Steps To Make Your Mobile App GDPR Compliant

Privacy by Design is not a new idea and relates to taking into consideration your users data privacy in your app, online page, or program from the very start, in preference to leaving it as an afterthought. The idea of privacy by design contains determining what data you need, and what data you don’t. In Brian Pagan’s evaluate to designing apps with privacy in mind, he asks if you really need a users name AND date of birth. In many cases, just one of these fields is enough. He writes:“the chance of a person commencing a bank card in my name far outweighs the advantage of getting that “happy birthday” spam marketing e mail from your company.

”When someone registers in your mobile app, they may be asked to opt in to have their data gathered, or to acquire communications, similar to emails or Push Notifications. We highly recommend showing a consent screen on app launch, as here is the only way to be fully GDPR compliant. You must also notify users on these monitors precisely where their data will be used.

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