant ’, what Bread Pitt did might feel like pure wicked dark magic.

But on your average affiliate ?It’s like a primal intuition. Always searching for that angle. In fact, for many mainstreams here is probably the most most typical mistakes. What Bread Pitt did was he netted the juiciest, most highly focused audiences while barely lifting a finger. Blow the dust away.


And lemme take you on a trip down memory lane. Walking around the STM tombs you come across a ye olde thread. From way back in 2014. A time when there has been no Cardi B in chainmail armour. Or was there?Nor coronaviruses. Nor Donald.

Nor that many banned FB money owed, The Zucc did not neet to suck on innocent advertisers’ souls to feed his insatiable lizard brain. But there are countless, necessary wise words that stand the test of time: The 1 huge est mistake all associates make: action, not motion i. e. lookie here: get shit done Why you usually are not look for the “best” cheapest option when hiring employees Boundless wisdom from STM giants and 7 figure associates: Charles Ngo Legendary Mr. Green Mysterious @cmdeal The man, the parable, the legend – @stackman “The mental note behind here is you’re forcing luck.

you’re forcing a big crusade by trying out much that it can’t NOT work. Make sense?” Sweet @polarbacon @kokofai Many, many more. To hit on a winning crusade, you want to test 4 things: Offers, Ads, Landing Pages, and Traffic Sources. Test enough mixtures and also you’ll find winners. Sounds simple until you look at the math.

The scary thing?Even if you test all 200 combinations, you may not find a winner. Pro associates take a special approach: They do analysis to narrow things down first. And many of them depend upon one specific data intelligence tool. Top affiliates use this tool to cherry pick the most recent campaigns, that have been receiving lots of traffic over at least a few days… Which means they’ve a great opportunity of being winners. Then the pros would test, tweak and optimize based on these campaigns.

This way, there are WAY fewer combinations to check, and the success rate is MUCH higher. The tool is Adplexity, and here’s why it’s the best: Shows you entire campaigns: Ads, offers and affiliate networks, landing pages, site visitors sources, placements, etc. Tons of serious comments from users google find. The largest and most accurate database of campaigns, bar none. Intuitive user interface, easy to use.

Covers: Native, Push, Pop, Display, Adult, and In App traffic. Covers many traffic networks: AdCash, Taboola, PropellerAds, Exoclick + dozens more. The Good News: Adplexity is offering a 30% LIFETIME discount to our subscribers. Adplexity 30% Off Lifetime Discount Think: How difficult it might be to compete with associates that ARE using Adplexity, if you happen to’re not. You can’t afford NOT to get this tool.

Show Me Winning Campaigns Today “So, sorry Jaybot, my cat shit on your work. ” Y so confuse?Let me provide context and reading fabric from this marvel of a newbie follow along. Copy pasta below: “I just joined a pair days ago and I’ve been devouring as much as the information and posts as I probable can. Total goldmine here, guys. Well done The follow alongs that are most on the mind are Jaybot’s Boring Thread, which absolutely made me go to sleep.

BECAUSE I just don’t want to stop facing that Odyssey because it’s LOADED with valuable info and I fell asleep studying and re reading it. It appears the most recent and up-to-date follow along on here. I even printed out parts of it, annotated it, then shredded it to keep the sanctity of this astonishing forum. Then, I used the shreds for my cat’s litter box. Saving money anywhere I can so I can burn it on online marketing.

So, sorry Jaybot, my cat shit on your work. I’ve passed through diplomat’s Starting from the beginning one currently too, which had posts that I really resonated with. I’m individually at a point at this time where I’m generating about $300 revenue daily, but I’m sitting at between $50 $250 loss, daily. I have one offer at the moment that if I ran that, alone, would herald $200 rev, $40 50, profit daily. Then remainder of the loss comes from testing new offers and trying to scale, which so far has been a failure of a mission. “ Tell me, where else have ye seen a forum thread being published, then shredded, then used as cat litter?For the sake of STM’s sanctity.

How noble. Anyway, that’s beside the main point. In here we’ve got a newbie feeling like this: But at a similar time @bennimen is continual with updates. Despite his “inner alarms” – “Against all of my inner alarms, I keep spending”. Case in point?This is yet an alternate common trait of winners.

Ye must recognise you’re spending on your education. Anyway, let me wrap up with a piece of @jack l’s reply in there and leave you brooding about: “. it can most likely allow you to earn greater than doctors and legal professionals who paid half 1,000,000 dollars and years on end for his or her education” I rest my case. Want some of these items?Ogilvy The Hustle Neil Patel Reddit IBM Watson The Tan Brothers Jason Akatiff Ads4Dough Anthony Sarandrea Cat Howell More, waay more Then let me cut you in on a wittle deal my wittle fwiend. Conferences ain’t very nearly us associate dogs no mo’.

Nay!It’s about the entire electronic advertisements industry. AdWorld is 10,000+ attendees, 100+ speakers, 15+ tracks that you could witness in yer underpants. How much?$39 for early birdies oblivious of excellent STM. $299 for only the rock house procrastinators. $0 Washingtons for STMers thanks to yours truly’s shady deals But you are looking to be an active STMer for a minimum of 1 month from now up until November.

Tired of ready all the time for affiliate offers to get accredited?And landing pages and ad creatives to boot!While you’re spending half your life waiting for approvals, other associates are 10 steps ahead and generating revenue. Because they’re running offers that experience ALL been PRE APPROVED, and that they don’t are looking to submit landers or ads for approval!Their secret weapon?The Admitad chrome extension. 2You’ll then have access to 60,000 offers from 30,000 advertisers!All pre accepted for advertising immediately!Search in Google, Bing or Yandex. Any site marked with an AD icon can be promoted. No are looking to generate deep links simply go to the product page and duplicate the affiliate link from the extension!You can add SubID tags in addition!Alternatively, sign up along with your ad space to see the full list of offers and access more tools for internet marketing professionals!3Promote the link for $$$$$!See this video for an overview of this program.

Interested yet?Here are more details: The 60k affiliate courses are from established US, European and everywhere brands like Airbnb, Adobe, Walmart, Skyscanner and more. Reporting contains traffic source, EPC, CVR, offer name, etc. Use Admitad’s suite of workflow optimization tools to work faster and easier!Find out how to promote these offers on adult traffic!On June 26th, Admitad and PornHub are internet hosting a webinar in combination register for this webinar now!Basically, title. 1 CPI offer. 3 Campaigns. 1 Propeller Push.

1 Ferrari F40. Does push site visitors user endeavor mean stunning backend CPIs?Lookie here: “The Low Activity crusade has 14% of the income of the High Activity campaign. The Medium Activity campaign has 48% of the revenue of the High Activity campaign. ” That be an important change indeed. Coincidence?Methinks not.

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Does correlation mean causation?Methinks yes. But better go see for yerself. P. S. Watch Lazy Neo and Legendary Matuloo spew revelations in this thread meanwhile. ” It drags on, but let me throw in a abstract: “Waaaah I’m scared and angry, AM hard” – juicy tears inside Before I cut you loose inside this thread, lemme leave this here piece of the first post: “When you dive into AM it does make sense to have a money cushion so you might afford to lose.

That doesn’t prevent you from falling but at least you will have less bruises and no broken bones. ” Also, expect wise words from Mr. Lazy Neo, a. k. a. Yogi Bear, a.

k. a @twinaxe: “Dude, let me tell you some motivational words. When I am back on my PC Don’t get pissed off, we all had to work our way through boundaries and roadblocks. And even though it may feel very difficult what you go through I can let you know that it’s not anything in comparison to some stuff I had to address. 1k Revenue Direct Linking With bathed breath Lazy Neo hunts and provides for his STM nooblets.

Where else are ye gonna get a fresh crusade served on a silver platter?Screenshots, dessert, earnings and all?Live campaign too not some long forgotten, dust lined offers and site visitors resources. As in, having been live at this time: Total Spent: $4,873. 05 Total Revenue: $7,116. 30 Total Profit: $2,243. 25 Lazy Neo’s ways reach far and wide. Beyond his own comfy trackers and his reclining chair.

His searching grounds are a minimum of a TV remote control away. A tab or two plus Telegram, Facebook groups among other places. Just for you, STM nooblets. “I am basically 24/7 scouting for brand spanking new offer opportunities for my STM amateur homies. “ ‘Tis a campaign guide of massive proportions. Why ‘campaign guide’ and not ‘case study’ ye ask?Well, go ask @jaybot.

It’s his fault. Details in thread Anyways, here’s the kicker: Mr Twinaxe is direct linking. There ain’t no scary lander monsters with sharp teeth. Also, the community he sniffed out is one you’ve never heard of assured. But it turns out their offers are legit nice – Neo tests every little thing. What’s much more appealing is how these offers first emerged on Neo’s green letter screens in the 1st place.

Offer flow?Click2SMS GEOs?Lazy Neo’s secret ways unveil juicy creatives to snag for push traffic. Oh, and also you’re handed over the precise Matrix level optimization secrets he Himself uses. But nay, that’s not even near the bestest part. Nay!The juiciest part is 3 super short sentences in Neo’s innocent, puppy eyed final “Bonus Tip” part. Those $7.

1k can get an alternate zero added, easily, even two – 70k, or 700k, due to said 3 short sentences. Yer welcome. Don’t fail to spot these 4 gifts we’ve arranged for you at RichAds!Why Run Push Traffic with RichAds?Check out Ian Fernando’s video educational on how to launch your first push campaign. Download These 100 Tips!Pop site visitors is doing great – with its huge volume and occasional prices. Check out our new e book with tips from top associates including Servando Silva, Luke Kling, iAmAttila, and others.

Get First Mover’s Advantage!Looking for a new traffic source with a unique viewers and enormous volumes?Get traffic from cellphones, browsers, major media initiatives, and networks. We are integrated with BitTorrent, UC Browser, Viber, Opera, and lots of others. Get in NOW while it’s in inner most beta!Register on RichAds and ask your rep for more information. RichAds site visitors is confirmed by AdScore. Yet again. This time, due to Uncle Google’s “Privacy Sandbox”.

Mid yawn and lazily refreshing yer stats, glancing at your 9th screen, nonchalantly you ask – ”wot’s dis?” “First, Google Chrome will not assist third party cookies from 2022 and consequently, 3rd party cookies will die. ” “Specifically, its plan for a new, open source, privacy first web basic called “Privacy Sandbox” where all user counsel is still in the browser and limited, anonymised data can only be obtained via API while websites adhere to a “Privacy Budget”. Exceed your privacy budget and your site won’t work!“ Oh no, what are we in all likelihood going to do?that’s sarcasm, Snufflepuff Google – As we’re disposing of the potential to do cross site monitoring with cookies, we need to be sure that developers take the well lit path of the hot capability instead of try to track users via another means. The “ scary ”, NSFW bits: No more redirect based monitoring. No concentrated on/optimising for particular person users. No more cookies based conversion metrics No more Frequency capping No more retargeting Is it the top of online affiliate marketing as we realize it, again?Go ye here and find out.

Does Cardi b seem like a “Minecraft zombie in chainmail armour”?Does the Zucc sip your ad debts for breakfast?Is water wet?Is STM the “best associate news source”?Point being , Legendary @matuloo needs yer help like presently . There’s an associate awards contest on some site somewhere obtainable on the wild web. STM’s already 1. But that ain’t good enough, son. We want the 1 spot with the maximum feasible margin. So go vote.

Of course ye do. Who’d say no?Listen, there are certain things that hold true in life. For one , $100k Washingtons are not chump change in any individual’s dusty affiliate books. For two , in the middle of a global pandemic, dystopian sci fi like riots. during a virulent disease, STM’s buzzing along and purring like a kitten.

So is the whole AM industry. It’s all a bit weird, no?Ah yes, moreover for three , the industry’s humming along so well that individuals are even making a gift buckets of money. Basically, Fluent’s past “March Madness” contest got. to say the least, banging effects: “Gold $344,970 and 144% growth @telesto job well done!Silver $419,300 and 264% growth Bronze $173,933 and 2,227% growth New Bucket $105,284 and 100% growth” Damn @telesto donate some coffee money to Yours Truly. So they’re doing another contest. Tell me, what better way to spend yer quarantine than successful an STM contest?There be more, hol’ up: This is $100k Washingtons total so if yer one of our lazier associates ye still get to stuff green ones in yer wallet.

Case in point?Dollarydoos. When?• Run date: June 2020 June 1st – June 30th Details?In here. Go get em tiger. Also, yer welcome. Yet again.

That’s no shock if you happen to see that users particularly Gen X, Gen Z, and millennials pay 53% more interest to native ads compared to ordinary banner ads. That is why Pushground has determined to launch this proven format. You can proceed to scale your performance on the same depended on community with Push Ads, In page Push, and now, Native ads. To aid you additional here are a few secrets and techniques to fulfillment to running native and push ads. Automatize!Using facets like Pushground’s computerized rules, that you would be able to easily set up auto optimization for all your campaigns saving you useful time and enabling you to successfully manage more campaigns without delay.

Copywrite: Use emotion to bring your ads to the next level. Test angles that are about the deeper reason behind your offer or product. Taking instance a economic offer, don’t just write concerning the money which you could save but in its place about what you could do with that more money. Use predefined whitelists: Always test new campaigns on predefined whitelists before scaling. Pushground makes this simple by proposing predefined “to start” whitelist and a “to scale” whitelist in their best acting placements by vertical. High Bid Low Budget: Because of the competitiveness of the native market, you might not get the most valuable impressions if you start with too low of a bid.

Always test new campaigns with above common CPMs. With the worldwide COVID 19 problem beginning to normalize and quarantines beginning to end, take capabilities of the latest site visitors prices to be earlier than the curve as agencies start to get better. Don’t forget Pushground offers a 20% bonus to all new signups coming from STM. Register here and consult with an account supervisor today. Don’t miss Jaybot’s latest push ads case study with Pushground here.

” Or, allow me to translate: This is how you “become a hit” on STM. In a nutshell, here is a useful lesson. So listen carefully. One we’d want to pass along to any nooblets out there, hiding in the damp shadows of STM, afraid to jot down a single word. You want to be “The Good”. Ye don’t are looking to be “The Bad”.

Ye definitely don’t are looking to be “The Ugly”. If you’re going for “The Ugly” go on the Warriorforum or some such sad place. Shoutout to @jack l for the e-newsletter material Or, the 3 forms of associates: The good: Hey Matuloo/Vortex/Forum excited to be on here here is great!My name is and I’m from . My experience is in , , and . I’m going to be specializing in site visitors source and am 100% decided to work hard and make it work!I’ve been studying all the old threads on it and learned a ton!I’m gonna start a follow along but meanwhile, could anyone help me with this one complicated thing?How do I ?Thanks for all the help!The Bad: Hi Matauloo/Vortex/Forum I am how do I make big profit in affiliate marketing online please help. The Ugly: Hi Matuloo/Vortex/Forum here’s .

I need you to inform me 3 offers I can run where I can make a guaranteed 500$ a day profit. My rep at XYZ Affiliate Network advised this offer with a 45$ payout that he said was good I spent 50$ running it and didn’t make a SINGLE SALE. The associate rep was undoubtedly scamming me. I told him to fck off!Am never using that community again!And then my stupid site visitors rep won’t respond to my emails. My campaign overspent by $9. 72 and I’ve sent her 10 emails not easy money back and she or he still hasn’t written back.

Plus they retain giving me crap about my bit. ly links but how am I intended to afford a tracker when their traffic isn’t giving me any earnings?I think that community is a scam. Please send that list of offers that can give me guaranteed earnings along with a list of what site visitors networks to run them on and a blacklist and whitelist for each broken down alphabetically to by 5 pm this night. Laterz. Charles Ngo Says Yep.

It’s no wonder FB accounts keep getting banned. When you endorse your army pet shampoo by Miley Cyrus’ half assed dog, with out asking Miley Cyrus, Zucc gets to enjoy your spinal fluid. Or one STMer asks if that you may get in bother simply for being an associate?Thread quoted: “Can associate retailers be held accountable for the items they sell?If a given product runs into legal issues and a user sues the product owner for any damages the product caused, can we as associates be held in charge of promoting the product?“ Well, what do you believe?Lookie what a surprise visit from an associate titan brought us. Endorsed by Dr. Ngo: “100% yes.

John Chow has a judgement towards him for $3. 5 million for being an affiliate of MOBE. Other MOBE affiliates were sued as well. Sandra Bullock and Ellen Degeneres sued 100+ diverse affiliate agents for falsifying their endorsement of associate items More associates being sued for being associates of health and sweetness items” But that’s entirely beside the main point of this here piece. Oh no, my friend.

What this implies is there’s one common perpetrator. Many affilianados are responsible for this, if truth be told. In fact, it’s everywhere, and everyone thinks they may be able to just hum along, banking quietly. I indicate and advise ye have a look inside to see what got John Chrow a $3. 5 mil judgement so you don’t must pay an analogous fines. As per usual, @Matuloo clears this up without delay.

So long, in truth, that everyone knows these guys. A reliable, feature dripping automation gadget ye want in yer back pocket continually. But then there’s Voluum Atomizer a newcomer. @Voluum rang @Jaybot and he discovered some comparisons among these 2 bad boys. But then Lazy Neo fell from the sky broke via the matrix and introduced a thorough, incredibly detailed assessment of The Optimizer.